Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


14. Chapter 14

I woke up in a unfamiliar room and scent. I knew this wasn't the CP Mansion or Slender's Brother's Mansions. I haven't opened my eyes yet cause they bed is comfortable and I use my X-Ray vision to see threw my eyelids and I see 2 men. I recognize them as Uncle Nathan and Uncle Kade. I open my eye and screamed "RAPISTS!!!!" I ran out of bed to be stopped by Jake. I flip over him and stand on the fence of the second floor. " Don't...." Jake says. I nod my head yes. He shakes his head no. We keep doing till I get bored and jump on the ceiling sitting cris-cross apple sauce. Man.... I want apple sauce. I start thinking of a escape plan when I get hit with a broom. I look at the person who threw it at me and it was Chad. He always wants to get killed. I glare at him with sharp daggers. If looks could kill, he'd be 6 feet under ground. I threw it at me again but I caught it and snapped it in half just by poking it. I hiss at him and hold up my hand counting down from 5-0. 5....4....3... he ran for his life. 2....1...0! Yay finally a chase. I fell of the ceiling while landing on my feet still chasing him and I tackle him and I try to kill him but people stop me and put handcuffs on me. I give them a are you stupid? look. I bite the handcuffs and start eating them. They look at me so confused yet freaked out. I walk over to a cupboard and grab a plate. I raise it up about to smash it but gets stopped by Jake saying "Don't Do It..." I raise it higher. " Put it down Moio" Jake says. I give him a WTF look and smash the plate. " GOD DARN'T MOIO" Jake says. I fall on the floor laughing my ass off. ( I'm sorry but I'm adding swearing into this sorry readers! ) I hear a tiny bark and I look over and it's a puppy! "PUPPPPPPYYYYY!!!!!" I say while starting to chase the poor dog. He stop and came to me and climbed up my body to just sit on my head. "WHY DO ANIMALS LOVE TO SIT ON MY HEAD??? ITS HAPPENED 5 TIMES ALREADY!!!" I say. They laugh at me. I put the puppy in my hood of my hoodie and and talk to some spirits and ask them to put a invisible rug under them so when I slam the ground they wobble then the ghost pull the rug and they fall. I jump and slam my fists on the ground making a 10 second earthquake and the spirits pull the rug and then they fall. They sit up and looked at me scared and the Martinez twins start shouting who knows what in Spanish and they start running around screaming "SHES HAUNTED" and Jake is crying. I put the puppy down and he jumps on my head again " OH COME ON PUPPER" I yell. I set him on the ground and I jump on the railing of the second floor. I got back to my room and start to decorate it.It starts to get late and they fall asleep. I go to sleep to be awakened with gunshots. I go outside to see the CPs. " PUT YOUR GUNS DOWN!! I'M OK!!" I say. Jake comes out and they start shooting at him and I extend my wing to protect him. " I don't want to hurt you guys so please leave!" I say to the CPs. " No they took you " Toby says. " I  know but I have to stay here for awhile. I'm their... Guard!" I say to them. They start shooting again and I protect Jake. I sonic scream and they shoot back but not Kai. I have heat vision and other things but he doesn't know that and he only has heat vision. We start shooting fire from our eyes. I give it my all and by now I'm sonic screaming but he's just screaming. I stop screaming and start talking. " KAI STOP!! " I say. By now all team 10 has came out while I'm protecting them for the now awaken pastas shooting at them. I stop sending heat vision and instead I'm shooting ice. Slenderman comes out of nowhere with a sword and stabs me and I die instantly but then I unleash my true form.I have black eyes and black hair with grey skin. I'm wearing a flame dress with black flamed demon wings.

" DONT MESS WITH MY FAMILY!!!! " I say with sending out sonic scream flames and with my hands shooting black fire balls. They all go out and I go back to my original form walking inside.  I'm the last CP.... I've killed them all... I start crying. But my tears are blood so I  run to my room and lock the door. I stop crying cause that's a weakness. I pack my stuff in minutes and brake my window and start running to Logan's new place. I finally get there and I knock on his door. He opens it. " Who are you" Logan says. " I'm Jake's ex guard and I would like to be your guard" I say to him. He says okay and asks me my name and I tell him my name and gives me a room. I set up my room again. I walk over to him and he's vlogging and talking to Maverick and I hear him coming so I jump on the ceiling, hiding from the vlog. He shouts calling for me. " Moio!!" I jump down and say yes? He looks startled and says where'd you come from and I say idk. There's a knock on the door and I can see through the door and it's Jake. I whisper to Logan telling him it's Jake and to tell him I'm not here. He opens the door and asks for me. Logan says " Who? " Jake leaves and Logan closes the door and Maverick comes out of nowhere and lands on my head. " WHY DO ANIMALS LOVE TO SIT IN MY HEAD?!" I say pissed off. Logan laughs and say idk. He says he has to go to a fan event and I'll go with him even though he has bodyguards. His manager Jeff comes and says who's that after we arrive at set. Logan say his guard. Jeff laughs and I get angry and slap him. He went flying. " oops? " I shrug my shoulders.

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