Summer Kids

When Lucas Tweedle, leader of Left Hand Private Investigators, receives a box containing a film he hasn't seen in years, he is prompted on a road trip across miles and years. He has to save Eva Grey, the only girl that ever loved his teenage self.
She may be in the clutches of the Nemesis Crime Ring but the memories of the summer after college graduation haunt the both of them.







The pale white walls of the holding cell must have been familiar to Lloyd by now, having spent the night in them and spent it more awake than asleep. Edward had reported him as only having slept three hours during the night, filling the time with doing exercise in his small cell. That morning he was transferred back to the interrogation room. The silence of the room was unnerving to Shawna, whereas Lloyd would have embraced it, used it to his advantage if he could. She opened the door of the interrogation room, holding her clipboard close in her arms as she moved into the room.

“Lloyd my name is Shawna and I want to help you,” she said clearly, watching as the man’s head lowered from its eye line with the ceiling to look at her. His gaze swept down her blouse and jeans, resting on the brogues she placed on her feet. She held a stutter in her voice, which was a nervous trait of hers. This was a criminal in and for once she wasn’t behind a computer in front of the man himself. She may have been trained to guess humans just as well as numbers but numbers were her comfort blanket.

“I doubt that honey,” Lloyd gruffly outputted, his hands cradling the cuffs around his wrists.

“I want to know more about the women you took if that’s at all possible.” She began, “But I realise that human needs come first, coffee?” she gestured to the tray of cups on top of the clipboard. They had been for herself, but this was a tactic that she could use. The more comfortable he was the more chance they had.

“I know what this, good cop bad cop eh? That guy was the bad cop yesterday and now you’re the good cop.” Even though Lloyd tried to be tough, his eyes diverted towards the coffee cups, switching between them and the stale space in front of him.

“I’m not really a cop so that’s not what we are going for here, I’m a financial expert. I think you must have one back at your base. Finances are not something to be taken lightly,” she kept her tone light and pushed the tray of coffee cups towards him, “I only get lattes so you’ll have to make do, I’m more of a tea woman myself but I sometimes call for the buzz of coffee.”

She took one out of the tray and set it fully in front of him, nodding at the officer at the door to unlock one of Lloyd’s handcuffs. With one hand free he was allowed to pick up the cup and drink, his eyes fluttering for barely a second.

Luxuries were something else and Lloyd probably wouldn’t have survived long without them in the NCR. She held her own coffee cup to her lips and then clicked her pen, motioning to the paper clipped in front of her.

“The NCR must be a tricky business, especially since you have took so many women. My team got notified of another kidnapping this morning and they are there at the scene. Therefore it’s painfully evident the NCR can function without you. That must be hard to swallow.” She shrugged, drinking more out of her coffee cup and watching him, his head was poised slightly to the right, dipping to the ground. “Are the women needed for something Lloyd? It seems that your organisation takes a lot of them.”

Lloyd scoffed, downing his coffee in one and smacking his lips. He shoved the cup back at her and the officer cuffed him again. He could have chucked the coffee at her, which was why she had purposely entered with lukewarm coffee, he could have tried to lean across the table, but he hadn’t. He had some restraint in him, some control of his emotions and he was calculated and controlled.

That was the point of the situation.

“Is it imperative that you take them? Maybe your leader or God tells you to. Maybe you just feel the need.”

“I’ll make a deal honey,” Lloyd smiled and leaned back in his chair, “Only because you’re a pretty girl, much better than the other guy I have to tell you. If you answer one of my questions, I’ll answer one of yours.”

Shawna analysed the question for a while, deciding that it may have been needed in the situation. She nodded, “Very well, what is your question?”

“What are you afraid of, what is your deepest, darkest fear?” Lloyd asked, leaning forward again, his eyes bright with excitement.

Shawna down casted her eyes for a moment and then met the eyes of the criminal, “I think it is losing my memory, I watched my father suffer from early dementia. Not being recognised by him was… startling. My Uncle got the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s which made him retire earlier than he was thinking of, it’s why I’m in this business actually. I couldn’t imagine slowly losing my mind, not knowing what way was up or down or who I was looking at.”

