Leave Me Alone

Alissa is new to town. She gets unwanted attention from the town bad boy Justin Bieber. What will she do to get him to leave her alone .. or will she fall in love ��



So mum made me move again. I got arrested again so she thinks a change will help "straighten " me out. So now I'm moving to Los Angeles, from Australia that's like a billion miles away from my friends( thanx mum).

So before you jump to conclusions about who I am and what I'm like, let me tell you about myself. My name is Alissa Rose Bradford I have long black hair blue eyes about 5'9 tan I have curves but In all the right places and I'm Australian. I'm not good with people and I DONT get close to ANYONE , anymore. My dad died about 6 months ago he was a cop he got shot on the job. My twin sister died when we were about 9 and my older brother Jared is in jail back in Australia. I'm 16 and NOT looking forward to being "The New Girl".

Mum bought a two story house, I have no clue why she is going to be living back in Australia (she is rich) so I have a massive house to my self which means I'm gonna get soooooo lonely. School starts tomorrow.

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