Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


19. Chapter 19

Evan gives me the look WTF? I jump on his shoulder and bite his nose. " Oww! " Evan says while throwing me to Logan. I pretend to pass out. I hear Logan yelling at Evan. I sneak into the kitchen and rip up all the paper towels. I go to Logan's bed and sleep. I wake up to yelling and I walk into the kitchen. He sees the mess I made. Logan asks " Why?? ". I roar at Kong. He whimpers. I'm like bruh! " Who did this?! " Logan says. I looks at Mark and flick my tail. " Mark....?Did you do it?" Logan says as he looks at Mark. " No!! Twilight did it! " Mark says. I put a shocked face on and hiss. " Mark clean this up now! " Logan says. I smirk at Mark. I go over to Logan and fall asleep on his foot.

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