I Don't Wanna Die

i have died now 5 times one more is too many. follow me into a world where I was ment to live not die. i meet this baoy and he seems nice, but everytime I meet him I die........


2. second life

      "Selena get up and get ready for school!" mom yells.

      "I am up, mom."

      "Well you better get ready for school!"

     I get really annoyed with my mom sometimes. I wish I could just disappear from her sight without being missed. I am wearing a white tank top with a light blue jean jacket. I am wearing ripped blue jeans with my black combat boots. natural look I think to myself. I grab my book bag, purse, and my keys. I hop into my truck an leave. Arriving at school early. Fuck you, mom I say in my head.

      "Selena, right?" someone asks me,"the principle needs to see you."

   I walk into the principle's office to find he is really young and talking about sexual harassment to another teacher, "I don't want to hear that you were  fucking another student again," he sees me and smiles, "Ms.porter, yes uh I will have a student to show you around the school."

     "Thank you"

    "Ryan Nelms to the principle's office please."

    I wait patiently for the principle to say something, but I am just getting stared at the teacher who just got screamed at. These teachers and staff were fairly young here. I had no idea why I had chosen this school, but wait I did not even have a say in this. Then he walked in. He had blue eyes, t-shirt, and ripped jeans. He looked depressed, so I didn't speak right away.

      "Dad you called?"

     "Yeah because you are going to show Selena around the school."

     We started walking down every hall and he told me what and where everything was. He tried to act as cheerful as he could be, but I could really tell he was depressed. We made it to the basement (which was really creepy) when he just collapsed and started bursting out in tears.

     "What is wrong?"

     "Death fucking took my girlfriend....she fell off a cliff last year. The fucking cops didn't arrive there until like 3 seconds after she fell. I ended up going to jail for 3 days because of I kinda hit the officer...Really; really; really hard...They let me out because the judge finally found out what had happened."

      "What happened to the cops or what did you do afterwards? or do you even want to talk about it?"

      "You know you are the first to actually ask me about this stuff. I like that because i needed to speak to someone that was caring. Everyone avoided me and I started getting a quick temper. I had no way of knowing who was my friend and who was a fucking bitch."

      I had no idea what to say. I sat on the basement floor with him. I hugged him tightly and didn't let go. I did this because he had said something to me that nobody had ever said to me before. I didn't realize I was crying at all until he looked up at my face puzzled.

      "Why are you crying?" he asked.

      "I have no idea. I had no idea that I was crying," I laughed. We both laughed.

       "So have fun on your first day here."

       "Um....You better not leave me down here alone," I joked.

      "Come on. Don't wanna be late on your first day. 






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