The Golden Boy

Lola is NOT your average teenage girl. She wasn't popular, she wasn't a nerd, and she wasn't boy crazed. In fact, she hated boys. With her mind set on her future, Lola meets a stranger named Anthony at a gas station and instantly feels a connection, only to find out, it was a one-time thing. Lola's back in school and finds herself going to school with the same boy she met before.


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We headed to Madison’s house after we hanged out at the mall and got everything out ready to be putten on. It was already 6 PM and the party started at 7, and it took almost every girl one hour to get ready; there were three of us. Madison got started quickly, plugged in her Bluetooth and played her pop music playlist. Chills were coming down my back, I was terrified for tonight. For Madison and Valeria, it was a normal thing to go to parties because of boys. For me? It would be my first, obviously. I looked at her door mirror and pushed my shoulders back. Maybe it was a small worry. I mean, it’s not like he was Barack Obama himself. He was just a boy, a boy that I find-- somewhat attracting? It could mean one thing, but it could also mean two. His appearance and his personality. It was both that I was attracted to. His eyes, you can sink into. His hair looked so soft, and his lips had a puff to it. I tried to keep my eyes off them when we talked at my job, I didn’t want to come off wrong. I just met the guy, it was a frightening position to be in. Any socially awkward girl would agree if they even talked to a boy. Heck, call him a stranger. I wouldn’t consider him a friend, I’d consider him as someone I want to know more.

“Are you ready to see the two hottest girls at Mountain High?” Madison laughed. I closed my eyes tightly already picturing them in their tight dresses. I knew I wasn’t going to be surprised by any result they were going to show me. “I guess so,” I replied, “Hope it’s game changer.” I continued to close my eyes, “Open them!” Madison smiled. I opened my eyes and quickly looked behind. There they were. Madison wore a dark blue skin tight dress that went up to her knees with matching pumped heels and her hair darker than a crow, straightened and let loose. Valeria wore a nude colored strapless dress with gladiator heels on and a pearl necklace and her hair in a high bun. I quietly put my hands on my heart and glanced at them. “You guys look so beautiful for a high school party.” I groaned, “How is that even possible?” Madison made her way to her door mirror and struck poses, “Told you, you can trust us.” Madison said, “Now it’s your turn.”

My heart dropped just hearing those words from Madison. When it came to dressing me up, Madison, nor Valeria, weren’t the people to trust. “Yeah!” Valeria smiled, “You can talk to us about that boy.”

“That boy.” The words were just so finely used. I could feel the tension in my shoulders. I knew I shouldn’t talk about him to others, but I had to let it out. Madison and Valeria were the people I would most definitely go to about boys, even if they like the worst type of boys ever. It was easier having them there, my mother would never understand boys this generation. I was so thankful to have them. “I’m not sure about this,”  I responded, “What if I look like a psycho?” Madison gasped, taking it as an insult and placed her hands on my shoulders. Madison dragged the stool behind me and pushed her hands down onto my shoulders. “You’re not allowed to look in the mirror,” Madison said, “We have the perfect dress and style for you.” I quickly looked at Valeria and Madison, glancing at myself in the mirror connected to her dresser.  Madison noticed, and quickly turned my chair over. “I didn’t agree to this,” I panicked, “You’re gonna make me look ridiculous!” Madison felt insulted again and rolled her eyes, “You’re going to look good,” She said, “The boys won’t keep their hands off you.”


I closed my eyes for most of the makeup and hair part, then opened them again so I can insert contacts in my eyes. They put the dressed they picked out for me on me and the heels they picked out at the mall. The dress didn’t feel as tight as I thought it would, it was a relief.

“Are you ready?” Madison asked me. I wasn’t ready to myself in the mirror, I could already picture what I would look like. A clown that belonged to a kids birthday party and that would not be the look I'm going for. “I don’t want to,” I replied, “I’m gonna look silly.”  I wanted to cover my eyes, but I knew they worked with the makeup too well to mess up. I could feel the foundation covering my face like a mask. I didn’t bother moving my face at all. “Come look, Val” Madison asked, “Open your eyes, Lo.” I opened my eyes, Valeria walked closer as she gasped. “You look so good, Lola!” Valeria smirked, “Jesus, those boys will catch on so quick.”

Anxiously, I turned the stool over and looked at myself in the mirror. The tension in me suddenly went away. My jaw dropped. “I look so,” I said speechless. Madison looked in the mirror and winked. “Seductive.”

I wore red platform heels and a silver colored long off the shoulder dress that was three inches above my knees. My hair was fully straightened, making my high ponytail longer. I had hazel eye contacts in and smokey eyes. My eyebrows were filled in and my lips were a cherry red, the same as my heels. It was like I didn’t know the girl in the mirror. She didn’t even seem like a girl, she was a woman. I was already starting to fall in love with it. It was something I would never wear if I had to get ready by myself. “How is this possible?” I whispered, “I don’t even recognize me.” Madison adjusted my dress, pulling the front down and shoulders lower, showing more cleavage. “Madison!” I said covering my chest, “Why are we even dressed like this?”

“The first impression is the one that always counts right?” She laughed, “You will make a good one.”  Madison looked at Valeria and gave her a quick high-five. Valeria pulled out her phone from her purse and made a shocking look, “It’s 7:12!” Valeria pointed out. Madison quickly grabbed her bag from her bed and turned off her music. “Let’s go before my parents see Lola and think she’s going on a date with us.” I stood up, trying to balance on my platform heels, and wiped my dress down. Madison gave me one last checkup as she opened my dress, checking if I had a bra on. “Madison!” I said slapping her hand. “Take off the bra,” Madison winked, “More chance of getting the right boy.” I stood and closed my eyes, I was trying to picture how tonight would go. We would talk and talk, maybe even impress him. I gave a little smile and looked at Madison. “It’s strapless,” I told her, “At least he’ll know I’m going that far.”

We walked out of the room, softly and carefully walking down the stairs. I was so afraid to fall, I had to hang onto the handlebar. Regular kitten-heeled shoes were okay with me, but platforms? Platforms were something else that I wasn’t ready for, like tonight. My heart began to fill with worry, what if things don’t go out as well as I want them to? It was my one time to make an impression and I was willing to give in everything for it. Reaching the last stair, Madison and Valeria looked at me with a smile. “Once again,” Madison said, “Are you ready?”

With no hesitation, “Yes!” was my answer. We left without a second to lose. We were already going to be a big impression because of how late we were, but with Madison and Valeria’s unbearable clothing? It was going to be a long night.


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