Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


13. Chapter 13

I finished singing and decided to go to bed since it was 4:52 AM. I usually don't sleep though. I climbed a large tree and payed on a branch falling asleep slowly. When I woke up I was in the Slender Dungeon with a straight jacket on me. Luckily for me I've been in one before so I can easily get out of it. I was tied to a chair. I back flipped on to the chair breaking it. I ripped the jacket apart. I ran up the steps out of the dungeon and put new clothes on.

I ran out the door and drove my motorcycle. I was at a red light and soon darkness came over me. I felt as if I was floating but envisioned me in a dark room with me and a meter. It was labeled sanity left. 5% sanity left.

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