The Golden Boy

Lola is NOT your average teenage girl. She wasn't popular, she wasn't a nerd, and she wasn't boy crazed. In fact, she hated boys. With her mind set on her future, Lola meets a stranger named Anthony at a gas station and instantly feels a connection, only to find out, it was a one-time thing. Lola's back in school and finds herself going to school with the same boy she met before.


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At age nine, Lola Collins would believe certain silly myths she was told by her grandmother. That eating carrots would give you night vision or that if you swallowed gum, it would stay in your stomach for seven years. Although, there was one she believed the most as a child. Of course, it was the myth that boys had, “cooties.” It wasn’t until middle school, with a game of dodgeball, that made her believe boys didn’t have cooties since she had to work with them. With a male gym coach, she was determined he was lying.

    Lola grew older, and began to realize boys don’t have cooties, they just have something in them to make them big, “Jerks.” If only Lola realized beforehand what her future had in store.

    Where are my manners? Let’s start from the beginning.

    Yes, it was Lola’s first day of Junior year; she was not excited for it. The only thing she would have any excitement about was to see her best friends, Madison and Valeria. Everything else, well, is in the garbage.

    Lola, in her black long-sleeve turtleneck, light blue high waisted pants, and her black chunky platformed boots stood tall in front of the school. She was tired of looking at the same old school for two years and counting. She felt it had no sparks to it, and Lola loved sparks. From sparks from fireworks to her drama conflicted sparks from her telenovela series, she loved them. In fact, adored them.

    Sparks and friends were her favorite. Friends, that are late for school? Not so much.

    Time passes and passes. For Lola Collins, it seemed like years. It wasn’t until 2nd period that Madison showed up, all she was missing was her friend Valeria.

    Blurring the teacher's first-day speech, she watched as Madison took a seat next to her.

    “Where have you been?” Lola Growled, “Where’s Valeria?”

    “I asked Val if she wanted a ride, she said no.” Madison said, “Probably just some boy drama about a boy from summer break.”

    Ah, summer break. For Madison and Valeria, it was a break from school to party. To Lola? That was a different thing. Lola’s summers were spent at church every Sunday, thanks to her grandmother, and texting friends while they party. But, this summer was different.

    After a long day stressful day of clothes shopping with her mother, she decided to stop by her favorite place in the world, Wawa.

    It sounds weird to have a gas station as your favorite place in the world, but to Lola, they had everything she could ask for. Her mother went straight for her usual coffee, and Lola went for her go-to snack. A freshly made salted pretzel and an apple, but her eyes made contact with something else. The new all-ready sushi section. Lola always wanted to try sushi but felt like she couldn’t handle it. Sushi in Wawa? Complete different story to her. She rushed to them quickly as a boy stood tall, looking for sushi as well. She felt like a kid in the candy store rushing to take candy. There were so many varieties to choose from.

    Lola would pick the one that popped up the most, the Dragon Roll. She was excited, but the boy standing next to her had an odd look on his face.

    “Dragon Roll?” He asked, “A girl like you can handle it?”

    Lola gasped and made sharp eye contact with the boy. He stood tall with a bright white smile and sweet milk chocolate brown eyes. How she wanted to smile and flirt with a boy, but his statement flew around in her head. Instead, she stood silent.

    “You’re quiet,” He acknowledged, “I’ll call you Parker.”

    Lola looked at the boy and took deep breaths, “I was told not to talk to strangers by my concerned parents,” Lola snapped, “Do I know you?’

    The boy with no name glanced at her and put his hand on the sushi box. “Is this your first time, Parker?” He asked, “You eating sushi?”

    “Yes, and my name is not Parker.”

    “More like a Park car type of thing,” He responded, “I suggest you try the California roll.”

    Lola didn’t know who he was, or why he was taking time out of his day to help her. Whether she came out as sassy or nice, she was liking the feeling. He began to move his hand closer to hers. She felt the electricity flow through her arms with one touch. Her heart felt warm while the coldness of his hands was coming onto hers.

    Lola didn’t know what she should do, a negative comment or a smile? Instead, she stood in silence and made eye contact with him. For just small sushi talk, she felt something pop. Maybe it was her being overwhelmed by her first try of sushi, or maybe it was her first time having a conversation with a boy other than her father. No matter what it was, it made her happy. To Lola, maybe she can pull off the happy look other than being miserable

That was until Lola’s mother, Luisa, paused the moment. “Lola?” She asked, “Is this a sushi fight or am I missing something here.”

Lola stood in shock, too shocked to even move her hand from his. He chuckled and removed eye contact from Lola. “Hi,” the boy directed his eyes  to Luisa,  “I’m Anthony.”

Anthony. The first thing Lola thought about was how basic the name was. She expected something unique for a guy like him. Although with his Parker act, she could see through it. Maybe it was a small insult to her, but she liked the name.         

“I guess we meet in another lifetime, Parker?” He asked.

Lola moved her hand from his and grabbed the sushi box with her own two hands, putting it back softly. “Lola,” She said, grabbing onto the sushi box labeled, “CALIFORNIA ROLL.” Lola looked at her mother and smiled back at the boy, Anthony. “Maybe we will.”

Anthony walked away from Lola. She felt green lights while he stood next to her, but within seconds, it’s gone. Her mother walked closer to her in a curious matter.

“Parker?” She asked, “Did you lie about your name to him?”

Lola didn’t respond, “Parker” played repeatedly in her mind. Something she didn’t expect was to be renamed by a boy she didn’t know. She also didn’t expect to be pleased by a conversation with a boy; she wanted more.

    “Hello?” Madison rolled her eyes, “Lola!”

    Lola snapped out of her summer break memory and noticed a pile of, “First Day of School,” papers. Lola looked around to a clock, her class was almost over. It was only period two still, and there was no sign of Valeria. “Are you okay?” Madison asked, “You seem out of it.”

    Lola wasn’t quick when it came to making up excuses, but she didn’t like telling her secrets either. Lola thought it shouldn’t be a secret, but with her boy-crazed friends, it was an ever ending story to them.

    “I’m fine,” Lola replied, finding ways to change the subject. “How’s that boyfriend of yours we never met yet?”

    Madison didn’t share her fling with her friends, Lola found it odd. Valeria and Madison would fill Lola’s ear with boy drama and crushes, but for the first time, Madison keeps it anonymous. “We broke up,” Madison sighed, “We argued too much and it wasn’t meant to be.”

    Lola rarely feels bad for Madison or Valeria in situations like this, they would always find someone else to make them happy. When they were happy, that’s when Lola cared the most.

    Then, Madison pulled out the big question for Lola. One she probably wouldn’t respond to.

    “Did you see anyone this summer?” She asked.

    Madison knew she would say no all the time when it comes to boys. Now? She would sit in silence waiting for the subject, or the bell to ring.

Madison sat in curiosity waiting for an answer, but Lola didn’t know what to respond with. But, she knew the answer was not, “No.”

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