Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


24. Chapter 22

I walked out decided to live a life as a hybrid. I ran to a forest to join a werewolf pack. I went through many different territories and made all the packs pissed off. I finally arrived to the biggest and scariest pack. I smelt the beta tuning and some other troops. They soon arrived. “ Well hello Beta. “. I said to them.

“ What do you want?! “ He said to me. “ I’d like to see the Alpha please.”. I said. “ Fine.” He growled. He led me and while walking a received looks. We finally arrived. We walked in. “ What do you want? “. The alpha said. “ I’d like to join the pack and become a warrior. “ I said politely. “ No “. “ You’re loss “. I transformed and became my silver wolf that was 10ft tall and 5 ft wide. I literally broke the room. Everyone gasped. I turned back. “ Bye “ I said. “ I’ll join your enemy “ I also said with an evil smirk. I walked out with their faces shocked. Talk about being shook. ( 😂 see what I did there? ) I walked out and shifted. Everyone was shocked cause I was the chosen one. Then I heard the worst thing that I could hear. Mate... and there were 5.

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