Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


15. Chapter 15

After the incident happened I just hid. I only come when he needs me. I can't believe I murdered the pastas. I swear I'm going more insane. My eyes are starting to twitch. I'm more and more getting the urge to kill. My inner Pasta is dying to come out. I haven't found my true weapon. ( irl when someone comes I instantly grab scissors lol ) I'm trying out different weapons. I keep watch for Jake too but I do hate Team 10 and Jake. I hear gunshots and watch Logan almost get shot. I run to him and spread my wings around him. " Leave him alone or I'll show you I really am" I warn them. They laugh and say " You a little girl... you can't beat us " ok now that really pissed me off. I let my pasta take over and I start to do ninja moves while protecting Logan while killing them all in seconds. I turn normal and hide again. Logan has a look of shock on his face. " Th-Thank You??" He says. " Your Welcome " I say while teleporting behind him. He turns around and I swear he jumps 10 feet off the

ground. I raise a eyebrow at him." You good bro? " I say while smirking. I disappear again and he looks scared again. I forgot to mention I'm a ninja and a contortionist.

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