The Golden Boy

Lola is NOT your average teenage girl. She wasn't popular, she wasn't a nerd, and she wasn't boy crazed. In fact, she hated boys. With her mind set on her future, Lola meets a stranger named Anthony at a gas station and instantly feels a connection, only to find out, it was a one-time thing. Lola's back in school and finds herself going to school with the same boy she met before.


14. (14)



    Madison and I sat bored at the front desk of the main office. The principal would take Madison and me then Anthony. My heart spun around in circles with fear, but Madison sat in the chair with confidence. Nothing seemed to bother her, out of everything in the main office, her shoes shined bright. They left a signature mark with the color, the signature mark it left me was that she was going to hit Anthony with it. Questions were filling up my head as we sat silent, the office was busy and the phones were ringing left to right. Anthony, sitting stiffly in his chair, gave Madison evil stares. He was carving angry words onto her forehead, and Madison just looked back. “What?” Madison mumbled barely making any noise, “You’re the reason why we’re here in the first place.” Before Anthony could snap back, the lady at the front desk snapped her fingers, “Quiet you two!” she said roughly. They looked at each other, eye to eye, with no words to describe their feelings. Of course, I was sitting in the middle between them. Madison was two seats to the left, Anthony was two seats to the right. I couldn’t stand the divide I felt between them. Anthony nor Madison could even look at me. I took a deep sigh and looked down at my shoes. My socks, still soaked were creating a smell from my shoes.

    “Lola and Madison,” a deep voice read, “Come with me.” He had a tall and apple shaped body figure. He had chocolate brown skin and velvet brown eyes, I was guessing he was the new principal. His fancy black shoes scratched the carpet floor as Madison and I followed him. Madison was following his shoes but glanced at Anthony with a disgusted look, she couldn’t keep her eyes off it. “I caused this, I caused this, I caused this.” kept flying around in my head, it wouldn’t go away. The fear of never seeing Anthony again was on my mind again, it felt like the party all over again. I couldn’t have been more right, nothing but madness would come out of this. Everything inside me was hoping I wouldn’t have a harsh penalty because of what was caused outside. He brought us into his office and pushed two chairs aside each other. “Let’s make this quick,” He said, taking a seat in his chair, waiting for us to sit down. Madison sat down, with no fear in her. For me? It was the complete opposite, I was so afraid of what was going to happen. Usually, Madison wouldn’t drag me into her boy drama, or any drama in that matter, but my own boy drama? I wasn’t shocked Madison would be in my first, it was its own milestone. He crossed his hands and leaned back in his chair. “The second day, ladies?” He said, “Already skipping class, add-on violence into that mix as well.”  

    I was waiting for Madison to make her mark and make one of her great excuses, but nothing came out. I looked at Madison waiting for an answer as the principal looked at me as if I was whispering something to her. I bit my lip trying not to say anything to her, all she did was sit with a smile. “Let me make myself clear,” he cleared his throat, “My name is Mr. Hobbs and I will not accept this ruthless behavior.” His office was its own haunted house I was afraid to stay in, I hated it. I could feel the sweat drench from my dried skin and onto my wet shirt. I was unsure if Hobbs could see my shirt wasn’t exactly dry, but it should’ve been noticeable. I was uncomfortable sitting in his chair, knowing I could get it wet by my underwear. I moved around in the chair, believing he would see the signs. He didn’t see it, but Madison did, and she giggled. I stopped moving and looked at her like she was crazy, so did Mr. Hobbs. “Is there something funny about this, Lola?” He said. He was the new principal, so I didn’t expect him to know our names. “I’m Lola,” I said, “She’s Madison.” He looked at me and back at Madison, “I don’t care,” he said, “What’s funny, Madison?” Madison stopped laughing, with no answer to give. She smiled again, flipping her hair with a smile. “I’m laughing because you thought I would hurt him,” she giggled, “It’s a play we’re doing.” Madison was pulling red signs everywhere, he wasn’t going to fall for it. With Anthony being clueless about her idea, it was going to be ridiculous to pull off. “A play?” He asked, looking at me for her back up. I knew it wasn’t okay to lie, especially to someone who represents our school. I gave Madison a side-eye as she read the message I was giving out to her correctly. “Yes, a play.” Madison said, “Yes, it’s in the beginning of the school, yeah, but we can make it happen since it’s already planned out.”  Mr. Hobbs looked at us both for over a minute and got up from his seat, opening his office door. “I’m going to get your records,” He said, “I’ll be right back.” He walked out from his office, shutting the door behind him as Madison and I looked at each other.

