The Little Blue Book



7. The Gain of the Game

The squeak of the shoes, an echo of the whistle,

slaps of the ball and swooshes of the net as many sit in the bleachers:

The ocean of green, the sea of yellow and the continental divide;

Aroma of popcorn floats around the gym and to the players on the bench;

The buzz of the clock,

the chant of the supporting crowd soon fills the large gym;

Coach scolding the players when they did wrong play,

  the gulps of water as the tired starter rehydrates herself as she yells at her replacement;

The last 30 seconds on the clock and the yellow are leading by 2,

10 seconds to go the short girl lobs the ball at the hoop;


The girl smiles at the sight, the buzzer echoed across the gym;

victory of the green echoes;

That’s why the game of basketball is the best place to be.

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