Kidnapped by Team 10

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28. Chapter 26

I woke up to Webs staring at me while smiling. I pretended to still be asleep and roll off him. He looked at me with a questioning face. He pulled me back on hum and held me tightly. He had a mischievous smirk on his face. I got worried. He laid me next to him and got up. He picked me up and put me over his shoulder. I "woke" up. "What are you doing? Put me down!" I said tiredly. " Ok... You caught me. " He said defensively. He set me down on the bed. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. He smiled and awed at my tiredness. " I have some other friends to show you. Their just like us! " He said to me excitedly. " Ok... Let me get dressed. " I said to him. He didn't move. " Get Out Perv " I said grumply. He raised his hands and ran out. I closed and locked the door. I got dressed in a black shirt with black and white leggings and a black, gray, and white hoodie. I walked out. " You can get dressed. " I said. " You can join me " He said. " In your dreams Spider-Boy. " I said with a smirk. He glared at the nickname. I smirked to myself with the victory. He came out in a black shirt and red jeans. " Ready? " he said. I nodded as we headed out. He got on his black motorcycle. I spawned my black and silver Dodge Tomahawk. The fastest motorcycle. It can go up to 350 mph. I looked at my motorcycle in shock. I got on and put on my helmet. " Wanna Race? " I called out as everyone cleared a spot for the race. " Sure! You're on! " he said to me. We started our engines. The flag person yelled out 3....2...1!!!! We drove as fast as we could. I did a wheelie. ( is that what its called when the front tire goes up? ) I reached 215. I was far ahead. I won! I stopped and waited for him. I was a minute before he came. " GG " I told him and he replied the same. We drove again and I followed him. The place we stopped at was the Avenger Tower. I took a sharp breath. He got off and took off his helmet. " We're here! " He said excitedly. I started get flash backs. " Uhh... Moio? You ok there? " he said as he walked in to me. He took off my helmet as I looked in terror and shock. " You ok?! " He said panicking. " I-I-I can't go i-i-in t-t-t-there. " I said stuttering and flashback coming and going. " Its Ok! Moio whats wrong and whats wrong with this place? " he said concerned. " I just c-can't..!" I said with shaky breaths and words. He looked at me with concern and confusion. He tried to stand me up but I couldn't. My knees kept giving out in terror. " You really don't wanna go in there. Ok that's fine. I'll just make them come out here. " He said. " NO! " I yelled even more panicked. I tried to start my motorcycle again but he took the key. " Why? Why won't you let me go?! " I said panicked. " Because I wanna know what's wrong! " He yelled mad. I was shocked at his voice. I gasped in realization. " Y-You're one of em! You don't love me! You only like me cause your just trying to get me back to them! " I yelled and backed away. " No! It's not like that! I love you! Please believe me! " He said with tears in his eyes but with rage. His tone was very scary. " I-I'm sorry... " I said while walking slowly to him and hugging him. He turned me around and grabbed my arms. " Y-You lied! " I said. He let go and turned me around and hugged me while chuckling. " I would never do that to you Babe. " He said with truth. I sighed. " I-ill go in... " I said with sadness fear. " Really! " He said shocked. " On 1 condition! " I said and he nodded. " I have to be invisible until we get to where they are. Ok? " I said. " Ok " He said. We linked arms and I turned invisible. We walked inside and I saw a lot of people I new. It was horrific. Then I saw them. I stared in horror and fear almost ready to faint. My knees were shaking. I hid behind Webs. " I'd like you to meet my girlfriend. " Webs said. I turned visable. I stood and walked from behind Webs. Everyone gasped. " WHY HER PETER?! " Stark shouted. I mind-linked Webs. " I knew this was a horrible idea. " . Someone then came threw the door. " Hey Guys! I'm ba-.... Moio!? " My twin brother Kai said to me. " KAI?!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!!! " I said with anger. We both stared at each other with anger but his was shock. I growled with my eyes turned into black flames. He started backing up. " Moio... Calm down... " He said. I growled and lunged at him. I slammed him against the door breaking it. I threw him up in the air and side- kicked him in the stomach shooting him flying back. I ran with full speed at him and held his throat against the wall. I heard shouting behind me and I grabbed Kai and jumped out the window. I sprouted my wings but they were black flames. I was flying foward in spirals while holding Kai's throat. " M-Moio! Don't Do It! P-Please! " He said gasping for air. " No!! MY LIFE HAS BEEN HELL BECAUSE OF YOU!!!! WHEN I NEEDED YOU!! WHEN I WANTED YOU TO HELP ME!!! YOU NEVER DID AND THATS WHY YOU ARE NOT MY BROTHER OR TWIN AND NEVER HAVE BEEN!!! " I dived toward the ground. Instead of crushing him in the ground I flew up and back towards the building. I threw him through the window that I broke and went down to my motorcycle. I unexpanded my wings and let me fall. Kai ran to the window, crying and reaching out for me, shouting for someone to save me. But one thing he didn't know is that I'm fine. I turned around and landed in a kneeling position. The concrete cracked at my landing. I stood up put on my helmet and went back to me and Web's house. I went full speed and made sure nobody followed. I parked and despawned my motorcycle. I went in and lovked the door like I wasn't here and layed in bed soon falling asleep.

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