The Golden Boy

Lola is NOT your average teenage girl. She wasn't popular, she wasn't a nerd, and she wasn't boy crazed. In fact, she hated boys. With her mind set on her future, Lola meets a stranger named Anthony at a gas station and instantly feels a connection, only to find out, it was a one-time thing. Lola's back in school and finds herself going to school with the same boy she met before.


13. (13)



    You didn’t think it really happened, did you? If you did, you’re mistaken. The kiss was my imagination, and nothing but my imagination. Maybe it was the only thing that could be imaginable. Just looking at his dark stares made me feel that the imaginable could happen. The way he stared at me at that moment had an effect on my breathing. I found so much life behind his eyes, his silent salutation made my heart roll and my head flustered.  The sweet glares sucked something out of me, I thought it was my innocence.  In some way, it was an act of violence. It stopped my heart everytime he would look at me. “Lola?” He muttered under his breath, laughing cheerfully. He looked down at me as if I was a lovable dog in plain sight, instead of lowering my head at him, I looked up.

A light glare carved into my eyes as I continued to hold him. “Yes?” I answered. His hands were slipping off from my body, but part of me didn’t want him to let go. It felt like I couldn’t be in the water without him. I prevented him from moving his hands in a needy way and pushed myself forward closer to his body. “You seemed out of it for a minute,” He said, “Are you okay?” I was fine, and I knew I was fine. There was just this feeling that I couldn’t describe. For my sake, I quickly responded back to him. “I’m fine.” From my body signals, I could tell he knew it wasn’t just a “Fine.” It was more, of course, there was more. I didn’t want to get into it, so to change the mood, I put my hands in a cupping motion, and splashed water onto his face. “Oh,” He grinned, “Is this how we’re doing it?” Before I could even respond, he took a deep breath and pulled us both under the water. The flowing waters flew between his arms around my back. It was cold and powerful, enough force to destroy us both. It didn’t seem likely with him holding onto me, I felt the power.

    Darkness filled my eyes under the water, it closed in around us. The coldness I felt in the water was gone as we drowned deeper into the water. I held my breath as long as I could, probably I held it for too long. My hair was flying around my face, and I was going too long without breathing. He still clutched onto me, but he wasn’t phased. I tried pushing myself up from him, but he seemed so gripped on. For a second, I felt lightheadedness. I couldn’t see Anthony’s face, or his body, I just knew it was pushed close to me. It seemed like I was going to die, but he swam up as soon as the thought crossed my mind. He was reading my mind, clear as day. We reached up to the opening of the water, I was like a bird finally getting its freedom out of its cage. The oxygen flew back into my body as I opened my mouth, gasping for the fresh air. His soaked hair shimmered in the sun, and so did his skin. I continued to gasp for air, but he just watched. “You were trying to kill me?” I gasped, wiping the water off of my face. I held onto him stronger, I was like a kid who hit head first into a pool. “I was trying to teach you a lesson,” he made known, “Did it work?”

    Pure dominance, it was what any guy like Anthony would show one way or another. It wasn’t shocking, but I liked it. Maybe not including when he almost killed me, but in full demand. His cold stare showed a powerful force as he let my body slide into the water. My hands were still connected around his neck, I couldn’t let go. His stare downs could really do something to a girl. “Yes,” I chuckled, “Are we gonna sit here all day?” He thought about it, his lips moved in curiosity and his body shivered from the cold. I was breathing heavily trying desperately to get my breathing pattern back into place, but I was also trying to get an answer from him. It was hard to read him, specifically, what he wanted. “You’re cold,” I said, glancing at his chest. With both of our bodies so close, not even our body warmth could destroy the cold water. The water splashed around us as he pulled me closer for warmth.  “We should get out,” he said, “I’ll bring you to the car while I grab our things from the top.”


    We headed back to the school after staying in his car for an hour. We waited for our undergarments to dry while talking the whole time. He told me more about his family while I was telling him about mine. Poor guy, he’s been through more than I expected. Who would’ve known the golden boy himself would have more issues than me? With his family and everything else in his life, it almost seemed as a full mess. “What about your mother?” I asked him with a gentle smile. We went through every other family member, except his mother. He looked the steering wheel, his chest shimmered in the sun as the water fell off of him and onto his car seats. His underwear and mine soaked into the seats, nearly dissolving. “My mother,” he mumbled. He turned off the music from the stereo and pushed himself up, “She’s gone.” I was slowly hating myself for asking the question to him. I didn’t want it to seem like I had nothing to say, but it was true. The silence was what I was best at, he knew it too. The silence surrounding the car was making my blood cold. A quiet, “Sorry,” left my bit lips. I watched the leaves grip on the speckled dirt left on the clear windows. He looked at me watching the leaves. “Look at me,” He demanded with a smile. I bit my lip in fear and did exactly what he asked. My heart was beating fast, I was waiting for what he had to say. There was suspense in moments like these, always. It was like finding the end of what seems a never-ending ocean. “Let’s make a bet that you can’t apologize for the rest of the month,” he said, “It’s not healthy to apologize all the time,”

    “I barely apologize,”

    “It becomes a habit,” he responded, “Let’s not make that happen.”

