The Golden Boy

Lola is NOT your average teenage girl. She wasn't popular, she wasn't a nerd, and she wasn't boy crazed. In fact, she hated boys. With her mind set on her future, Lola meets a stranger named Anthony at a gas station and instantly feels a connection, only to find out, it was a one-time thing. Lola's back in school and finds herself going to school with the same boy she met before.


15. (15)



I usually never take the bus home, but today was such a game changed. I took the bus home and hoped I sat alone, pleading the bus ride wouldn’t be as long as I think it is. The bus was separated, I saw the social kids, the kids who just wanted to go home, the quiet ones, then there was me. I was in the genre of the kids that just had a fight with their best friend over a boy that seemed to be nothing but trouble. I haven’t been on a bus since middle school, but it seemed like nothing changed. The sound of loud, obnoxious children filled my ears with their ignorant yelling and laughing. Of course, the school bus was anything but luxury styled. It didn’t seem that bad taking the bus, but I wasn’t used to the bus. The seats reminded me of an elephant's skin, the windows reminded me of mud. The bus began to move and I didn’t find a seat yet. I moved fast as I felt someone's foot, hoping to trip me. I rotated towards the foot, noticing it was someone I knew. Surprise, surprise, it was Justin.

    “Oh, what are you,” I asked, “Following me now?” Justin snickered, all he did was snicker. I could feel the dreadful vibe coming off of him, it was more than my flesh and blood can handle. He was in a seat alone, but his friends were sitting in front of him. “Don't flatter yourself too much, little lady.” he laughed, “I just wanted to see who I was dancing with yesterday.”  I rolled my eyes and sat in the empty seat across from him. Nauseated, unpalatable, and displeased weren’t even close to what I felt around Justin. What’s a higher, more valuable word other than, “Disgusted?” I kept to myself for most of the ride, but Justin’s attention was on me and I didn’t know how to respond. I couldn’t think of a way to talk to him without him getting the wrong idea. I didn’t feel right on the bus, especially knowing that Justin was there. I was like the pepperoni to a vegetarian pizza. I would give Justin a side eye to see if he was looking at me from time to time, and he was. I wanted to know why without asking him, so I read his eyes and what they were directly looking at. I licked my teeth in suspense as he turned his head in a wink of an eye, catching mine. He chuckled, looking around if anyone would see, “Scoot over,” he said. My body moved slightly, following his command as he took a seat next to me. I kept myself distracted looking at the windows and the front of the bus to just wonder, “Where the hell is my stop?”

    “Those contacts are gone, I see.” he simpered, looking into my eyes. My heart moved in ways I didn’t want it to, but the feeling of being smothered rushed upon me. He didn’t seem the fragile type boy, but the smile he gave seemed like it was. His grins were trouble waiting to happen, it was as if every boy I was talking to has it. I had just met Justin, so I couldn’t judge him just by his looks. I could judge him by the way he looked at me though, it said a lot. His glances showed stone cold power, which brought me to his muscles that showed through that stupid cliche varsity jacket. The raven-haired boy sat in silence, waiting for me to give him a greeting. I didn’t want to show any attraction to him, whether if it was in a good or bad way. As any boy did, he left me speechless. This time, it wasn’t because I was usually a quiet person around people, especially boys, it was just the way he looked. I had to remind myself of what happened this morning to keep my eyes off him. I would bring him into questioning, but I couldn’t bother with speaking to him. I would wait for another sentence to come out of his mouth as I continued looking at the window as we passed the bumpy roads. “You’re a quiet one, huh?” he asked with, yet again, another chuckle leaving his lips. “You weren’t quiet at that party.”

    The party, that stupid party. Where everything went wrong at the worst times and where I realized this wasn’t a fantasy world I was living in for once. It wasn’t brought up as a topic as much as I thought it would today, but there was still trouble caused either way. Justin grabbing onto me, Anthony and I skipping school, and Madison catching us to what it seemed like was sex in a car. It still amazed me how she would think I was such an easy catch for him, I didn’t trust boys in general. Madison was a messed up person to others, I finally think the girl is showing her true colors now. “The party,” I said in a sarcastic tone, “You want to talk about how I "grinded" on you, right?” Justin didn’t seem like a serious person since he would laugh almost every time I see him, but this time, he didn’t fidget. “What?” he said, “That’s not what I’m trying to say, I’m trying to meet the girl I was dancing with last night.” He was looking for her, but I couldn’t find her. She was like another side of me that wasn’t me, almost a different persona. “What I did that night was a mistake,” I rolled my eyes with an annoyed smile, “I was lonely with no boundaries.” The loud teenagers giggling and gossiping covered the silence that filled us in that seat. “You sound like a victim of something,” he smirked, “I’d say that sentence over if I were you.”

