Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


20. Chapter 20

I wake up to yelling and merch cannons. I walk into the living room. I see Logan and Jake fighting. Let me tell you, there was a lot of blood. Probably more than a hospital. I roar loudly and charge at Jake. I start clawing and biting him. He starts yelling in pain, and Logan comes over and detaches me from him and calls 911. I trot into the bathroom and turn on the water. I climb in and wash the blood off. After the bath I jump out and shake, while I get dry I drain the now red stained tub. I wash it out after awhile. I go into the living room and see the whole team 10 stressed and pacing around. They all look at me with glares, even Logan. I walk to the window sadly and just sits there looking at the ledge. I didn’t know it was a prank. Nobody comes and opens it so I try to open it and it works. I jump on the ledge. Logan sees me and rushes toward me but it’s to late and already jumped. I turn invisible and turn human. Thank god, I have my clothes on. I sprout my wings and land on the hidden part of the ledge and hide my wings and hold a pretend version of “Twilight”. I walk into the visible part. I glare at Logan and Team 10. “YOU MADE YOUR OWN PET SUICIDE!!”! I say to them. They look down sadly and Jake is fine. He had padding. “ I am disappointed in all of you!”. I say to them. I lay the pretend “ Twilight “ on the ground and walk away. I disappeared into the darkness again. I went into “ Twilight’s “ pretend body and stand up. Before I go rage mode on them and say in a human’s voice: You’ll miss me, I trusted you and you pranked me, When you glared at me, what did you do with my love, my heart, and most importantly, my trust. They have sadness in their eyes. Too late for that. I glare at them with evil and killer eyes. Predator meets prey! HAHAHAHAHA!

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