Why don we the beginning

When 3 best friends live out their life long dream of moving to california. When the discover they live across the street from why don´t we what will happen will they fallin lover or fall apart


2. The tour day

* * * Next morning * * *

    I wake up to the sound of my alarm going off. It’s 7:00 in the morning. I swing my arm towards my alarm clock. When I make contact with it, I press random buttons trying to get it to turn off. When it doesn’t turn off, I finally just grab it and throw it somewhere. It hits something, but I don’t know what. I open one eye and see what it hit.

    On the floor is my, undamaged might I add, alarm. Next to is broken pieces of something. I hop out of bed quickly once I figure out what it was. It was a glass unicorn my grandma got me. It didn’t break on the ride here. Instead I broke it with an alarm clock. I sigh and pick up the broken pieces. Maybe I can fix it.

    I get into the shower, get dressed, and walk downstairs. Kylie and Natalie have not woken up yet, but they need to soon. I make some pancakes and go back upstairs. I go to Natalie’s room first.

    “Wake up!” I exclaim, shaking Natalie. She moans and rolls over.

    “I made pancakes?” I say, seeing if that will wake her up. It doesn’t.

    “THE WHY DON’T WE BOYS ARE GIVING US A TOUR TODAY!” I exclaim. Natalie shoots up in bed and looks at me.

    “What time is it? I have to get ready!” Natalie exclaims. She throws the covers off her and scrambles out of bed. She runs into the bathroom and starts the shower. I walk out of her room and go into Kyli’s.

    Kyli is already up and is on her phone.

    “Pancakes are ready downstairs.” I tell her, when I am leaving.

“Ok!” she says. I close the door and head for the stairs. I still haven’t eaten my pancakes yet and I need to. I’m starving.

I make my way down the stairs. I look at the clock and it is 8:30. Almost an hour until the boy’s show us around L.A. I quickly eat my pancakes so I can put what little makeup I wear on. Natalie and Kyli are ready and just have to eat their cold pancakes.

It’s 9:30 by the time we are all ready. I switched my outfit probably ten times. I just don’t know what to wear! Kyli just put on something and stuck with it. Natalie is wearing a blue t-shirt, denim skinny jeans, black converse, and a hat. I finally decided on wearing a periwinkle tank top, denim skinny jeans, and sandals. My hair is curled just a little and I have some makeup on.

When I hear the knock on the door, I get nervous. Natalie answers the door, but Kylie and I are walking up close behind her.

“Are you ready for the tour?” Jack asked us. The whole group was there.

“We are ready.” Natalie replies, looking over her shoulder at us. I smile and give a tiny thumbs up. They called two Uber’s so we could all fit. I think we are driving around L.A. then stopping at a park to hang out.

We get into the Uber cars. I am sitting by Zach, which makes me nervous.

“Just be yourself.” I think to myself. There are four people in our car. Zach, me, Daniel, and Jonah. In the other car is Natalie, Kylie, Jack, and Corbyn. I have to admit the ride was boring, until the other car speed past us.

“Go faster!” Zach told the driver. The race was on! It was so much fun, I didn’t even admire the city. We drove all around, until we got to the park. The uber driver stopped and let us out. We were all laughing and having a great time.

The park was really beautiful. We all walked around in a little group.

“We should have a piggy back ride race! From this corner, to that corner.” Zach exclaims. We all agree that it would be fun to race down the dirt pathway. Jonah asks Natalie to be his partner in the race and she

agrees. I look over at Jack and he seems sad and mad. Interesting… Kyli and Daniel partner up, and Jack and Corbyn go together too. That leaves me to pair up with Zach. Oh nooo!

I feel my hands start shaking when we are supposed to get on our partner's back. We are off! Zach and I make it to the end first.

“Skylar and I win!” Zach exclaims. Everybody is having a great time.

“We should go to the carnival.” Kyli suggests. We all like the idea and decide to go. It’s just a short walk to it, so we don’t have to get a car.

Once we get to the carnival, I am immediately hit with smells of all sorts. Most of them good smells, others not so much.

“Do you want any food?” Jack asks Natalie.

“Sure.” Natalie replies.

“Ok, come with me.” Jack replies. Jonah follows them to find the food. Zach and I split up from the others to go ride some rides. I have to admit, I screamed on some of the rides. It was bad. Zach just laughed at me screaming. As we get in line for the Tilt-a-Whirl, I see Jack, Natalie, and Jonah getting on the ride.

We rode all the rides, except for one. The Ferris Wheel. I wasn’t sure if we were going to go on it or not. It was also getting dark out, so there was a soft glow. The sunset would probably be beautiful at the top.  I stare up at the Ferris Wheel.

