Kidnapped by Team 10

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25. Chapter 23

I was shocked. I turned back human and ran for the borders. Don’t worry, I have my clothes on. I heard my mates telling people to get me or not let me past the border and their father also telling people to close the border. The border closed but somehow I leaped over it. I can hear my mates' father contacting all alphas to close the borders. Each border kept getting smaller until I reached the second strongest pack. It was only 5 feet smaller than the strongest pack/ my mates’ pack. I jumped over with only 12 inches above and ran to the human border. I straightened up and went through as a normal human. I walked out of the alley and into the streets. I could smell Werewolves here. I could sense their alphas contacting them to find me. It wasn’t hard cause I was the only girl in the world. They looked at me and I thought Run ( like the song ). They smirked and walked towards me. I smirked and walked towards them. Right before they reached me a back flipped and ran back to the alley. Only to find all alphas and my mates. I laughed nervously, only to be soon surrounded by the alphas, my mates, and their betas that smirked at me. I smirked and scaled the walls. I sat on top of the building and smiled at them trying to climb and scale the wall. I heard something behind me and quickly turned around. I hissed at him. It was Spider-Man. “ Go Away Webs. “ I said to him. “ No can do pretty lady. I was ordered to get you. “ he said. I laughed so hard that I had tears. “ Y-You....To...Get...M-Me! “ I said laughing and taking breaths in between the words. I went straight face and looked at him with a serious face. “ Not Happening Webs “. He looked afraid, shocked, and confused. “ Bye Webs. “ I said before I jumped from building to building with him at my tail. I back flipped behind him and started to jump the buildings again. I see webs shooting from my view and I quickly duck ( 🦆) behind a elevator shaft. I went into his mind and said “ Hey Webs! Wanna play a prank?!”. He was freaked out in his mind. “ Sure? “ he said in his mind. I went in his mind “ I’ll dress up as a girl version of you and pretend to be your girlfriend and you turned me into Spider-Girl.” I said. “ Ok “ He said. I morphed into Spider-Girl. I came out and sprint/ walked over to him. “ Ready? “. “ Yes. I’ll go out and say I have someone you’d like to meet and then that will be your cue to come. Ok? “ he said. “ Ok “ I said back. He ran to the ledge while I followed. “ I have someone you’d like to meet! “ he said. I came and stood next to him while he put his arm over my shoulder. I could be my mates’ wolves go berserk. I kissed Peter’s cheek but not using the death power. That made them pissed. They started jumping higher and higher letting their wolves take over but not in wolf form. “ Hey! It’s a prank!! Calm Down!! “ I yelled transforming normal. They reached the top while Peter disappeared. They went wolf form and inhaled my scent. I scratched their fur. I transformed into a husky puppy and tried to knock them over. One grabbed my scruff and I helplessly kicked my legs. I barked and they stared at me with loving eyes cause of my puppy bark. I smiled and stuck my tongue out. They jumped off landing like nothing happened. Their father laughed when they were holding me by my scruff and I growled. He held his hands off and backed away. I kicked my legs as we traveled home. I wiggles around and finally escaped after awhile and I ran around. I climbed a tree and barked playfully. They jumped still in wolf form. Their dad chuckled and picked me up from the tree. I wiggled and kicked around more. He set me down and I ran like a bullet. I ran into a tree trunk and hid. I saw one of my mates look at me and grab me scruff. I sighed in defeat. I tried to run while he lifted me off the ground. I mind-linked my captor and said let me down or I’ll kill you. They set me down afraid and I turned around and attacked him. We rolled around and everyone else looked amused. We both stopped and looked at them. We both attacked playfully. One caught me. They handed me to their father and morphed behind a tree and got dressed. He handed me back. If I fall asleep I can still be in wolf form. He pet my head and I tried to fight the darkness but I couldn’t and fell asleep.

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