Why don we the beginning

When 3 best friends live out their life long dream of moving to california. When the discover they live across the street from why don´t we what will happen will they fallin lover or fall apart


4. Why me



    Natalie leaves with Jonah on their date together around 4:30. I think they would make a cute couple, although I know she is still crushing on Jack. I found out that Jonah was alone because the boys are at Logan’s house. Who knows what they are doing there. Breaking more plates, probably. Zach said he would leave early so we could do something. I asked Kyli if she was ok with it and she said it was fine. I think she is hiding something. Who know’s what it is.

    The doorbell rings and I think it is Zach coming early. I run to the door to open it, but to my surprise it’s not Zach. It’s Landon, Kylie's boyfriend since 8th grade. I have to admit they are the cutest couple I have ever seen!

    “Hi. Is Kyli home?” Landon asks me. I invite him inside and close the door behind him.

    “She’s upstairs. I’ll go get her. Make yourself at home.” I say, rushing off towards the stairs. I am halfway up the stairs when I scream, “KYLI!” I continue up the rest of the stairs and walk down the hallway. I knock on her door and open it. Kyli is sitting on her bed, watching YouTube.

    “Didn’t you hear me call? Landon’s here!” I say, once she pulls her earbuds out. Kyli almost falls out of her bed because she is so excited.

    “Really!? He’s here?” Kyli exclaims. She is so excited it’s like this glowing ball that’s surrounding her.

    “Yeah and you might want to get down there. He’s waiting!” I exclaims. Kyli runs past me out the door and down the hallway. I follow her out, but not going nearly as fast as she is. I’m not even halfway down the hallway and she is already at the bottom of the steps.

    “LANDON!” Kyli exclaims, running into his arms. They share a tight embrace and it’s so cute. Hopefully that will be me and Zach some day. They talk, still in a sort of hug. I get downstairs and sit down on the couch. I pull out my phone and scroll through Instagram.

    “Hey Sky, we’re going to go walk on the beach.” Kyli tells me as they head for the door.

    “Ok! Just be carefull. Watch out for sharks!” I say, turning towards them, smiling. Kyli smiles and waves bye. I wave back and once the door is closed, I go back to Instagram. I go to stories and see Corbyn has one. I click on it and watch it. It’s just them singing at Logan’s house. The usual. I was just about to watch Zach’s story when the doorbell rang.

That has to be Zach!” I exclaim. I jump up and open the door again. I get even happier when I see Zach standing in front of me.

    “Hi!” I exclaim. I pull him inside before he can even answer.

    “Whoa. Hi.” Zach says, chuckling a little. I close the door and look at Zach.

    “What do you want to do?” Zach asks me. I shrug my shoulders, my excitement contained. I lean against the door, my hands behind my back. We don’t talk for an awkward silence, both of us deep in thought.

    “We could take a hike up the mountain?” I suggest. I watch Zach for it reaction, but I can’t read his face.

    “That’s a good idea. I know a couple of paths.” Zach replies. We get ready for the hike. I change my outfit into leggings, a Nike shirt, and tennis shoes. I put my hair into a long ponytail. My hair goes down to my toosh when it’s not in a ponytail.

    I pack a backpack that has a flashlight, my phone, a sweatshirt, a couple waters, and some granola bars. Zach runs over to his house and changed into sweatpants, a comfy shirt, and tennis shoes. I grab my house key and head for the door. Zach follows me and makes sure the door is locked.

    We have a mountain that is close to our house, so we don’t take a car. I have the backpack on my back and Zach offer’s to take it.

    “I’m fine.” I say. I walk ahead of him and try to start a race. Zach walks fast to walk in line with me, but I just walk even faster. Zach gets the hint and start jogging. I start jogging, so he starts running. By the time we get to the trail, we are sprinting. I slow down and stand at the entrance to the trail. Zach stands next to me, putting his hands on his knees.

    “It helps if you put your hand above your head.” I tell Zach. My years of track taught me that. Zach mimics what I am doing and he say’s it helps.

    “You ready to start hiking?” Zach asks me. I smile and nod yes.

    “I was born ready!” I exclaim and Zach starts laughing. I join in as we start hiking up the mountain. It was easy at first to climb up, but it gets

harder the higher you climb. We have to climb up a bunch of rocks to get to a flat surface. I forgot to mention, that we decided to find a place to camp for the night. Zach brought a book bag that has a tent and tons of blankets.

