The Golden Boy

Lola is NOT your average teenage girl. She wasn't popular, she wasn't a nerd, and she wasn't boy crazed. In fact, she hated boys. With her mind set on her future, Lola meets a stranger named Anthony at a gas station and instantly feels a connection, only to find out, it was a one-time thing. Lola's back in school and finds herself going to school with the same boy she met before.


12. (12)



    “A path?” I asked, “Why’d you bring me to a path?”  He was standing on the narrow path made of loose leaves and gray pebbles. His shoes crunched onto the floor as he grabbed my hand, “It’s not just a path,” He said, “It’s much more.” Anthony pointed up the hill, he looked down at my shoes and what I was wearing. “You ready to run, Lola?” He asks. I was so confused, I didn’t understand why he brought me to this path. He jogged in place, his positioning made me laugh, but I was in no condition to run. “What?” I mumbled I was already running out of breath from him saying the word. “Ready, set, go!” He dashed. If I stayed, I was going to get lost. I never heard of this place, so my chances of getting lost were higher than ever. I had no choice but to run with him, which I did. I took a deep breath and followed him up the hill.

    I ran behind him, watching his feet kiss the dirt filled land. His shoes crunched on to some leaves left on the trail, but it almost seemed like he was crunching my breath. “Okay,” I nodded, “I can do this.” I continued to acknowledge his speed, following his gruesome pace without any complaint. The air was cooling, but somehow it made my lungs feel like they could burst. I was sticky and I felt like I was suffocating myself. My clothes, socks, and hair clung to my skin while sweat flew down my back. My skin was on fire, and my heart was going to pop. At least 5 minutes passed, all I could feel in my legs was the stinging from running. Believe it or not, I stumbled behind him. It was a sign of relief that I was finally catching up, or at least I thought I was. I looked down at my legs to see if they were still there, but ended up finding a pesky insect crawling on my leg. “Oh my god!” I said in fear, continuing to run, but trying to scrape it off with my hand. Without watching where I was going, I tripped myself. It was like I had two left feet. My body twirled and jerked as I fell onto the ground, sending an accumulation of leaves, rocks, and dirt skyward. I could feel the pieces of rocks kissing my cheeks.

Anthony’s footsteps stopped making noise, “Oh no, Lola!” He rushed to my aid, grabbing onto my arm. I pulled myself up and brushed myself off. It wasn’t noticeable, but dirt filled the roots of my hair. I tried to stay calm about it, quickly brushing it off in disgust. “I’m fine,” I said, “Just a bug.” He looked at my cheeks and walked closer to me. I was disgusted with myself, but I couldn’t help but smile as he walked closer. He cupped my cheek with one hand, stroking it with his thumb. He removed his hand, I noticed there was blood on his thumb that he later brushed onto his blue shirt. I grabbed onto my cheek, sliding my hand onto it. I felt the small pieces on my cheeks still attached on my face brush off from my hand. I looked down as there was blood on my hand, “Jesus,” I chuckled, “I didn’t know it would go this far.” Anthony kneeled down and brushed the leftover dirt off my legs, “Was it a bug that looked like a lion?” He asked, “Are you that scared of bugs?” He made eye contact with me and pressed his lips onto my black leggings, “All better,” He said. His beautiful brown eyes shined in the sun, a beautiful honey color bounced off his eyes. “Thank you, sir.” I grinned. He got up from the floor, wiping the leaves and dirt off his knees. He grabbed onto my hands and continued to walk backward with me, “We’re almost here,” He said. I didn’t know what he was going to show me, but I was excited to see what it was.

