Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


18. Chapter 18

" Let's name her... Midnight!" Logan says and I purr happily cause' I'm happy with my panther name. " Ima go to the animal store I guess to get her a bed?" He left me with Mark. I lie on his foot. He looks at me and looks back to the T.V. I go to his room and kill all security footage and sources to it. I change to a baby version of my original panther. I run back over to him and attack his foot. " Ow-Awe!! " he picks me up and pets me. I purr. I soon fall asleep with him petting me. I wake up on a big bed and the door open. I charge out and run over to Logan. " Is Midnight your mom? " I nod my head even though it's me. " Girl? " I nod. " How about we name you... Twilight! ". I jump around happily. He picks me up and I purr. We go to his room and he turns on his tv and puts me on my bed. I jump on his bed. He puts me down on my bed. We continue this until I win and he doesn't put me down. I lay on his chest. I wait awhile before I fall asleep. The next day Evan comes home and Logan vlogs us to fight. I'm ready to fight so I get into a pounce stance. He gets into a fighting stance. He charges but I attack his ankles. We continue for awhile out I end out winning cause I chewed up Evan's shoe. That was actually really fun! I go up to Evan and lay next to him purring.

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