Summer Kids

When Lucas Tweedle, leader of Left Hand Private Investigators, receives a box containing a film he hasn't seen in years, he is prompted on a road trip across miles and years. He has to save Eva Grey, the only girl that ever loved his teenage self.
She may be in the clutches of the Nemesis Crime Ring but the memories of the summer after college graduation haunt the both of them.






In the morning she felt better about herself. Not a lot but she felt better. In the morning Naomi asked about her favourite colour and she had to think about what it actually was.

She would have said red, but that reminded her too much of blood and how often she had saw it from coming into the compound. She would have said blue but then that felt like it was mimicking Victor’s eye colour. She would have said purple but that was the colour that they now had to wear and she was bound to be sick of it by some time in the future.

She said green, a dark green like the forest but forests reminded her of freedom, a freedom that couldn’t manifest itself while they were all in the compound.

Naomi had grinned and pulled out a dark green wool from the flower pot by her bed, “This colour?” she asked and Eva had grinned. Naomi had gotten to work with knitting her a blanket, like the other three that littered the other wives beds.

Eva was finally fitting in with the wives and this was despite the fact that Melanie didn’t talk to her unless the situation called for it.

That morning they had to go to a sermon down in the chapel. Apparently for half of the compound it was required of them. Eva dressed in a purple flowing dress because it mimicked the night gown wedding dress in style and she felt like it was the right decision to make. The wives didn’t comment on her choice of colour and together the four of them descended the stairs in black and purple and was brainwashed with religion.

They were the only women present and they sat on the front most pew. Eva and Naomi sat on either side of Victor, the first wife and the most recent wife, and the other wives sat next to Eva. The chapel was half filled with men that looked like different versions of Victor but not biologically, cruel bodies with cruel eyes and blank smiles. Personalities a washed grey with their atrocities. The Priest talked about living and how fear controlled them all, and fear was the one thing that God used to test his creations to make sure that they could greet Him when their sorry lives came to their rightful ends.

“Fear. One of the enemy’s most popular weapons that He uses against us. Worry, anxiety, fear…can overwhelm us with a thick shadow of darkness, controlling our every move and decision. To not be the enemy we must be unfree from the chains of fear, we must become fearless, like vessels for God so that he can welcome us into Heaven with smiles instead of grimaces and a finger pointed down to Hell.”

That was how the fake Priest opened the sermon and he ended it with a Bible verse; ““So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10." 

Then there was singing, some hymns that Eva didn’t know and mouthed the words to because everyone else was singing and to not sing was to stick out like a sore, red thumb.

When the sermon ended and the wives except Naomi and Eva travelled back upstairs Eva stayed and pretended to pray on a pew that felt like ice underneath her, her legs numb from sitting for so long.

Naomi had disappeared somewhere with Victor and only Eva and the Priest stayed when everyone else left. Her hands were together to make her appearance look authentic and her head was bowed to the old stain glass of Jesus blessing the world with his life.

She stayed for appearances because she needed to look like God controlled her every move. She didn’t have anything against God, in fact she felt glad that He could give comfort to some people, but among those people she did not reside and she never would. Nothing with God stuck with her, especially since according to God it was on her path to be in the situation she was in, and it would either test her or benefit her. She couldn’t fathom how either of those possibilities could come into fruition any time soon.

“Why do you sit in prayer Eva Able?” The priest asked sitting next to her on her pew. The Priest was a man with dark hair, a white collar inserted into his black shirt and a budding moustache. He certainly wasn’t a priest and Eva knew this for a fact, no proper Priest would interrupt her like he had just done.

Even so the addressing of her as Victor Able’s wife was disconcerting and it took a while for Eva to answer because it took a while to get over the name change.

She was Eva Grey and she had to remember that. In no life, in this one or the next would she ever be an Able.

“I seek the advice of God on what my job should be during my life inside the Compound. What do I do with my freedom and with my life?” She looked at him with innocence in her eyes, playing onto the cards that she had tucked close to her chest.

“And has God provided you with an answer?” The Priest was too close for her liking, their thighs sticking together with their close proximity. But he should have known that she was an Able, at least to them, and so if he did anything to her even if it was small then he would punished for the harassment of his leaders wife.

