The Golden Boy

Lola is NOT your average teenage girl. She wasn't popular, she wasn't a nerd, and she wasn't boy crazed. In fact, she hated boys. With her mind set on her future, Lola meets a stranger named Anthony at a gas station and instantly feels a connection, only to find out, it was a one-time thing. Lola's back in school and finds herself going to school with the same boy she met before.


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    My stomach was aching, my head seemed like it was going to pop, my legs were going to break any second, and my body felt too weak to walk. There was no energy in me, but I was alone in those halls. The bell had already rung so everyone was in their classes, except me. My messy straight her and the sunglasses I was wearing indoors was already a sign not to speak to me. My breath reeked and my shoulders felt like they were going to fall apart into pieces in any minute. I walked those halls as if I was a contagious zombie. I could hear my shoes tap onto the floor, it seemed so quiet. Every door was closed, and all I wanted to do was lean back onto the hallway wall and sleep. The alcohol made a big move on me, it didn’t seem realistic. My sunglasses fell off my face and onto the glassified floor. It was as the noise echoed through the empty hallways.

    “Lola?” A voice asked. I looked around, but no one showed. It was as if I was going crazy. I quickly grabbed my glasses from the floor, “Who are you?” I said. I walked closer to the end of the hallway as no one was there, I turned around and bam! I knocked into him. No, I know what you’re thinking. It was not Anthony. It was actually Justin, shockingly. It seemed like all these boys found ways to find me surprisingly. “Justin?” I asked, “What do you want?” My hands were shaking, it took me back to last night. Me making body contact with him, him touching my waist. The feeling of him clutching onto it clutched onto me. I could feel his hands still on them. “I can’t talk to the girl I danced with?” He laughed. I didn’t want to speak to Justin, nor be near him, so I pushed my way out of my position. I walked away but was stopped as Justin grabbed onto my arm. I tried to escape him, but he was grabbing on too hard. Moving my wrist, I could feel my bone move, and I knew he felt it too. “I just want to talk,” He mumbled in my face. I could feel my pulse pumping stronger when all I wanted to do was leave the situation. “I’m late to class, Justin.” I told him, “Let’s talk later.” He didn’t seem to let go, and I was ready to scream bloody murder. I tugged and tugged, but he didn’t seem to be phased.

    “Let her go, Justin.” A girl came out of the shadows. She walked closer with her ponytail and her hips swaying side to side in her cheerleading uniform. “Don’t you have something else to do, like getting to class?”

    “Screw off, Venus.” He demanded, “I just wanted to talk to her.”

    Venus reached to my aid and removed his hand from my wrist, “Go somewhere, idiot.” Venus laughed, “You don’t scare anyone.” She grabbed onto my hand and walked with me down the halls, away from Justin.  I looked back to see if Justin was still watching us, but he vanished. What could he have possibly wanted from me? We had one dance, big deal. It’s just something that you do at parties, at least I thought.

    “Don’t go for him, girl.” She addressed, “The boy is straight poison.”

    “Oh, I know,” I replied, “I didn’t have my eye on him anyway.”

    “You seem familiar,” She questioned, “Have I seen you somewhere?”

    Other than today, I’ve never seen this girl in my life. If she has seen me before it was probably at the party from yesterday. So many people looked at me, I couldn’t recognize any faces. “No,” I responded, “Are you new?” She stopped walking and laughed, “I’ve been going here since freshman year. It was crazy how I’ve never seen Venus in my life, I’ve been going to the same school since freshman year, and never bothered to see her through the halls. “So have I,” I said, “Anywho,”

    Changing the subject, Venus continued walking. “Do you have your eye on anyone other than Justin?”

    Justin? I didn’t want to bother with him, it’s only been two times I have seen him and they both made me feel the need to get out of the situation. I stopped to think about her question, did I find an interest in someone? I wanted to ask her about Anthony, but I was sure it would come out the wrong way. She was your average teenage girl, and she had the mindset as one too. “No,” I responded to her, “Do you?” She smirked and started to fidget around with her hands as if she was hiding something. “I’ll tell mine if you tell yours,” She smiled with simple directness, “I know you have your eye on someone.” She was onto me, and I didn’t know how. Maybe from my short and slow responses, she was able to see that I was lying to her. If we think about it, was I really lying to her? “You know about a boy named Anthony?” I asked her. She gasped quickly and put her hand in front of me, stopping me from walking. “The Anthony Rivera?” she shouted menacingly, “You have a crush on the boy with the best smile?” I jumped as she shouted, covering her mouth. “They’re gonna think we’re skipping class!” I said, “I don’t have a crush on him!” I removed my hands as she raised her eyebrow. I could feel her searching through my glasses for a lie, it was something weird about her. She seemed like the most basic cheerleader, but just hearing her talk gave you a different perspective.

    “Dang it, It’s been past five minutes,” Venus said, “Crude is gonna freak if I’m not back from the bathroom.” I stopped walking as Venus walked to her classroom alone, I waved goodbye to my new friend and pushed my glasses securely on my face. “Hey, Venus.” A voice said in the distance. I walked further away from Venus to make sure the person who said hello didn’t see me. “Oh, hey, Anthony!” She said out loud. It was as if a train of people were coming when I least needed them. I was already late for my class, and bumping into him would only make it worse. I walked to my locker and grabbed my things, praying silently that Anthony wouldn’t see me. I shoved my face into my locker while Anthony’s shoes marked the floors. “Please, no,” I begged in my head. His footsteps got closer and my heart got faster. “Lola?” He asked. My heart dropped as he said my name, it made my bones even weaker. I took my head out of the locker and smiled, “Hello,” I said, “And goodbye.” I quickly grabbed my books from my locker, slamming it shut and walked away from Anthony. “Wait!” He asked, “Can we go somewhere to talk?”

    Why should I wait for him? The funniest thing to happen now would be if Madison went to use the bathroom and find us talking. I wanted to ignore him, and as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t. I mean, did he really do anything wrong? Again, how was I supposed to know? He should’ve told me, but he didn’t. That’s all he did, there was no reason to ignore him. It would’ve just made me seem like a total bitch. My feet stopped moving and turned straight towards him. I didn’t say anything, we just looked at each other from a distance. “I was afraid this would happen if I told you about Madison,” He sighed, “It was when we were bonding! Can you blame me?” I didn’t answer him, we were so far from each other. Then, I thought about my dream. How close our bodies touched. It made my body tingle just thinking about it, but it wasn’t a good sign.

    “Let’s skip,” He said, “Just for this period.”

    “Why?” I asked, “What if Madison finds out?” I watched his legs draw near as we were only a foot apart from each other. He put his finger a centimeter away from lips and looked down at me. “No more thinking of, “What if’s, Lola.” He insisted, “Think about your present thoughts.”

    And that’s what I did, I erased Madison out of my mind and thought only about him. Of course, those lead to bad things from what anyone can tell by now, but I couldn’t let go. I thought about what my grandmother would have said for this topic, but she wouldn’t come up in my mind. I was taking too long to respond, and me just standing there was getting weird. “Yes!” I settled, “I mean yes, let’s skip.” He moved away from me and lead the way out of the school doors. It was my first time skipping anything, and it was all with a boy. It seemed like this whole week I was crossing off things that an average teen should do, and it was all with a simple boy.

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