The Little Blue Book



8. No Waisted Time

The warmness and comfort of their presence light up the rainy sky of loneliness; 

They have my back through thick and thin;

Sharing thoughts and giving tips for my next event,

Or showing how to do things properly,

They help me grow my knowledge and prepare me for what is coming;

 Teaching me how to cook and how to ride,

these people give me what generations of my ancestors learned,

or what I need to know;

Even though we bicker,

we make do with the night brings us;

 To pitch to a movie or at a game,

we stay close in touch with each other;

Family brings the best out of everyone;

To trying to snowboard to shuffling cards,

family bonds over everything to anything;

But out of all the things,

 remember family is the best thing,

just being together on Christmas Day,

Its not the presents, 

 it’s being together and doing something together;

To playing basketball to playing cricket

no time is wasted when it is spent with family.

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