Anthony thought I was too clumsy to run again, so we decided to walk. He could’ve been right, or it was just all the alcohol from last night making it way out. “So, why did you call this a piece of you?” I asked him. He looked down to the ground with his hands in his pockets, “I’ve loved running for such a long time,” He answered, “It takes a lot of stress off my back.” I guess it was different for people because when I ran, it was just the feeling of dying. I read about this thing called, “Runner’s high,” it was a feeling of euphoria that is experienced by some individuals engaged in strenuous running. It was probably something Anthony enjoyed getting, but I couldn’t be so sure. Some believe that it isn’t real, but I sure didn’t feel it after running. “What does Mr. Cool have to stress about?” I joked Anthony’s smile turned into a sudden frown. I knew I said something wrong the second it happened. “I’m sorry,” I groaned, “I didn’t know what else to say.” I looked up at the sky and noticed the sun fully coming out. I was happy to see the sun especially since it’s been dreadful clouds all day. Maybe it was a sign of the moment, or I’m just going crazy with these assumptions.

“No, no.” He said, “It’s fine,” The sky glimmered onto his sunkissed skin as he looked ahead of the trail. I didn’t say anything until he did, I felt like if I said anything, it would be wrong. For now, we couldn’t have any more wrongs. “It’s just back at home, it’s difficult.” He sighed. I couldn’t question him about it, that would be too far. I was just a girl he met over a month ago, and he was just a boy I met over a month ago. Not to get sidetracked, I didn’t even know why I was here in the first place. I mean, he’s just a teenage boy. He isn’t capable of anything dramatic, but I didn’t know him. “It’s okay,” I answered, “You don’t have to say anything.” I watched the trail as I looked down at my legs for any insects. The stinging from my legs were going away, and all I could think of was how blessed I was that it did. He stopped walking and turned his body towards me, not noticing, I continued to walk. “Ever fear life?” He said, “Anything could happen at any moment.”

My heart stopped, and so did my legs. Hearing him say that made me really think about it. I had a big casual Mexican family I was close to, if anyone of them died, it would break me. It would be the true feeling of being empty for me, a part of me would die as well. I could already picture myself in my room, drowning in tears for days. It made me sad just thinking about it. Unchecked tears flowed from my cheeks, dripping from my chin. I turned around and looked at him, “Are you talking about death?” I asked him, “I couldn’t manage to deal with death.” He noticed the tears falling from my chin, he walked up to me and wiped the tears with his thumb. At the time, I didn’t notice the tears that were falling, but he did. He noticed them and was there to wipe it away. “Don’t cry,” He said, “That’s why we’re here.” He grabbed my hand and continued to walk up the trail. I could hear water roaring from afar, my heart skips a beat as we got closer. He let go of my hand and began to run. I was dreading the feeling of running again, but this was a piece of him that he wanted to show me. I let out a big sigh and extended my right leg in a running motion. The sound was nearby, I could feel it all coming together. “Here we are!” He stopped running and so did I. Walking beside him, I could feel the fresh water breeze on my face. I gasped, speechless. It was a beautiful waterfall.

It was attached to the trail across from us, as the water trembled down the hillside, creating small roaring waterfalls. The huge rocks were gloss covered from the water bouncing off of it. The white colored water streams cascaded down the series of rocks. It wasn’t the gentle waterfalls you would see in your neighbor's garden, and it wasn’t the Niagara Falls type of waterfall, but it was powerful. I couldn’t help but picture someone falling into the waterfall, it seemed powerful enough to pressure you onto the rocks and crack your skull. You wouldn’t see it coming because of the amount of water there was covering the rocks. It was so rapidly paced, I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. The autumn breeze gave off that fresh water smell, and I was falling in love with it. It was a force of nature, it was both brutal and beautiful. It was as if the cascades of powered water conjured cascades of mixed and powerful emotions in my brain. I was breathless, “Beautiful isn’t it?” He said. For a second, I forgot he was there. In that moment, it felt like everything revolved around him. For this beautiful unknown waterfall, or for the beautiful realization. He looked at me as I looked at the waterfall collapse down the rocks and into the pool of water. “It’s more than beautiful.” I looked at him. With the roaring waters as the background and us just inches away from each other, the moment was perfect.