It was a known fact now that wives were sacred and Victor’s property. That was obvious to her now at least.

“He says that I should follow my heart at least that is what I think he is saying?”

The Priest chuckled, “He can be interpreted many ways,” he began tilting his head up to consult the glass version of Jesus in front of them, “What do you like to do with your time, what does your heart like to do?”

“I like to create, to see things progress and bloom into fruition.”

It wasn’t strictly a lie. As a teacher she liked to see the children progress and improve. There was never anything better than a child coming to her and saying that they had changed their lifestyle to become a better version of themselves. If she had a hand in their progress then she had done her job and she had done it well.

“There used to be a field here, connecting the warehouses and the chapel. Sadly humans destroyed it with their pollution and need to rip old things up to replace them with industry. Maybe God wants you to fix what the humans destroyed in the first place.”

The Priest was suggesting that she start planting flowers and restoring the nature that was once there. But it was ironic in the way that he phrased it. For one he spoke like they weren’t humans and they were in fact higher than them, closer to God than anyone else ever could be. Second of all God wasn’t telling him to do anything, he was phrasing his words to be suggestive so it was really what he wanted her to do rather than God. Eva knew then why Victor probably appointed this guy as the Priest, because he was good at interpretation and going along with what others said.

“Yes,” Eva smiled, “That sounds close to what God has in store for me, thank you for showing me the way.”

The Priest smiled back at her, pressing their thighs closer together if that was even possible. “I didn’t do anything, God always does the work for us.” The priest stood then, “I’ll notify Victor to get more plants but there is a storage room which have some basic supplies.”

He offered her his hand and she took it politely, noticing that his hands were softer than Victor’s, they still seemed awful in hers however.

“I’ll show you to them.”

He led her to the warehouses and to a storage room that looked like a corridor. There were shelves and shelves of supplies, food and clothes and medicine and at the back there were packets of seeds, a selection of tools and packets of fertilisers.

The sheer amount of materials told Eva that the setting up of this compound had not been a flash decision, it had been the opposite in reality. The creation of the compound had come years in advance, relying on the transfer of material after material, resource after resource, so that the people who would live in the compound would be able to survive for as long as God allowed it.

“Here we are,” the priest said as they arrived at the shelf of plants. He had a basket in his hands, more like a crate which they had carried through the warehouse. “Maybe you should start with a small flower garden to make the field look nice and then a small herb garden out there. There’s already a basic vegetable patch from where we keep our livestock but an herb garden would be nice.”

“We have livestock?” Eva questioned, amazed that the Compound had seemed to think of everything that it would need to make their people survive.

“We have everything.” The Priest laughed and ushered her back out of the storage room and through the warehouses. The warehouse system was massive and so like a labyrinth that Eva lost count of the twists and turns that they went through just to get back to the main door.

She had counted at least ten other doors just to get back out into the open, fresh air. The Priest led her to the back of the chapel, to a patch of land that looked like it may have been a garden at the bottom of the stain glass window.

“We are the last of a dying breed Eva, those who truly believe in the preservation of life and belief in God.” He smiled a bitter smile, like he had swallowed something disgusting but he had to smile around it despite the off taste, “In doing this you will apart of the dying breed, the part that counteracts all of the sinful horrors that the humans have committed.”

“And that is what we’re here for, to eradicate the sins and fears of others,” the words sounded off in her own mouth but it was what the priest wanted to hear.

“That is right Eva,” he responded as he put down the crate next to the brick work of the chapel and made to walk away, “By the way Eva, call me Will, it’s short for William but I think God tells me that we will be close.”

Victor wouldn’t be happy about her getting friendly with another man but then again Victor was never fully happy to start with. “I think God wants that too.” Eva smiled and waved at the Priest – Will – as he walked away.

She was getting over her head. But then again it was better than barely surviving. At least this way she could have leverage, some kind of leverage that she could exploit in the future if she needed to.

She was glad of that even if it came with a creepy man that claimed to be the messenger of Gods telling’s.


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