Lloyd nodded, “I’m scared of failure myself,” he hummed, “Now I’ll answer your question, the women are needed by God because they are easier to acquire and easier to wind up you could say. They are simply the first stage.” He smiled ruthlessly, trying to put her off with a tinge of terror. 

It worked acutely but she didn’t want to let him know. She then flipped the pages on her clipboard and started reading out names of victims.

“Your first victim was Rebecca Larkin down in London, then the most recent ones…” she listed the names, Kate Monroe got narrowed eyes, Melanie Doncaster reduced them to slits, Eva Grey made them resume to their natural shape. Every other name elicited small reactions, twitches or movements in his chair. But those three names got the most reaction.

“Kate Monroe, you want to tell me anything about her and in return I’ll answer another question?”

“Small thing, slight like a bird, shy and reserved. If you got the news that you had dementia what would you do?” He asked, looking bored as his eyes flicked back to her.

“I would try to deal with it, but I wouldn’t want my family to see me go through that. Not like they did with my father. What about Melanie?”

“Traitor,” the word was hissed out and after that his lips were tightly shut, not willing to offer any more information after that.

“Thank you for your information Lloyd, I should be back in the afternoon to ask you some more,” and with that she took her clipboard and left her coffee cups as the officer escorted both of them out.




Rowan Anderson was a single woman of twenty six. There was rapid evidence of struggle from the living room back to the door, showing that the attack had been less controlled, hurried and unplanned. He hadn’t closed his eyes but he remembered clear flashbacks to visiting Eva’s house.

“They are losing their minds,” Kayleigh uttered from his side, standing up from analysing shoe marks on the floor. Rowan had struggled, kicked and dragged her feet along the floor to try and prevent her kidnappers from taking her.

“The neighbours don’t report any strange cars or people hanging about, they just noticed that Rowan had a date tonight.” Kayleigh nodded to the dress hanging over the ironing board in the corner. Rowan had been snatched hours before, just before afternoon had broken and she had disappeared like all the other women had.

“We’ll have to follow up with this date and see if they noticed anything the neighbours didn’t, have her family been informed?” Lucas asked, surveying the scene one last time before detaching himself from memories and trauma. This was a different woman, not Eva, and she was another name to add to the long list.

Kayleigh nodded to the front door, “The police are handling it I’ll talk to them when the official interviews and statements are finished.”

He nodded his thanks and moved towards the dress on the ironing board, this woman had everything to live for, everything at her fingertips and her life had come to a sudden halt then and there. The table had been kicked aside, two cups of tea splattered onto the stained wood.

“She allowed someone to come in,” he analysed, “There must have been more than one person though, maybe someone interrupted them, forcefully taking Rowan through the door while the first person provided a distraction.”

He rambled for a few moments, possibilities clawing at the lining of his lips. Kayleigh sighed from beside him, “I can see how this is effecting you,” Lucas hummed in response and turned to look at her, “You’re thinking of Eva aren’t you?”

He couldn’t lie to her, his face showed the truth more honestly than any lie he could produce.

He ignored her and continued, staying with Kayleigh as the parents were ushered in, and descriptors of Rowan was given. She was five foot four inches, black curly hair, someone with a calming spirit and a girl who didn’t deserve to be kidnapped. They were shocked that it had happened in broad daylight and the contact details for Rowan’s date, a woman who had been on two dates with Rowan before, were given to them.

They rang up the date, who later dissolved into hysterics and who reported that Rowan had had issues with men in the past. “She wouldn’t be trusting with a man entering her home then unless she knew them, maybe they have a woman working with the recruitment team.”

“A woman would certainly be more trusting than a man, especially to a woman with a history of abuse. The NCR must have done their homework on her.” Kayleigh muttered, sighing when she saw the stormy expression on Lucas’s face. “Go back to the station Lucas, help from there, I’ll wrap all of this up and report back to base. You think erratically when you’re head isn’t screwed on straight.” His attempts to refuse this didn’t work when Kayleigh called a police officer to take him back to the station.

