Why don we the beginning

When 3 best friends live out their life long dream of moving to california. When the discover they live across the street from why don´t we what will happen will they fallin lover or fall apart


5. New love

I knock on the door, but no one answers. I turn the knob and the door opens. I walk in and close the door behind me. I call out Jack’s name, but he doesn’t answer. I walk into the living room, but I freeze. I can’t move at all. A tear slips down my cheek.

Jack is kissing a girl on the couch. He doesn’t even see me standing there. I am feeling tons of emotions right now. Anger and sadness, the main ones. I decide to let my anger flow.

“What are you doing?!?!?!?!?” I scream. I make my face look angry. Jack stops kissing the girl and they both look at me. The girl gets off the couch and walks over to me.

“You must be Natalie. I’ve heard so much about you!” She says in a happy voice. She holds out her hand, but I don’t take it. Instead I slap her across the face. I turn around and storm out of the room.

“Natalie wait!” Jack calls out. He catches up to me and grabs my arm. I am crying by now.
    “I hate you!” I scream. I pull my arm out of his grip and run out the door. He doesn’t stop me. I run to my house and up to my room. I fling myself onto my bed and cry into my pillow. I know I was going over there to break up with him, but I feel like I was stabbed. Breaking up with someone who didn’t love you doesn’t hurt. Getting cheated on is still painful.

I don’t leave my room the rest of the day. Kyli isn’t home that long and doesn’t know what happened. Skylar is still at the hospital because Zach needed to stay there. Jonah was the only one who I felt like telling. I grab my phone and dial Jonah’s phone number.

“Hello?” Jonah starts.

“Jonah! Can-” I start. Jonah’s voice mail interrupts me.

“You’ve reached Jonah’s voice mail. Please leaves your message after the beep.” He says. The phone beeps and I just leave the phone to my ear.

“Please...come to my house.” I say. I probably sound emotional and in need of a friend. I end the call once I finish my voice mail. Now I have to wait for Jonah to help me.




I watch Zach sleep in his hospital bed. My ankle is propped up on pillow. It didn’t need a cast, but it needs to be wrapped. I also need crutches, but that’s fine. Zach has been out for two full days. I spend most of my time in his room, watching him sleep. The nurses want me to go home, but I can’t I want me to be the first face he sees.

The doctor said that he could have memory loss. That would be the worst thing that could happen. If Zach did not remember me, I would

be lost. I would have to tell him that we are in love, but he wouldn’t remember. I cover my face with my hands.

“Hello?” Zach whispers. I look up quickly. His eyes are open and he is looking at me.

“Zach? Is that you?” I whisper. I am so happy, I can barely even talk.

“What happened to me?” Zach asks, looking around the room. He has a ton of flowers and cards from fans around the world. I guess they knew it happened from the News. I’m glad they didn’t interview me. That would have been bad.

“You walked on a bridge...and...and...it broke right underneath your feet…” I manage to say. It sounds even worse when I say it outloud. I can’t imagine where I would be without Zach, memory or no memory.

“Do you know who I am?” I ask Zach. He stares at me blankly, which makes me lose hope in his memory.

“I think you are...you are…” Zach starts. I can tell he is struggling to think of my name. It brings tears to my eyes because I don’t want him to forget me. To forget us. Zach’s face lights up and my hope returns.

“You are Skylar. We have kissed, so you are my girlfriend.” Zach tells me. He sounds so sure of his answer that I smile.

“Am I right?” Zach ask me. I nod my head yes, smiling a lot. Zach smiles and I smile back.

“I should go get the doctor. He would want to know you are awake.” I tell Zach. He agrees so I grab my crutches. I head out the door and go find a nurse. I eventually find one who I have seen before in his room.

“Zach’s awake!” I exclaim. She smiles and tells me she will get the doctor. I try to make my way back towards Zach’s room, but I can’t get through. I see a bunch of nurses and EMTs rushing off towards the ER. Once the rolling bed gets closer to me I see Ivan Martinez’s bloody body on it. He has deep scratches all over his body and the flesh off of his face he's gone. I can see the tissue of his brain and the veins in his head.

I can’t peel my eyes of his body. I can’t hear anything, but I see nurses rushing towards me. That’s when I realize that I’m screaming.




    I sit on my couch, waiting for Jonah to come over. I stare at the wall not moving at all. I hear a knock on the door and someone comes in. I slowly move my head to see who it is.

    “I got your call.” Jonah says, worriedly. I continue to look at him. He closes the door and walks over to. He puts his arms around me in a tight embrace. I feel thankful that I have a friend that knows what to do when I am sad.

