The Golden Boy

Lola is NOT your average teenage girl. She wasn't popular, she wasn't a nerd, and she wasn't boy crazed. In fact, she hated boys. With her mind set on her future, Lola meets a stranger named Anthony at a gas station and instantly feels a connection, only to find out, it was a one-time thing. Lola's back in school and finds herself going to school with the same boy she met before.


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    Swirling her straw into her empty plastic cup, Lola continued to laugh at Anthony’s corny jokes and stories. As her cup got closer to becoming empty, she felt joy. Something she hasn’t felt in a while, but with a boy? Something she would at least expect was to enjoy talking to a boy she barely knew.

    “Ronda stole my cookie,” he continued, “After I told her it was my favorite.”

    “Poor baby,” Lola fakely sympathized. She made a small giggle and sipped the leftover juice from the empty plastic cup. Not realizing it was empty, Lola sat in shock. She couldn’t believe she drank a large Strawberry Coolatta with the guy she thought was rude at first sight. She still couldn’t believe it was a guy. There was something about him that she liked. Getting to know him more, made her more interested. It made her less anxious about talking to him, when he walked near her, or even looked at her.     

    Anthony watched her shake her empty cup, “Can’t believe we’ve been talking for that long,” He nodded. He grabbed her empty cup from the table and threw it out, along with his half-filled cup. “You weren’t done,” Lola pointed out, “Why’d you throw it out?” He walked back to the booth and tapped his thumbs onto the table. “It took me to buy you a Coolatta for you to talk to me,” he responded, “I wasn’t going to finish it anyway.”

    It got awkward as the two ran out of things to say to one another, the nervous feeling blew over her while they sat in the comfy booth looking at the table.

    “Why’d you want to talk to me?” Lola asked, looking straight at him. He sighed and leaned back making eye contact at her. It was the gas station scene all over again. His leather jacket and AXE cologne made the moment.

    “Because it was the first time I’ve seen you since Wawa,” He said, ‘The confused sushi girl.”

    “No, silly.” Lola grinned, “I’m talking about at the gas station.”

    Anthony couldn’t answer that question with one simple answer. He thought she needed help, or it could’ve been the act of when a teenage boy sees a teenage girl near them. He saw her as the girl with brown bouncy curls and eye contact that can kill with just one look.

    “Chemical reaction of the male,”

    “Sounds like an excuse,”

    “You seemed lonely and quiet,” He responded, “Until your mother showed up”

    Lola couldn’t help but laugh, she remembered like it was yesterday. The most awkward situation she was in throughout her whole life.

    “And you decided to talk to me,” Lola said, “Chemical reaction?”


    It could've been the most awkward situation in her life, but it also was the most breathtaking. When his cold hands touched hers, she felt electricity spring in her. To him, it was a chemical reaction. To her? It was a spark.

    “Let’s go,” Anthony said, “We’re gonna go take you home”

    “I can’t just leave work,” Lola said, “Why would you bring me home anyway?”

    “Thalia can do it,”

    Lola rolled her eyes and went into the employee room, looking for Jennifer. “Jen,” she said, “I’m taking the day off, family emergency!”  

    Jennifer, walking out from the bathroom, “Okay,” She said, “Thanks for attempting to work.”

    Lola rushed back to the booth taking off her apron and visor, “I guess I should be thanking you for bringing me home?” She says pulling out her phone, “I’ll just text Madison and tell her not to come.”

    “You’re friends with Madison?” He asked, “That’s shocking.”

    Lola felt the need to be offended, instead, she said nothing. She continued typing like she didn’t even hear it. Lola put her phone down, and sat down at the booth, “She was supposed to bring me to a party,” She sighed, “I don’t think I’m going to go.”

    “You’re going,” Anthony demanded, “The first party of the year, you cannot miss it.”

    Another party animal, just what Lola needed. He was like a boy version of Madison, but much different at the same time. She liked the idea of a boy Madison, but when thought about thoroughly, it was different. “Yeah right,” Lola responded, “The first party of the school year is always a mess no matter what.”

    “That’s why it’s important,” He said, “Maybe you can go in your work outfit”

    “And why would I do that?”

    “Because it’s a cute outfit!”

    Lola blushed, closed her eyes, flush of anxiousness swept below her feet. This was her second time seeing the boy, and she didn’t know how to feel. Sassy, mad, happy, shy? Lola knew she was better off not talking to boys, it was like a phobia to her to talk to them. A fear she couldn’t overcome because of the way she acted towards them. “Fine,” She said, “I’ll go for Madison.”

    “Hey!”  he raised his eyebrows and added a gentle smile, “I was the one who convinced you to go.”

    Lola grabbed her bag, “Who said you convinced me?”

    She looked at the front counter noticing Thalia eavesdropping on their whole conversation. She gave Lola a small wink and looked away, “You got this, girl” She mouthed silently.

    “The blushing did,” Anthony said, “It’s visible.”

    Ignoring him, she got up from the booth and looked at the door, “Let’s go,” She responded, “If you want me at that party I have to find an outfit.”

    He jumped up from his seat, grabbing his car keys from his jacket, and walked straight out the door. Lola behind him, Thalia snapped her fingers as it caught Lola’s attention. “You’re gonna tap that?” Thalia asked Lola. “What? No!” She quickly denied following him out of the door. “Have fun at that party,” Thalia yelled out, “Wear a skin tight dress!”


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