Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


16. Chapter 16

Logan goes home while I follow his car. I teleport to his balcony and wait for him. It's been 10 mins so I go to his room and get Maverick. It's been another 10 mins so I scan for him and see he got himself in a car crash. SHIT!!! I run to the scene and run to him. I place my hands on his chest and start to heal him. It doesn't work so I start trying my hardest. I feel my body change to creepy pasta. Logan woke up gasping and I turned normal. I teleported Logan to his bed with Kong and Maverick.

" Are you ok? Does anything hurt? Do you need anything? " I ask him.

He looks at me and says " Bring Jake "

I think shit but I say " ok, I'll have him over in a few "

I make sure everything is secure and have the alarms triggered. I teleport to the team 10 house and drop on the trampoline. " Miss Me? " I say. Tessa, Erika, and Meg almost jump out of their skins and the boys well scream their heads off. It's hard to keep a straight face. " Jake.... It's Logan.." I say. " Jake has a worried expression on his face. I grab his hand and teleport to Logan. Logan is standing with Jake saying " ITS A PRANK!!!  I-LOGAN DIDNT GET HURT!!!! Hahahahhah you fell for it!!!"! I get angry and punch the wall. " I QUIT!!!" I throw the Merch they gave me on the floor and burn it. ( Sorry Logan but I'm not sorry Jake. ). I run out the door and un trigger all alarms and unlock all the doors. I walk out the doors and see some Logangsters. " LOGAN's ROOM IS *****". Suddenly a swat team comes and starts shooting at me. I win successfully against the swat.

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