The Golden Boy

Lola is NOT your average teenage girl. She wasn't popular, she wasn't a nerd, and she wasn't boy crazed. In fact, she hated boys. With her mind set on her future, Lola meets a stranger named Anthony at a gas station and instantly feels a connection, only to find out, it was a one-time thing. Lola's back in school and finds herself going to school with the same boy she met before.


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    It was the end of the school day, the halls were a sea of faces. Lola and Valeria followed Madison’s lead as she pushed through the crowd. “Move out the way, losers!” Madison yelled out, without hesitation. Valeria held Madison’s hand, while Lola held Valeria’s. Their train continued throughout the end of the hallway until Madison paused. She stood stiffly with wide eyes. “What’s the hold-up, Madison?” Lola asked rolling her eyes, “The road is going to be packed.”

    “Nothing,” Madison responded, “Let’s go.” She grabbed onto Valeria’s hand with force and moved along, pulling Lola. Lola continued walking, ignoring how fast Madison was going until she saw a figure.

    She’ve seen that figure before, somewhere recent. She let get of Valeria’s hand as they continued walking without her, and pushed through the crowd. She wanted to get a closer look but it seemed like the person was getting farther away. She was getting closer, and closer. She stopped as the person turned around, revealing who it was. She knew she has seen him before, Anthony.

    He was really there, her heart stopped just looking at him. The boy was perfection in coffee hues; his hair and eyes were the color of dark roasted beans but his skin was all light latte. Standing tall in front of the other boys in their last year varsity jackets, laughing at small jokes. His smile had a bright feeling to it. A smile like no other, indescribable, but totally lovable. It was as wide as the sky but as loving as a child. Lola knew she could look at him for hours, but she left as fast as she could before he could recognize her.

    Lola ran outside, looking for Madison’s car in a hurry. She searched around the parking lot as she heard a constant car alarm. “Let’s go, Lola!” Madison yelled out, continuing to beep. Lola walked to the car, clutching onto her bag with deep breaths. “Guys,” Lola gasped, catching her breath, “I have to tell you something.”

    “Us first,” Valeria laughed, “You’re going out with us tonight.”

    “To a party?”

    “Yes!” Madison squealed, driving out of the parking lot, “I promised Valeria if my ex you never met was there, I would tell you.”

    “I have work,” Lola said, “I’ve been working there since summer, I can’t fail now.”

    “It’s the first day of school,” Madison groaned, “If you’re not filled with homework, you’re filled with work.”

    Lola wasn’t going to correct her because she knew Madison wasn’t wrong, she sat in silence. The radio began to play while Valeria sang along, Madison tried her best to focus on driving. “Imetaboyoverbreak,” Lola blurred out as quickly as she could.

    “What!?” Valeria paused, while Madison slammed onto her breaks, “Who!?” She asked with a big grin, “Can we meet him?”

    “No,” Lola answered, “It was just a small talk,”

    Madison began to drive again with a sigh, “You’ll find him again,” She replied, “I’ll drive you to work, okay?”



    Lola arrived at Dunkin’ Donuts with her soft brown hair in a messy ponytail. Her hair was a soft brown, like the bark of an oak tree, not dark but simply gentle in bright light. She placed her working hat and apron onto her head, tying it to her back. “Lola!” A girl sighed in relief, “Why are you here?”

    Lola took a deep breath, hoping no one noticed that she was late. “I’m so sorry Jennifer,” pleaded, “Yes, I’ll start ASAP.”

    Jennifer snickered, “It’s not your day today,” She responded, “You can go home.”

    Lola didn’t take much time looking at her schedule, she came every day. Worked and worked, because she needed the money for herself and for her future. “I’ll work today,” She responded, “I’m already here and I know you’re low on staff, so why not?”

    Jennifer smiled, walking away from the front counter to check on the other employees. “Thank you, Lola.” She said, “The register is waiting!”

The smell of donuts and coffee filled the room drastically. Quiet conversations took place like it was a library, and Lola was enjoying it. It wasn’t even her day, peace and the fresh smell of donuts were her guilty pleasure. She looked around, enjoying her job with a smile of joy popping onto her face. The bell to the front door rang, and she knew it was time. She stood up straight, ready to place orders, and looked to see who it was with a big smile. Only seconds later, her smile was washed away with heavy fear.

It was him, walking towards her while a group of boys sat down in a booth. She recognized the boy from her school; all of them. Especially him, as he walked closer to her. Her heart started to pound and her foot began to tap with a nervous touch to it. She hoped he wouldn’t recognize her from that one time they met. After all, he was just a boy. What did Lola have to be nervous about?

“Hello,” He said, “Can I get a-”

He looked up, and it was as everything paused. He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t help but stare. “Parker?” He laughed, “I knew we would meet again.”

Lola knew if anything came from her mouth, it would come out as a stutter. All she could do is wait for him to say his order,

“Ant-Anthony,” She smiled, “You had to meet me at my job?”

It was awkward, Lola didn’t know what to feel after meeting him. She knew it wasn’t a friendship, it was two strangers talking. Was it a friendship made to form? Her fingers tapped the counter waiting for a response, but all he could think of was her.

“Yeah,” He snapped out of it, “This place is awesome”

Lola searched for a distraction as she noticed the group of boys from her school was glancing at her. “Yo, Ant!” One boy said, “We gotta help set up for the party, you coming?”

It was the party Madison talked about, the party Madison demanded Lola to go to. Waiting for Anthony’s response, he looked back at the boys. “Nah,” He responded, “I think I’m going to stay here.”

He continued to smile at Lola; she smiled back. But, inside, she was fuming that he wouldn’t leave. “Two large Strawberry Coolatta’s, please.” He said. Lola rang up his price, looking down to the ground in a shy matter, “Your total is ten dollars,” Lola mumbled, “Cash or credit?”

Anthony pulled the crumpled money from his jacket and placed the two five dollar bills onto the counter.

“Why’d you get two?” Lola asked curiously, “If you don’t mind answering.” She walked away from the front counter and began making his cold Coolatta’s. Adding a dash of strawberry and ice, mixing it in, she placed the two onto the front counter with a receipt. He grabbed the two Coolatta’s, handing one to Lola. “You’re gonna talk to me until that Coolatta runs out.”  

“What if I don’t like Strawberry Coolatta’s?” She asked,

He chuckled and leaned onto the wall, “Then I’ll get you a large drink you like.”

As charming as he was, Lola couldn’t blow off their Coolatta’s, especially if it’s free. He looked at her, and she looked at him. “Thalia!” Lola yelled out, “I need you to work the register for a while.” Thalia rushed to Lola and looked at Anthony. “Is this the reason why you need time?” Thalia whispered to Lola,

Lola didn’t respond, instead, she opened the gate with the cold Coolatta freezing her palms. She sat in a booth with Anthony and placed her Coolatta down. He watched as the water droplets drip from the plastic cup, but all she could see was him. For a minute, it felt like it was one booth in a blank room, with no one, but them.

“We never got each other’s numbers,” He stated, “I guess I thank the Lord for this one.”

“The Lord?” Lola questioned, “Why thank him?”

“I got to see the girl who didn’t know she was going to try hot sushi.”

Lola blushed, she could feel the sweat coming down her face from being nervous. She couldn’t believe she was talking to a boy, again. Maybe, just maybe, this time it would go right.

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