    “If you win?” I asked him. The suspense was building as every second passed by. We moved closer every time a new question popped up. It brought smiles to our faces and great delight. I wanted to apologize for my behavior, but it was more of a craving I couldn’t get rid of. “You have to wear that dress to another life hood type of adventure with me.” I laughed and nodded my head, I still had Madison’s dress laid onto my floor in my room. I wonder if she would let me keep it, but what was I saying? Things like this only led to bad habits, and I don’t need any. “If you win,” he asked, “What do you want?” I placed my hand onto my cheek in wonder as my arm touched my soaked bra. I was frozen, ice cold. It was like the car was in it’s own frozen scene. Chills flew through my spine and down my chest. I bit my lip as he marked his eyes on mine, with a great smile appearing on his face. His smile quickly turned into a panic matter as he looked at the window. A banging noise came from the window, I turned around and noticed it was Madison. Banging on the window with anger, my eyes widened. My heart dropped when I looked down, noticing I was only wearing my underwear and bra.

“What the hell, Lola?” She yelled out, “Get out!” I quickly rolled down the window, I wasn’t going out there with only my undergarments on. “It’s not what it looks like,” I corrected, “We went swimming, I’m soaking wet!”  She pressed her hand onto my bra and looked at Anthony. Still furious, she put her hand on the door lock and unlocked it, opening the door. “Grab your clothes and let’s go,” she demanded. Anthony was speechless with nothing to say. I put my hands on my forehead, sliding them down to the back of my neck. I grabbed my clothes from the back seat in embarrassment and quickly put them on. “Don’t speak to her again,” Madison growled, “Boys like you only lead to trouble!”  I threw Anthony’s clothes at him in silence, putting on my own urgently. “Yeah?” He argued, “How would you know!” Madison scuffed and opened the door more for me to walk out from. “Oh please, Anthony!” She cried out, “I would smash your car right now if I could!” I slipped on my shoes, pleading in my head this madness would go away and hopped out of the car. “What’s wrong with you, Madison?” Anthony asked, putting his shirt and pants on. My bra was getting my shirt wet, but I didn’t seem to care right now. There were bigger problems, and that bigger problem was Madison. “What’s wrong with-” Madison paused. She looked at her pink high heels and slipped one off of her foot, with a perfect angry smile. I was hoping Valeria would walk outside any second and stop her, but she was nowhere to be found. “You took your shot with me, now you want one with my friend?” Madison questioned, “All you boys are the same trash people!” She grabbed the throat, or opening, of her shoe, making sure the heel would hit the car, and took her aim. I grabbed her by her hand before she could make any mark on his car, “Stop it, Madison!” I begged, “Nothing happened!” Madison didn’t care, she was using all her muscle and power to make her heel hit the car with force. “That’s what boys do to vulnerable girls like you!” Madison screamed, making her point and throwing her shoe onto the floor. Anthony walked out of his car, fully dressed, and looked at Madison. “I wasn’t planning on doing anything,” He said with a sigh, “What is your problem?”

“Lola look at me,” Madison pulled me with her arm, “You have this boy thing going on, do not ruin that because of him.” Anthony rolled his eye and leaned against his car, “You’re ridiculous, Madison.” He laughed without any hesitation. Madison’s blood was boiling and her cheeks were becoming cherry red, “No, you are, Anthony.” She said, “I’m surprised Lola hasn’t lost her virginity yet!” I looked at Madison and let go of her arm, the anger was being passed along, and now it was in me. “Why would I, Madison?” I asked, “I just met him, I’m not some chew toy.” Madison was calming down, but Anthony was annoyed. All of this drama being pinned on him, it seemed like the nightmare was only beginning. “To him you are,” Madison laughed, “That’s why you need to stay the way you are.” Grabbing Madison’s heel from the ground, I handed it to her. “Why are you treating me like I’m a slut?” I asked, “I’m not doing anything with him, Madison.” Madison grabbed her heel as Anthony walked beside me. “That what I was saying,” Anthony said. Madison clutched onto her heel with her hand, and her eyes filled with tears from the anger. She lifted up her hand with her heel still in it and walked towards Anthony, “Shut the hell up!” Madison screamed, “You destroyed me within a few months!”  I grabbed her arm again looked her in her eye.

“What’s going on out here?” A soft voice said. I looked over as a staff member on the school stood tall in her velvet heels with a long-range walkie-talkie in her hand. My heart dropped again once I saw her, Madison took a deep breath and glanced at me, “I’m trying to protect your ass.” she whispered. I continued to make eye contact with the staff member, “I don’t need your protection.” We would probably get detention because we seemed to be skipping class, but the bigger picture was Madison. It didn’t seem like it anymore, It was a nightmare that was just beginning. Anthony knew it, and so did I.

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