“You know how to swim?” He asked. I nervously laughed, looking down at the spiral of water under us. “You’re not serious,” I laughed. He rolled his eyes and removed his shirt. My eyes widened as he removed his socks, shoes, along with his pants. My heart stopped as I noticed his growing abs, I kept my mouth shut and closed my eyes. He grabs a rope tied to a tree and removes my hands from my eyes, “Watch this,” he says. He clutches the thick rope and walks back at least 10 feet, “You ready?” He says. I feared that something would go wrong, but I took my chances, “Yes,” I said. He takes a deep inhale and runs to the end of the hill. He flew into the air, letting go of the rope. “Oh no!” I yelled out, looking down watching him fall into the never-ending pool. The waterfall created waves into the pool, I was unable to see him. My heart ached as I feel to my knees, still searching for him from afar, “Anthony?” I cried out. His little head peeked out from the waves, with a loud gasp for air.

He flapped his arms and smiled, “Come on, Lola!” He yelled out. As soon as he said it, the world around me slowly disappeared. My heart hit my chest hard, and my lungs had a leftover burn from the running. “I can’t,” I said, “It’s too high!” I knew he didn’t care, but it was my excuse to avoid it from happening. He didn’t respond, instead, he waited for me to jump. I got the message and took my shirt off, with my hands shaking constantly. “I see some action,” he joked. Ignoring him, I took off my pants, socks, and shoes. I looked at the rope and had a slight panic attack. “I can not do it, Anthony!” I yelled, but it seems as if it was too late. I was semi-bare out in the open. I grabbed onto the rope and closed my eyes, I knew Anthony was watching me from a distance. “Live for the moment, Lola!” He shouted, “Live it like it’s going to be your last.” And he was right, I gripped onto the rope, moving back with anxiety. The nervous tension filled through my body with nail-biting fear. I hyperventilated for a while, but then I let out a big shout. Running without fear, I jumped up from the edge, feeling my feet move from the ground. “No, no!” I yelled out letting go of the rope. I was in the air and it felt like there was no gravity. I watched as Anthony made room for me to fall, and I was frightened. My stomach dropped, my head was swirling, but it felt right. It was the shock of adrenaline the brushed through me, the thrill felt amazing. I let my hands free with a big smile on my face as I fell into the deep depths of the water.

The feeling of sinking on the dirt like surface was on my mind, but at the same time, it was calming. The rush coursed through my system, my heart in my chest was basically pleading to come out. The waterfall making its way into the pool was smoothing if you heard it underwater. Do you ever put your head under the faucet in the bathtub as warm water is pressured onto your head? It seems hurtful, but it’s actually relaxing. Obviously, my head wasn’t underneath the waterfall since it had enough pressure to push me down onto the surface, but it was just a calm feeling. I stood there for a while as Anthony grabbed onto my waist from underwater, pulling me up. I gasped for air and laughed loudly. “It’s freezing down there!” I said, “Why did you grab me, idiot?” He clutched onto my lower back, behind my shoulders, and gazed into my eyes with a smile. I placed my forehead onto his and bit my lip, “You didn’t answer me!” He said loudly, “I thought you were gonna drown.” The waterfall was taking over sound itself as its springing water sprung onto our faces. “Why would I jump into the water if I didn’t know how to swim?” I grinned, “This is amazing, how did I not know about this?”

I was having so much fun, I forgot how close we were. With us being soaking wet being so gripped onto each other, it sent tingles down my back. It was less than a week that I met Anthony, and I was already having a feeling. The feeling of an attraction to him. He pulled me against his chest, a twinkle from his eyes showed. “Because I’m awesome,” He laughed, “I know a lot of awesome things.”

I watch his lips jitter as I met his gaze. He knows what he was doing, he knows he was making me feel this way. My stomach was filling with butterflies, and my mind was only thinking of one thing; the dream. The dream was the only thing going through my thoughts, my heart couldn’t contain it. I cupped onto his cheeks, leaned my head down, and slammed my lips against his with no thinking in between, knocking all the wind from his lungs. The dream was nice, but the reality was even better. He was frozen, letting the moment happen. The world flew away again, and my chest was heating up. My arms reached up from the water, tangling around his strong, thick neck. I remembered what I was doing, and pushed myself off Anthony. I was doing so much, but this was a whole new level.

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