The Golden Boy

Lola is NOT your average teenage girl. She wasn't popular, she wasn't a nerd, and she wasn't boy crazed. In fact, she hated boys. With her mind set on her future, Lola meets a stranger named Anthony at a gas station and instantly feels a connection, only to find out, it was a one-time thing. Lola's back in school and finds herself going to school with the same boy she met before.


11. (11)



    Rebellious, the exact word that can describe my feelings when I walked out those double doors. This time, it wasn’t in front of a big crowd. It was just me and the bad boy himself, casually walking alone in silence. I wish Madison and Valeria were here to tell me what to do in these situations, but I was a big girl, and big girls figure out what to do on their own.  “So,” I asked, “Where are we going?” He took the keys from his pocket and pressed the unlock button as we got closer to his car. “You’ll find out soon enough,” He responds, “You showed me a piece of you, now it’s my turn.” Opening the passenger seat’s door, I went in closing it behind me. He closed the door, inserting the keys into the ignition. I was shocked that not one staff member stopped us from leaving the school. This could’ve been an everyday thing for students to do, maybe it already was. He started driving away from the school, his lips began to jitter. It was a sign that he wanted to start a conversation, but couldn’t. I continued to look out the window, refusing to make eye contact with him. “Tell me the origin of that whole salsa thing,” He smiled, “It sounds cool.”

    “You want me to tell you the origin of salsa?”

    “Your origin with the whole family salsa,”

    I looked at him from his side view, knowing he couldn’t look back since he was driving. With every second, my heart became warmer than before. He put in a tape into his radio as chill beat instrumental music played in the background. I opened my window to place my head out, feeling the nice breeze from the wind. The autumn breeze tousled my hair and colored my cheeks pink. My hair lashed into my darken eyes brought by the brisk wind. Winds like this never failed to calm me. The leaves swirling gracefully onto the delightful breeze, whispers between the colored leaves pervaded the chilling air, whispers and mutters. I took my sunglasses off to fully enjoy the view. It was only last week that the air was filled with warmth.

Now, it was just soft, calming, and peaceful. I could fall asleep any second, the feeling just felt right. Anthony continued driving, but I could feel his eyes glancing at me while I was looking at the empty streets. “Parker?” He said. He gives that tiny smile that just seemed so genuinely delightful with just the perfect amount of diffidence that unexpected warmth sprinted through my body. Any contact with him just filled me with warmth, when can I talk to him without it happening? “Sorry,” I responded, “I just got caught in the moment.”  He continued driving, slowly stopping as the red stop sign made its appearance.  

    “What moment?” He asked me, waiting for the moving cars to pass by. I couldn’t answer without putting the exact words to answer the question, and I didn’t know them. He was waiting for an answer as he resumed driving, but I was quiet again. My lips were sealed, but his kept smiling. What was so amazing that made him smile all the time? “You know that moment where you feel like it’s right?” I said, “It seems almost perfect.” He stopped smiling and focused on driving, I must’ve said something wrong. I didn’t say anything else until he responded. Way to go, Lola.

    “I know what you mean,” He says after the pause, “It’s an amazing feeling.”

    My heart felt like it was going to explode at any second, I needed to get out of the car. Boys weren’t my thing, but he was so different. I say it often, but how often does this happen for me? My heart flickered just having him in my head. I felt something with him, we had something. Maybe it was a spark. He had his smile, but then there was his laugh. I guess I shouldn’t go about that, I could write essays and paragraphs.

“Anyways,” I said switching the subject, “You wanted to know the origin, right?” He clicked the radio, changing the song, “Yes,” He said. I moved away from the window and sat up tall, “Well, the first time I seen my family do any type of salsa was at Christmas dinner,” I said, “I was a kid playing in the living room with the other kids while the adults had conversations in the kitchen and did god knows what.”  He laughed while slowing the car down, almost stopping it. God, that laugh. Laughing was just a noise that came from the mouth that showed happiness, but when Anthony showed any sign of laughing, it wasn’t like that. The laugh was in his eyes, in his smile. Just having any contact with him for a few seconds was better than a whole day at Disney World. “That actually sounds fun,” Anthony responded, “You have a happy-go-lucky family?” I snickered sarcastically hoping he was joking, “You mean the happy-go-lucky type of drunks?” I corrected, “After all the drinking in the kitchen, they would blast their Spanish music and danced their way through the night.”

    “Why does that remind me of the Day of the Dead?”

    I laughed in a flirtatious way and looked into his eyes, “Do you even know what Day of the Dead is, dork?” I asked, “Or are you just saying that because it’s a Mexican holiday?”

    “Probably the second choice,” He said parking his car into an empty lot, “Let’s go.”

    We walked out from his car as the breeze went through our clothes and hair. I had no clue where we were, I never recognized the place before. We continued walking as we entered the area. I give him a confusing look, he leads the way, opening the gate for me later on. “Bigger view, isn’t it?” He said. I looked around as if I was on an investigation, the wind blocked my view, making my hair cover my face. I removed my hair from my face and looked, “Why’d you bring me here?” I asked.


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