The Little Blue Book



3. In Cages


A heart is an organ;
Yet people see it way differently.
Emotions and thoughts come from within;

It shatters at sorrow;
Bursts with joy;

Yet what people cease to realize;
Why it’s kept in a cage.
Why are our hearts in a cage?
Is it because of the evil you have deep inside;
The evil inside the people you meet or love;
The fear of what’s on the outside;
The fear of the dreaded broken heart;
Is it because it’s too complex to understand;
Is it because we fear what it could do?
Hearts are in a way a soul;
They are full of dreams;
but are filled with nightmares;
They both make your emotions;
Your thoughts and your morals;
They both are caged;
Caged against your will.
We may never know why they are caged;
Or why they make up our emotions;
We may never know what lurks beyond our shells;
We won’t get to make peace with one’s own evil;

Once you are met with one’s evil;
The evil transforms into something else;
And that something else is far worse than before.

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