I Don't Wanna Die

i have died now 5 times one more is too many. follow me into a world where I was ment to live not die. i meet this baoy and he seems nice, but everytime I meet him I die........


1. first death

                  "Baby don't let go of my arm," says Ryan.

                  "I can't hold on anymore," I said.

                   "Baby if you let go I have no idea what I will do without you. you are my everything and if you do I'll jump after you."

                   "No use in jumping. I will be okay when I die. If I die today, I want you to know that I love you. Ryan you are my baby and I told you I would die for you.

            I fall to my death. I had a happy life. I see Ryan yelling at the cops right at the seond I fell. I can feel his tears streaming into my heart as I fall. I hit a ledge just as I feel my adrenaline rushing through my body. I feel my blood flowing onto my face. I feel it, but I'm watching it happen. I see everything. I'm dead. The scene fades out into me laying on a staircase. I look up and see an angel standing there over me just watching me.

          "I don't wanna die," I tell him, "please help me."

          He tells me to dream and I will find myself in that life. I tell him why did it have to be me? He dosen't reply. I close my eyes I find myself lightly being carried into somewhere soft. I  am waking up to a diffrent body and a diffrent place. I have to remain calm. I sit and wonder what my new life is going to be like. Do I get to chose what I look like? What is it going to be like when I get there? I go on and on about the questions in my head when the angel appears again.

               I sit there crying because of Ryan. He needed me and I needed him, so how am I ever going to see him ever again? I cry even worse. Then just like the devil himself the angel grabbed my throat and it stopped my tears from flowing. He kissed me and I fell into a sleep like death.

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