The NCR had moved quickly, far too quickly if you asked him and he pondered on this as Edinburgh’s road passed by him. The police officer beside him didn’t talk much, preferring the soft sound of music and the occasional bursts of his radio to fill the silence in the SUV.

The NCR kept moving quickly, inhumanely, and it was perhaps why they thought to run the police car off the road, another car ploughing into the quiet road they were on.

When the blast bit into the driver’s side of the police car that Lucas was in, cleaving the police man in the driver’s side unconscious, Lucas thought fast and placed his hands over the steering wheel to overcorrect the SUV. Each bite of impact was a shock, part of his brain unable to accept the reality while the other braced for a stop, any kind of stop.

The car was messed up, it wouldn’t be able to survive the force of the other car was exhibiting, but between the roll cage, the seatbelt and the padding of the seat, he was removed from the vehicle with little more than disorientation and ringing ears and shaking limbs. He picked himself out of the vehicle, trembling hands unbuckling his seat belt. The police man was still in the car and the other car had come to a stop, after it had retreated from the car. The road was quiet beyond them, a curve through a patch of woods before it would meet with the bustle of the city once more.

Then the gunshots started and Lucas kneeled behind the crumbled door of the SUV, just to seek cover because there was nothing else that he could do.

“I’m not a threat to you!” he shouted to the shooter.

“Everyone is a threat to us, especially those who just won’t let things go.” The voice shouted back and Lucas cursed himself. Of course the Ring would try to eliminate those who were desperate to find the women that had been kidnapped by them, eliminating the threats were vital to making the Ring survive. But they had contacted them first, someone told Lucas that the NCR was frustrated with his team. At first the private investigators had appeared a challenge to the Ring but with Lloyd in holding and officers on their tail following Rowan’s capture, they were more of a threat to them.

Lucas could hear footsteps and he moved, going back inside the car and staying low so that the headlights of the other car didn’t reveal his form. His shaking body found the baton at the police man’s waist and then the gun that had been issued since the Ring had appeared on television.

At least with the gun in his hand he felt safer. He had only shot a gun once and that was in his training but he was sure that in the face of desperation he could do it again if he had to.

“You just had to keep going, like the nuisance you have come to be. You have to let Eva go, you have to let Lloyd go otherwise we will take them by force.” The words were chewed out, the footsteps came closer and the crunch of glass registered underfoot as the man came closer to Lucas. The gun was held steady in his hand, the safety clicked off, his body positioned low enough to see the man’s body in the wing mirror of the car, but just barely.

Dark hair, the flash of a gun held close, dark clothes. A shot rang into the dashboard of the car, Lucas ducking further into the chair, the man taken from the view of the mirror. He breathed in, holding his inhalation as he leaned upwards, knowing the man was close by the window of the battered car.

“We will be forceful, we will be your worst fear,” the man continued, stern and Lucas let the breath go and aimed the gun slightly to the left. The bullet ripped through the glass of the window, the man was clattering back and Lucas was sitting up and shooting again.

Moving body, dark hair and black clothes.

The man aimed again, the bullet puncturing the front tire and Lucas was panicking, leaning across the unconscious form of the police officer to the accelerator. He was leaning halfway across the car, one hand shooting blindly, the other struggling with the steering wheel.

“We are not afraid to kill!” The man shouted, the passenger door opening, a hand reaching out. Lucas shot, the man let go of the door, and Lucas was pressing down on the accelerator and willing the car to move. The car spluttered, the engine reluctant before Lucas forced it forward, the action making the man slide out of the car and rushing back to avoid the swing of the door and the crunch of back tires.

The man was shouting out a warning, words that made panic speed up Lucas’s throat. One last shot through the broken window, the sound of flesh meeting bullet and Lucas was away down the road, not looking back and panicking.

He let go of the gun, one hand moving to the police officer’s radio, calling for assistance and when he was in view of the main road his panic did not abate one ounce. His car had three functional tires, making him slow down the road but he put distance between them and the police were on their way.

That could count for something.


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