Why don we the beginning

When 3 best friends live out their life long dream of moving to california. When the discover they live across the street from why don´t we what will happen will they fallin lover or fall apart


1. The begining



“DETERMINATE! Gotta turn your heart into your dance floor!” I awkwardly sing.  As I turn to look out the window, I see the Why Don't We boys singing in their backyard. I barged right into Skylar's room.

“We live across from the why don't we boys” I said catching my breath. I gesture her to follow me. I point at the door as they come out.

“Skylar, we can't go over there! They'll think we're psychopaths.”

“We need a distraction…” I think to myself. I decide to go check the mail. When I headed back to Skylar, they decided to come over here.

Zach said, “You're new aren't you?” Skylar's face turned bright red.




    “OMG!” Natalie say’s, barging into my room. I stop unpacking and turn around to face her.

    “Omg, what?” I reply, wondering what she found out now.

    “We...we...we live across from….from…” Natalie tries to say.

    “We live across from who?” I ask, totally confused. We just moved to Los Angeles and it’s close to cliff. It’s really tall which scares me, but it has a great view.

    “THE WHY DON’T WE BOYS!!” Natalie exclaims. She looks so excited and I bet I look the same.

    “No we don’t…” I say in disbelief. Natalie motions for me to follow her down the stairs and to the front door. We practically fly down the stairs, rushing to the door. I am the first one to the door, and I swing it open. It almost hits Natalie in the face.

    “Sorry for almost hitting you in the face with the door!” I exclaim, rushing down the front steps and to the mailbox. I’m about to continue walking when Natalie grabs my arm.

    “We can’t go over there! They will think we are psychopaths!” she exclaims. She makes a fair point. I just stare at the house.

    “How do you actually know that is their house? There are hardly any pictures online.” I say, doubting Natalie.

She points her finger at the front door and I see them walk out of the house.

     “We have to pretend like we are doing something!” I exclaim. We can't just be standing out here! Natalie goes to the mailbox and opens it.

      “No mail.” Natalie says looking at me. I smile and nod. “Good cover up.” I think to myself. I look back at the boys and see them walking our way.

      “Oh no! They’re coming this way!” I hiss at Natalie. She turns around quickly and sees them coming. She faces me again.

       “What do we do?” Natalie asks me.

       “Act natural!” I say back. They are getting closer and I start freaking out.

       “You're new aren't you?” Zach says once they are closer. My heart melts. They are so much cuter in person!

         “We just moved here today. I manage to say. I glance at Natalie and see she is staring at Jack. I smile a little and look back at the boys.

    “We will be glad to show you around.” Daniel offers. I smile again.

    “That would be nice.” I say. Zach smiles and I look down, my face turning red.

“See you later!” Corbyn calls as they leave. I release a breath I didn’t know I was holding when they get back into their house.

“That was...wow.” I say to Natalie, walking back up to the house.

“I know. Jack looks cuter in person and I saw you blushing when Zach smiled.” Natalie replies. I look down and smile. Natalie shoves me lightly and I laugh, “Hey? What was that for?”

“Skylar likes Zach! Skylar likes Zach!” Natalie yells.

“You don’t have to scream it to the world! They might have heard you!” I say. We go back inside and decide what we will have for supper.

“RAMEN NOODLES!” I scream. We start laughing and hear a knock on the door. I walk over to the door and open it. I see Kyli standing with a box in her hands.

You’re here!” I exclaim. Kyli smiles and I take the box out of her hands. We all drove separately to our house, and Kyli left later than when we did.

“Thank you. Can you help me with the rest of the boxes?” Kyli asks me. I nod my head yes and start walking out the door.

“KYLI!!!!!” Natalie yells. She runs over to her and hugs her. I laugh as I continue walking towards Kylie's black lamborghini. Kyli managed to fit her suitcases in the trunk and all the boxes in the back seat.

“I’ll start unloading the boxes.” I say, opening the car door. I look at all the boxes I still need to unload from my blue 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. I sigh. Moving takes too much work…

I’m about to grab a box, when I see the door to the Why Don’t We boys house open. I look at Natalie and nod my head towards their house. Both Kylie and Natalie look over there. I look back and Zach is jogging across the road.

“We never got your names.” Zach says when he’s close enough.

“I’m Natalie!” Natalie exclaims. Zach looks at Kyli a little confused.

“I’m Kyli. I just got here.” She says. Zach looks at me last and I don’t think I can say anything.

“I’m Skylar.” I manage to say. He smiles and turns around. He stops and faces us again.

“What time are we giving you to tour of the city?” He asks.

“Tomorrow morning at 10:00.” Natalie says. Zach nods and waves at us. He jogs back to the house and inside. I think my cheeks are bright red, so I hurry up and grab a box. I rush inside and up to Kylie's room. I set the box down on the floor and walk out again.

“I need to stop freaking out whenever I see Zach.” I say in my mind walking down the stairs. I continue to help unpack all our cars. It’s around 7:00 when we are fully unpacked and have everything organized in our rooms.

“Who wants Ramen Noodle now?” Natalie asks us. I wave my arms wildly in the air.

“This girl!” I exclaim.

“Then you’re going to have to make it yourself.” Natalie says smiling. I make a pretend pouty face, but I smile afterwards. I really do want Ramen Noodle so I make myself some. We talk in the living room until 9:00.

“I think I’m gonna hit the hay.” I say, getting up off the couch.

“Me too.” Natalie and Kyli say at the same time. We all start laughing as we head upstairs. I close my door and run to my bed. I belly flop onto it and close my eyes. I’m out in a couple of minuets. I didn’t even change my clothes.

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