“Does this look ok to camp at?” Zach asks me as I stand up from climbing a rock. It’s a nice little flat land that looks off into a small meadow.

“Yeah…” I whisper, mesmerized by the view. I had no clue that L.A. had meadows full of flowers. I just stand there, enjoying the view while Zach sets up camp. I’m such a great helper.

“Do you want help?” I ask Zach, finally tearing my eyes away from the field. Zach smiled faintly.

“I got it.” Zach replies. He hammers the posts into the ground, holding the tent in place. I grab a thin blanket out of the bag and lay it down on the ground. I place my bookbag into the tent and sit down on the blanket. Zach sits down next to me and we just sit there, enjoying the view.

The sun starts going down, so we huddle into the tent. Just before Zach zips the tent, I remember the blanket bag. I reach out of the tent and grab the bag. I hug it to my chest as Zach closes the tent completely. I lay down the biggest blanket on the floor of the tent. The rest of the blankets are for covering your body.

I take one of the fuzzy blankets for myself and leave the rest for Zach. Zach takes one blanket and sets the bag aside. I lay on my side facing Zach and watch him. He faces me and smiles. It looks he is going to say something, but he doesn’t.

“Good night.” I say. Zach says good night and turns around, his back facing me. I am surprised, but I also understand. He wants to sleep, I guess. I stay facing towards Zach and close my eyes. I get plunged into darkness.


I wake up to sunlight on my face. I shield my eyes and sit up. Zach is nowhere to be seen. I panic, thinking that he got kidnapped.

Zach?!” I exclaim, scrambling out of the tent. I look around our little opening, but he is nowhere in sight.

“ZACH!” I scream again. I am getting frantic. I run around trying to find him. There is only one place I haven’t looked yet for him. The meadow. I have to admit, I’m a little scared to go into it. There could be snakes or any other small animal. I force myself to take a step forward. I look around the meadow, seeing if I could see Zach.

I walk around in the meadow, not to far away from the camp. I still don’t see Zach anywhere. I am starting to lose hope when I hear my name being called. It sounds like it’s coming from camp. I sprint off in that direction, calling Zach’s name.

I make it to camp and see Zach standing there, holding a bunch of flowers. I am so relieved to see him standing there, perfectly fine.

“I’m so glad to see you!” I say, hugging Zach.

“I thought you would still be asleep when I got back.” Zach says, handing me the flowers. I take them and hold them in my arm.

“Thank you for the flowers.” I say. After a few moments of silence I say, “We should probably continue up the trail.” Zach agrees with me, so we start picking up camp. I help him shove the tent into the backpack, along with the blankets. I grab the wrappers, from our tiny supper, off the ground. I crinkle them up and shove them into a little pocket on my bookbag.

We travel for a while, stopping once in awhile to get a drink, or take a break. I hope that we don’t have to walk close to the edge of a cliff. That would be dangerous and scary. So far, the trail has been in the forest, along the mountain. We came to a part where the path split into two different ways. According to the map Zach had, left was a short cut home.

We took the left path and it twisted and curved. The only thing the map didn’t have on it was a bridge that crossed over a small ravine. It wasn’t that deep. If you fell, you would probably survive, but it still looks like a long way down.

I’m not going on that!” I exclaim, pointing at the bridge. Zach looks at me and frowns.

“If I cross it, will you cross it?” Zach asks me. I don’t want Zach to even go near the bridge. It looked unsafe and could fall if even a butterfly landed on it.

“What if it falls? You could die!” I ask.

“It’s not going to fall, trust me.” Zach replies. He looks so sure that it was not going to fall, that I believed him. I had to believe him. Zach puts his foot on the bridge and takes a step forward. Slowly he makes his way, he is about halfway across the bridge, when he turns around. He is about to wave me across, when something snaps. It all unfolds so I fast I don’t realize what was happening. There is tons of dust and I can’t see anything. I cough and look around. My eyes are watering from all of the dust.

“Zach?” I call out. I get no reply. I slowly walk over to the edge on the cliff. I peek over the edge, but all I see is pieces of wood and rope. Maybe he some how jumped to the other side. I look up, but I still don’t see him.