The only thing that was fueling me up was anger inside from Madison’s idiotic choices. “What the hell is wrong with you?” I asked, “We will never pull that off! What if he asks Anthony?” Madison crossed her legs and looked over and placed her shoulder on the armrest of the chair. “He won’t, Lola.” Madison whispered, “I’m trying to save our asses here.” I looked around the office, trying my hardest not to burst out on Madison. “You don’t need to save my ass, Madison.” I sarcastically gave a smile, “You’re the only one who almost threw a shoe at someone!” Madison was boiling again, I could see it in her cheeks and her eyes. They would widen every time something bothered her, she wasn’t afraid to let people know of it either. “You don’t understand, Lo.”  she feared, “Don’t ruin the good thing you have going because of him.” It made me sick to my stomach to hear Madison say such thing. Valeria and Madison were the boy-crazed girls who would always bother me about being, “Out,” with boys. They were the ones who had the biggest problems with it, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. My throat itched because the exact words wouldn’t come out. But, suddenly, everything stopped. The itch in my throat disappeared, my heart in fear stopped, my soaked undergarments didn’t bother me anymore. “You mean the “Good thing,” you have bothered me about for the 3 years we have known each other?” I said, “The first time I have a connection with someone, you flip out?” Madison nodded her head and leaned in more, “He is using you, Lola!” Madison yelled out. I pressed my soaked shoes onto the floor, as if they were soaked sponges, and stood up. “How are you so sure, Madison!” I said, “Because you’re crazy obsessed with every guy that passes you?” Madison urgently got up and walked towards me like she was going to burst. “Because he screwed me over, Lo!” She continued, “You don’t even know the half of it!” I was running out of things to say and I tried to think of things to roll from my tongue, nothing would come out. “He has been nothing but nice to me all day, Madison.” I reminded, “You’re just not over him and that’s okay, Madison! Jesus!” Madison put her hands in a fist motion and squeeze her eyes closed, “He wants to bone you, Lola!”

“No, he doesn't,” I said, “You’re just used to hearing that.”

Mr. Hobbs opened his door in shock to see us up and arguing, but I wasn’t. It was all over a boy, maybe Madison was right. As much as I wouldn’t say it out loud, Madison could’ve been right. Nothing happened between Anthony and me, but it was already a mess. Madison sat back down and so did I, letting out a big sigh. “We’ll talk later, girls.” He said, “I have to get the boy in here.” Madison got up from her seat, once again, walking out the door without an issue. Madison stopped herself at the door, waiting for me to walk with her. “Maybe your dad was right,” Madison smiled, “You should wait after high school to start dating or whatever the hell you do now.” I felt lava in my stomach and in my heart. It was a raging sea of anger that I couldn’t bear any longer. It was forcing me to say things I knew I wouldn’t mean, but It was Madison. The devil in disguise herself brought up something so personal, it shouldn’t have been a surprise. I walked up to Madison, with Mr. Hobbs sitting in his chair patiently. I pushed Madison’s hair back from her ear, “Don’t ever speak about him again,” I said, “I will cause a scene if I have to.” She giggled and walked away, swaying her hips side to side, down the office hallways. I followed her out as Anthony made an impression while we walked out. Madison stopped walked and turned towards Anthony, “One letter, one word.” she whispered, “A play.” Anthony and I had the same expression, it was madness. She wouldn’t get away with it if she didn’t tell him, but I was the farthest from caring about it after what she said. Anthony walked away and entered his office as Madison laughed walking away too.

I walked behind her to see Valeria watching from the glass windows. I knew I was going to bothered with questions and I didn’t want to answer them either. We walked out, closing the glass door, Valeria hugged Madison with open arms, then me. “What happened?” Valeria worried, “I thought you guys physically fought!” I looked at them both, then back at Mr. Hobbs office. If only I saw if Anthony looked back. I know I should’ve, but I couldn’t. Now, I see all the trouble that could be caused by Madison presence. “You know what, Valeria?” I said, “At this point, I wouldn’t mind it.” Valeria’s jaw dropped, quickly making eye contact with Madison wondering what went wrong. If only Valeria would understand because I knew she wouldn’t. I walked away from the two as the water in my shoes made a squishing noise. I was miserable this whole day, from start to beginning. But, there was that one thing that made me happy. It wasn’t Madison, it wasn’t Valeria. It was Anthony with the roaring waters from the waterfall. If I could go back to that hour, I would. Fantasy time was over, and if I want to survive this, I would have to snap back into reality. I turned around to see Madison and Valeria whispering, watching me walk away. I just smiled and continued walking to my next class, whatever period that was.


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