“Will you join me on the Ferris Wheel?” Zach asks me. I smile at him and nod my head yes. I will still ride the Ferris Wheel even though I’m afraid of heights. We walk over to the Wheel and wait in line. There is only a young couple in front of us, waiting to get on. I glance at Zach and I see him staring at me. He quickly looks away once he noticed me looking at him.

We get on the Ferris Wheel and wait for the journey to the top. We reach the top and stop suddenly.

“Wait, why did we stop?” I say, freaking out a little.

“Someone is probably getting on.” Zach says looking down. I look down myself, but immediately look back up.

“We are really high…” I say. I feel the wind start to pick up a little and the chair starts to sway back and forth.

“We’re gonna die! We are going to die!” I exclaim. Zach looks at me, concern flooding his face.

“We are going to fall out off this chair and plummet to our death!” I exclaim.

“We are not going to die.” Zach says, trying to calm me down.

“Yes we are!” I say looking at Zach, scared.

“No we aren’t…” Zach says, soothingly. He is doing his best to calm me down, but I don’t think anything will calm me down now.

“How do you know we aren’t going to die?” I ask him. I stare into his eyes as he thinks of an answer.

“I don’t know we aren’t going to die, but I do know one thing.” Zach says. At first I am confused, but then I realize that he is leaning closer to me. The world falls around me as his lips touch mine.   



    Jack, Jonah and I just got off the Tilt-a-Whirl. I got a cotton candy from Jonah, which was sweet of him to get me. Jack’s present was better. He got me a teddy bear! I have this weird feeling that Jack and Jonah are fighting over me. The are constantly fighting over who gets to sit by me and who got the better prize. Jonahs nice and all, but I like Jack better. I don’t really like it when boys fight over something, especially me.

    Jonah, Jack and I were just leaning against a wall, talking. I could tell they were trying to impress me. It really isn’t that hard to tell. I was facing towards Jonah when I saw Jonah leaning towards me. I was about to back away, not wanting any part of that, when Jack spun me around and kissed me.

    Ok. This just went to a whole other level! “I need to find Skylar or Kyli.” I think to myself. I look around me and see them no where. I have

no choice but to run around and find either one of them. I take off sprinting, away from the boys and the drama.

    I find Skylar getting off the Ferris Wheel which Zach. She immediately spots me and walks over.

    “We need to talk!” I say to her. I grab Skylar’s wrist and drag her to a private area. I can tell she has something to tell me, but that can wait till I’m done talking.

    “Jonah just tried to kiss me, but Jack kissed me instead. It’s like they are fighting over me!” I exclaim. I am still shocked that Jack actually kissed me in the first place. I can see the Skylar is confused.

    “Why would Jack steal you from Jonah? How does he even know he was going to kiss you?” She questions. She has a point. What if Jonah wasn’t even going to kiss me. Did Jack just get jealous? There is too much going through my head to comprehend it all. I look around the carnival. I see Kylie, Corbyn, and Daniel walking towards us. There is still no sign of Jack and Jonah.

    “Hey guys.” Kyli says once she is closer to us. I wave at her and look back at Skylar. She is already talking with Zach. I sigh and look back in Kylie's direction. All of a sudden, I see police officers running the way I just came from. I think I might have an idea why they are running that way, but I can’t be sure. Skylar looks at me and I think she has the same idea that I do.

    We start jogging the way the police officers went. Everybody else followed us. The probably wanted to know what was going on. I spot the police officers holding two boys away from each other. One has a set of curly hair on the top of his head, which I know is Jack. The other one must be Jonah. As I suspected, they got into a fight. Over what? I don’t know. It could have been over me.

    “I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU TURNED HER AROUND WHEN I WAS GOING TO KISS HER!” Jonah screamed at Jack. Jack’s face turned up in rage. I just stood there with my arms crossed. That got their attention and they stopped fighting. There faces

go red with embarrassment. I am just standing there with my arms crossed, my eyes looking back and forth between them.

    I just simply turn around and walk back the other way. Those two boys are not acting their age! They need to learn how to deal with this problem. I take a quick peek behind me and I see them getting released by the police. Jack catches my eye and I harden my gaze. I look away, pretending I’m disappointed and mad at them.

    I don’t feel bad for how I’m acting. I would act like this if it was anybody else. Like I said before, they need to grow up. Once they showed me they are mature enough, I will possibly consider dating one of them. I’m still not sure.

    We all mentally decided that it was time to go home. We didn’t speak the whole at all on the way home. Kyli sat next to me, luckily. I don’t think I would have liked sitting next to Jack or Jonah. Especially after what happened. When we arrived home, I quickly got out of the car and went right up to the front door. I opened it and slammed it closed.

    I was curious to see what everyone else was doing outside, so I peeked out the window. Skylar and Kylie were saying goodbye to everyone. I noticed that Skylar and Zach hug was a little more awkward than everyone else’s. They say bye one last time and start walking towards the door. I open the door to let them in.

