Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


11. Chapter 11

I transformed into a wolf and went the the CP house. I went through the door and saw spaghetti. I charged at it and ate it including the plate but there is one problem. My head is stuck in a table. I can't change because my wolf is stuck. So I'm sitting there with a upside down table around my neck. I try breaking it but it turns out they made it indestructible. If it is how did my head go through it? I've broke many tables. "Toby! Masky! Hoody! Slender! Jeff! EJ! LJ! Dr Smiley! Smile Dog! Lui! Kai! BEN!" I kept repeating it for a few hours. I gave up and sat here until Toby and Jeff came in. Toby and Jeff laughed the butt off. " GET ME OUT!!!" I glared at them while I said that. There gonna get it once I get out of this thing. They freed me and I tackled both of them and started to yell my head off about them laughing at me and I said I'll rip their heads off. They ran away after I said that. I went up to my room and took my shirt off and looked at my scars and bruises and cuts from before I because a CP. I don't even think I'm apart of this family. I've been through more than Kai because they loved him. Slenderman and Blade aren't my real parents. Me and Kai's real parents were... abusers. They loved Kai but hated me. The wanted a boy not a girl. I haven't died yet but nobody knows that. Not even Kai. I've been through more than what you have ever been through your whole entire life in one year. ( true in the story and irl )

I put my shirt back on and write a note. Note is in this font:

Dear CPs

I know I've never been part of this family or any family. So.. I'm going to leave... forever. Kai, you'd never know my pain. If you only knew what if been through you wouldn't be a jerk like you already are. Our or let's just say your parents loved you and hated me. I'd rather die than to be or see you again Kai!! I hate you Kai!

- Moio Avi Ace

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