The Little Blue Book


1. When Midnight Strikes


Within the tall mirror,

beneath the mask,

past the innocent guise,

beyond the walls built to cope,

Inside what was really broken,

was what she truly had left.


In her own little world,

beyond the comfort of her music,

inside the walls,

alongside the screaming and fighting within her head,

upon the shattered mirror,

she finally let her tears fall.


Underneath the stars,

among the harvest moon,

on top of the warm, tin roof,

despite the odds against her,

as the tears begin to fall,

she whispers into the abyss.


Over the shallow river,

across the horizon,

under the cloak of the dark sky,

Beneath the glistening moon,

During its full reign,

when the tears finally dry

lies the empty shell of what she used to be.


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