Moon chosen

I am from the past but I fond a way to get to the future and couldn't find a way to get back.


1. Prologue

 "Urasha you want play a game" James said almost laughing.

 "Sure be their in a second" I  said.

 "Okay see you in the clearing" James said in a hurry. He ran down stairs. After that I heard the water running. I walked down stairs calmly. I filed up a bucket of water silently. I walked outside and started heading forward then I heard a twig snap behind me. I turned around fast and saw Sirius with a bucket.

 "Wait your in this to" I said. "I thought you boys would at least do one at a time."

 "I am with them two" said one of the boys who walked up to me recently. "So is Remus" said the boy again. 

 "Peter what do you not get about surprise attack" said Remus on the side of me. "She's surrounded either way." I turned around and looked at Peter. I stared at him for a sec. All the boys raised their buckets. I pulled out my leg right once everybody was about to launch their buckets I rapped my leg around Peters leg then tripped him and made a run for it Sirius on my tail with Remus and James right behind him I set up a trap to get Remus out.

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