Jack and Jonah said they were sorry and I gave them your number. Zach got my number and they are coming over later for a sleepover.” Skylar tells me. I just stare at her.

    “You gave them my number? And they are coming over later for a sleepover?” I ask. We are eighteen years old. We don’t have “sleepovers” anymore.

“They said they were sorry and then asked for your number. I gave it to them. They said they were coming over later so I assumed that meant sleepover.” Skylar explained.

“Ok. Well, I don’t know about you, but I am changing out of this!” I exclaim. I head over to the stairs and take them up by two. I get to my room and close the door. I flop down on my bed and pull my phone out.

I am scrolling through instagram when I see a post by Daniel. It was him, Kyli, and Corbyn all sticking their tongue out at the camera. I scrolled down some more and saw that Jack had posted a picture. A picture of me! I was so surprised that I almost dropped my phone.

“WTF!” I exclaim. I almost throw my phone down on the bed. I put my hands on the side of my face and look over at the phone. The picture is not bad, if that's why you think I’m surprised. I look good in every picture, trust me. I’m surprised because it’s a picture of me! We just met, he already kissed me, and he was posting pictures of me?! How desperate was this guy?!

“I just need to hang out with the girls and get them boys off of my mind.” I think to myself. I open my door and head downstairs. I see Kyli is sitting down on the couch, but Skylar is nowhere to be seen. I plop down next to Kylie and look at her.

“Where’s Skylar?” I ask her.

“In the kitchen cooking supper.” Kyli responds. She is scrolling through her Instagram and must not have seen the post she is in yet.

“Why is she co-” I start, but I’m interrupted by a knock on the door. I get up to go answer it. In the kitchen I can hear the music getting turned up. It’s Skylar’s favorite song, “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts. I open the door and see the Why Don’t We boys, Logan Paul, and Brendan North.

“LIFE IS A HIGHWAY I WANNA RIDE IT ALL NIGHT LONG!” I hear Skylar singing from the kitchen. She walks into the living room and stop mid step.

“Oh. I didn’t know you were here.” She says blushing. She only sings when we are home alone.

“You’re fine.” Zach says. Logan looks around the house and starts the vlog he has.

“So, I am here with the Why Don’t We boys and their friends.” Logan says into the camera. We all introduce ourselves to the camera and Logan. Max, my husky, plays around with Kong, Logan's dog. Skylar’s cocker spaniel, Harley, just watches them play.

“Whose husky is this?” Logan say, watching them play.

“He’s mine. He’s a big sweetheart.” I say. Max looks up at me with his beady black eyes. I smile and pat his head.

“The food is ready if you want some.” Skyler says.

“Food!” Jack yells. We all make our way to the dining room. Skylar brings out a pot that is full of spaghetti and sets it in the middle of the table. I, of course, get to sit next to my favorite people in the world. Jack and Jonah. One of them is sitting on either side of me. I am the first to get some spaghetti.

We all have a good time and just laugh our butts off. Logan can’t stay at our house because he needs to do work stuff, or something like that. We kind of settle down after Logan leaves. We move into the movie theater we have in our house and start a movie. Zach and Skylar are sitting next to each other, of course. Jack and Jonah as sitting on either side of me, again. It’s kind of annoying. What if I wanted to sit by Kyli?

The movie was one hour and fourty-five minutes. The movie was boring, so I can see why Skylar and Zach both fell asleep during it. It had to be the most uncomfortable position to sleep in, but I didn’t want to wake them up. They looked so cute sleeping in the chairs next to each other.

I helped the guys arrange sleeping places and then went upstairs. I was so tired it was not even funny! I didn’t even bother turning my light on. I layed down on my bed, pulled the covers up to my chin, and close my eyes.

I am just about to fall into a deep sleep when someone knocks on my door. I jerk awake and quickly get out of bed. I am thinking that it was Skylar or Kyli, but it wasn’t. I open the door and see Jack’s face staring at me.

“What do you want?” I ask, trying to sound sleepy and mad at the same time.

“The couch isn’t very comfortable.” He says. I put a hand on my hip and look at him.

“Well, it’s either the couch or the floor. You aren’t going to be sleeping in my bed.” I tell him. Why does he think I would let him sleep in MY bed. It’s MY bed. Jack looks a little sad. I think whether or not I should let him sleep in my bed.

“Fine...but you have to stay on that side of the bed.” I say, pointing to the left side of the bed. He looks happier than before. He walks into my room and I close the door behind him. I make sure that it is open just a crack, just in case. I hop onto my bed and go back under the covers. I am so far over on my bed that I could fall off. This feels so weird. A couple minutes after Jack settles into the bead, I hear him snoring. He’s already asleep. I close my eyes and focus on the sounds around me. I fall into a deep sleep.

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