    “What happened?” Jonah asks me softly. I close my eyes and prepare to tell him.

    “I walked into your house and went into the living room. I expected to see nobody there, but instead I say Jack...kissing another girl. He was cheating Jonah.” I say, the tears welling up again. Jonah thinks for a minute and then says, “I know who it was. Jasmin Crusoe.” I look at him for a moment, then look at the floor. I suddenly burst out laughing.

    “What’s so funny?” Jonah asks me. He genuinely looks confused.

    “I slapped her!” I say, still laughing. I look at Jonah, but he’s not laughing. I stop laughing and look at the floor. I feel like Jonah is making a hole through me. I look at Jonah out of the corner of my eye and I think he saw me. I look at Jonah and he looks back at me. Jonah leans towards me and I lean towards him. Our lips touch and I feel a sense of relief. I put my hands around Jonah's neck and he pulls me closer to him. Jonah grabs my waist, deepening the kiss.

The door slams open and I quickly pull away from Jonah.

“So you just move on from one man to the next?!” Jack exclaims. Jasmin was next to him. She had her arm around his. It was like she was a leech and she couldn’t leave him.

“I didn’t cheat on you! YOU cheated on ME!” I scream back. I stand up off the couch and walk towards them.

“Actually, honey, Jack was secretly dating me before he “dated” you.” Jasmin tells me. The world is falling around me. I look at Jonah, but he doesn’t make eye contact with me.

“He knew Jack was dating Jasmine.” I think to myself. I feel betrayed by everybody.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” I exclaim. I don’t really care who answers my question. I just want answers.

“He didn’t want to hurt your feelings since you wanted to date him. I didn’t really appreciate you slapping me across the face earlier. After all you were the one helping Jack cheat on me.” Jasmine tells me. I have no words. I don’t think I can say anything. I rush to the door and I run outside. It started to rain, but I don’t car. I hop into my car and I drive away.

I drive to a small little coffee shop that’s not far away from our house. I go there every Sunday, so they know my usual order.

“Rough day?” The server asked me. I nod my head yes.

“It’s been terrible.” I tell her. She sits down in the booth and looks at me.

“Do you want to talk about it?” She asks me. I think about it for a moment and then I spill everything. She listened patiently for me to finish. She gives me some advice and tells me everything will be ok. I believe her a little bit. It was nice to just have a conversation with someone who I didn’t know personally. I feel like they would get it more than someone who knew me. The waiter gives me a sympathetic smile and get’s out of the booth.

“Natalie?” someone calls out. I look behind me and see Hermione walking towards me.

“Hey! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other.” I say when she sits down. We have a long conversation and just catch up on all the things we missed. I learned that Hermione is engaged to someone she meet in college. I congratulated her and we continued to talk.

My phone starts buzzing in my pocket and I pull it out. Jonah is calling me. I decline the call and look back at Hermione.

Who was it?” Hermione asks me.

“Jonah.” I say shrugging my shoulders. I take a drink of my coffee so I don’t have to talk. We sit in a few moments of silence until Hermione asks if she can have a tour of our house. I lead her out the door and to my car.

“We’ll come back for your car later.” I tell her as we get into my car. I start driving towards our house and I pull into the driveway. We get out of the car and walk into the house. Jack, Jonah, and Jasmine was nowhere to be see.

“Hermione!” Kyli yells running up to her. She hugs her tightly and then lets her go.

“Hi.” Hermione say, laughing a little. She looks around our house and nods approvingly.  

“Do you want to stay at our house?” I ask her. She nods her head yes and smiles widely. We show her around the house and show her her room.

“This is your room.” Kyli says pointing to a door.

“Whose across from me?” Hermione asks opening the door across from her room.

“That’s my room. Then to your left you have Kyli’s. Then all the way down the hall is Skylar’s.” I say. Hermione looks into my room and looks around. I only have a bed, a nightstand, and a desk in my room. My walls are gray too. I have all my make-up on a small desk in the corner.

“Nice.” Hermione says. I smile and we walk out the door. She checks out Kyli’s room next. There are a few piles of clothes on the floor, but other than that, it’s like mine. Hermione approves and we walk out again. The only room we haven’t checked yet is Skylar’s.

“She told us not to go in there.” Kyli tells Hermione. She shrugs her shoulders.  

“What could possibly could possibly be hidden away in her room?” Hermione says, opening the door. There are paper’s everywhere. On the floor, on the wall, some are even on the ceiling. We all walk in completely confused.

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