    “Oh yeah, I was a victim of your boy spell,” I said, “You knew what I meant, you can go now.” I was kicking him out of the seat verbally, but he didn’t get the hint. Waiting for him to move back with his friends, he didn’t budge. I looked at him as a smile appeared on my face, “You’re still here?” I laughed. Justin looked at me as he gripped onto my thigh. Electricity sprung as he gave me another smirk, “Why do you have to hate me, sweet Lola?” he said, “I don’t bite.” What was his problem? He had a problem when it came to personal space, I’m guessing he just had a thing for girls. I took slow inhales, trying to inhale that his hand was on my thigh. “Why did you grab me this morning?” I asked him, removing his warm hand from me. It took him a moment to answer, but I was waiting for one impatiently. “Not to make it sound like it’s bad or in a bad way,” he said, “but, I was told you like it rough.”
    My jaw dropped in, stunned, wondering who would say that about me. “Like it rough,” If I’ve learned anything, it always meant a bad thing. Not to mention, we were only in the first week of school and already rumors were being formed. “Who told you this,” I said demanding an answer, “I want a full name.” Justin gulped as if he shouldn’t have said anything, and he was surely right. He played it off with a gentle smile and laughter, like it was a joke, to begin with. Irritation was filling my veins, I wanted to grab him by his shirt and threaten him. “I was kidding, Lola.” he said, “Calm down.”  My mind knew it wasn’t a joke and I knew he wasn’t going to tell me. I giggled, inside I was filled with anger. “I’ll ask once,” I glanced, “Who said that?” He couldn’t cover it up any longer, I could tell by his eyes begging for help. I gave him one last smile and stood up from my seat. The teenager's attention was on me as if something happened. I made eye contact with the bus driver while she continued driving, “Excuse me, sir?” I ask out loud. Justin’s face, turning red, as I caught the bus driver's attention as well. Wheels stopping, with a force of inertia upon us, I took one last look at Justin before I said anything. “Just a joke, huh?” I mumbled. The help in his eyes was becoming bigger than it was before, I just stood there and laughed. Looking back, there were at least 10 pairs of eyes staring at me. It was what made them quiet, they loved a dramatic scene and it’s exactly what I was going to give them. “I’m being sexually harassed by this young man right here,” I stated, “I’d like him to be removed from my seat.”

The whispers of Justin’s name being slandered by one statement was heard over the loud noises. I didn’t feel sorry for him, although just one accusation could ruin his reputation to staff members at the school and maybe even students. I stood up with my shoulders laid back as Justin looked at me, his eyes were glued on my face. He bit his tongue, “What the hell are you doing, Lola?” he snapped, “I said it was a joke.” I grabbed my bag as the bus driver looked at the both of us. “Is your name Lola?” She asked, putting the music down. I nodded waiting for what my calling was. From the looks of it, Justin was furious. Yeah, maybe I took something out of hand, but I didn’t feel bad. “”This is your stop isn’t it?” I looked out the window to see my house sitting on the grass. I bent down to Justin’s height and moved closer to his ear, “I asked who was it,” I whispered, “I’m friends with Madison, that should be a sign not to test my instincts. With all that anger, all that was left is that perky smile of his. “I guess you didn’t learn anything from her,” he mumbled, ‘You can’t keep a bad boy down.” Ears filled with disgust, I walked in front of him, making my way off the bus. I continued to walk as a voice stopped me, “Hey!” It yelled out.

I turned around and noticed Justin was glancing at me. He held up a keychain and I noticed it was mine the second he held it up. I rolled my eyes, speeding my way back to my seat. I grabbed my keychain from his hand as he gripped the end of it. He pulled on it, pushing me forward. Everyone near us was looking, I was sure he didn’t want another scene. “Two things,” he said, “I don’t bite and your little friend Madison is something I would watch out for.”  Letting go of the keychain, I tripped over myself. I didn’t fall down, but my train of thought did. Madison? We had an argument today, but I knew it didn’t mean anything. Justin still had his eyes on me with the smile still on his face. I quickly walked away from him and off the bus. Looking back at the bus as it drives away, I saw Justin laughing through the foggy windows. It may have seemed like a small conversation, but it held some kind of power in it. Everything around me seemed to have power all of a sudden, I was starting to think it was too powerful. Maybe too powerful for me to handle in the first place.

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