“ZACH!” I scream. I fall to my knees, looking over into the ravine. I’m crying, thinking that Zach is dead.

“I need to get help.” I think. There is still a chance that he is alive. I need to hurry. Zach’s counting on me. I stand up as fast as I can and run back the way we came. It shouldn’t take me that long to run back down the mountain, hopefully.

I feel like the book bag is slowing me down, so I take it off, still running. I feel like I am getting towards the bottom, so I run faster. I am burning everywhere, but I keep going.

“For Zach.” I keep telling myself. I see an exit through the trees! I’m almost there. I run as fast as I possibly can. I am almost to the exit, but before I know what’s happening, I am lying on the ground. I get back up, but I can’t put any weight on my ankle.

“SHIT!” I exclaim. I let out a frustrated scream. I hobble out of the woods and I see my house and Why Don’t We house. I know I don’t

have my key, to my house, so my best bet would be to go to Zach’s house. I walk as fast as I can, towards their house.

When I get there, I bang on the door.  I open it and realize it is unlocked. I smell something burnt so I know they are in the kitchen. I find the kitchen easily. I hobble into the kitchen, but I don’t see anybody.

“Hello?” I call out. I hear something behind me and I turn around. Nobody is there. I look back at the kitchen. Somebody definitely was just here. I see something out of the corner of my eye. It’s the shadow of someone I don’t know. I stand still, my eyes locked on the shadow. They are close to me now and I see them raise a bat.



    I have no idea what is going on. Jonah said to just stay behind the island and don’t make a sound so that exactly what I’m doing. I am half tempted to look up over the counter and see what’s going on. I heard someone come into the kitchen, but they never left.

    “NO!” Skylar yells. Standing up, I see Jonah lowering a bat.

“I need your help! You have to help me! Where is your phone?!” Skylar exclaims. She sounds like a maniac, and I’m a little scared. .

“Yo, calm down.” I say. She turns around and looks at me. I can tell that something happened to her or someone else.

“I can’t calm down! Zach is in trouble! I need to call 9-1-1!” Skylar says. She has tear well up in her eyes and it makes me sad, too. I hand Skylar my phone and she quickly dials 9-1-1. She tells the operator that her boyfriend fell off a bridge at Mount Coran. The trail they took was Flowing River. Skyler sits down on the floor, still on the phone with the operator. Jonah and I don’t know what to do.

“Please...you have to help him! You have to!” I hear Skylar say. I try to drown out all sounds. I don’t want to hear Skylar crying. I look at her and she looks happy.

“Thank you so much!” Skylar says into the phone. She hangs up and looks up.

They got him! We need to go to the hospital.” She exclaims. I help Skylar out of the house to Jonah’s car and we start driving. Skylar opens the door before the car even stops once we get there. She can’t run very well because of her ankle, but she still tries.

When we get in there, Skylar is at the front desk. I can tell the secretary is trying to calm her down. They finally let us back to see him. The doctor said he will be in a coma for 2 days. Skylar sits down and tells us we can go home. I can tell she wanted to be alone with him.   

Jonah and I go back to my house so I can change. He stays with me and we watch a movie in the movie room. We watched twilight. When it was over I had to go on my date with jack.

I wore a blue shirt and skinny jeans.  We went to the beach and walked around for like 2 hours. He is really sweet and I like both of them, but can't choose. When we get back to the house Jonah is there the both ask me if I had made my decision yet.

“I choose Jack.” I whisper. Jonah was heartbroken. I talked to him alone in my room.  

“Don't worry about it. I have a weird feeling this isn't going to last long.” I say. He looked at his hands, then back at me. He puts his hand on my cheek and kisses me softly on the lips.

I will be waiting for you…” Jonah tells me. I feel my emotions start rising up. Before I start crying I leave the room. I run to the bathroom and slam the door. I lean on the door and slide to the floor. I cover my face with my hands. I’m still in love with Jonah. I read this quote once that says “If you are falling for two people, chose the second one because if you truly loved the first, there wouldn’t be a second.”

………………….. 4 days later……………………...

I have officially decided to break up with Jack. He’s hardly even talking to me, which I don’t like. I walk over to the Why Don’t We’s house to talk with Jack. I hope he understands.

I knock on the door, but no one answers. I turn the knob and the door opens. I walk in and close the door behind me. I call out Jack’s

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