Summer Kids

When Lucas Tweedle, leader of Left Hand Private Investigators, receives a box containing a film he hasn't seen in years, he is prompted on a road trip across miles and years. He has to save Eva Grey, the only girl that ever loved his teenage self.
She may be in the clutches of the Nemesis Crime Ring but the memories of the summer after college graduation haunt the both of them.






When Naomi herself got married she got married in a forest, the trees serenading her happiness. It had been the height of summer and the air was just warm enough to be pleasant and not sweltering. She had worn a white strapless number and a blue band of flowers in her hair because white and blue had been her colour scheme. White for purity. Blue for Victor’s eyes.

She walked down the makeshift aisle with her father and she met Victor with a smile. She said the sweet words, the first words that she had said to Victor when she had met him in university (“I never knew there could be eyes so blue,”) and then they were married and living the high life.

Victor’s father wasn’t at the wedding since the man made Naomi uncomfortable. But that day Naomi changed from a King to an Able and she lived the life she had always dreamed of with Victor until Victor’s father walked into the home they shared with an unconscious woman in his grip.

He had stormed straight into their bedroom and Naomi had been terrified.

That night a girl died and Victor buried her in the back garden. That night Naomi became terrified of her own home.

Victor said that he wouldn’t have any other business to do with his father, but he lied to her more than he ever had when it concerned his father. Victor was at home less and spent more time away than he ever had. Naomi only knew why that was when she followed Victor in the dead of night one time.

She hoped that maybe he had been cheating, maybe there was another woman on the side somewhere because she could deal with that. That was something that they could work through.

But it sadly wasn’t, and she followed him to a warehouse district with a chapel nearby and she found Victor forcing another woman into a box and threatening her life.

They had argued that night. That night was the first and only night that Victor had physically hurt her, pushing her back so that her head collided with the wall, knocking her out cold in seconds flat. She came to, to him with his head in his hands and he apologised for hurting her but not for what he was doing in the Warehouse.

He told her that his father was dying and he had to take over his father’s business. His father’s business was apparently something similar to a cult and they had had a message from God to rid fear from people’s lives.

Victor had put the house up for sale in the time she had been unconscious and Victor told her to stay with him in the Warehouses. He raised his hand to her again, he didn’t hit her, but he raised his hand and she was threatened into moving her whole life and her whole future into something resembling a nightmare.

Victor’s father had died three weeks after that, cancer that made him thin as a stick and made him vomit at all times of the day. The funeral was held at the church nearest to the Able’s old home and Victor’s mother was none the wiser about what the Able men did in the Warehouse district just on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Naomi moved out of the warehouses and into the chapel after she caught her husband physically killing a woman, holding a knife to her throat because apparently she was afraid of being burgled in a dark alleyway somewhere. She moved into a cold room in the chapel and she distanced herself from her husband. They barely kissed anymore, or slept in the same bed anymore.

She did what he asked of her and then she went back to her room like she was his daughter and not his wife.

The day that Victor told her to make a wedding dress she panicked and Victor raised his hand to her again, but did not hit her. Sometimes she wished that he just hit her so that she didn’t have to cower and watch as he cowered himself because he was capable of hitting his own wife. He hated himself for that but not for killing a woman, and torturing a dozen more. She made the wedding dress, deliberately making it the ugliest as she could and she never pictured that another wife would wear it. Maybe she thought in the back of her mind that Victor wanted to renew their vows even though that Naomi didn’t.

But she had never dreamed that another wife would be introduced. Melanie came with a scowl and a beg, begging Naomi not to hurt her just because she said yes to surviving and begrudgingly Naomi got used to the fact that Victor was not her husband anymore and he hadn’t been for some time now.

She did her job and she did her part and she called it a day. And each time a new wife was introduced she had to realise that Victor was a despicable man who she knew no longer.

It was when Kate showed the scars on her back, the X formed out of being whipped four times, that she knew with a definite finality that maybe she had never known Victor for who he truly was.

She may have met the man in university, the man charming her with coffee and a guitar serenade, but she had never saw him bring out the guitar again and she had never pictured that the man she fell in love with would be capable of hurting others in the degree that he did.

What he did was life destroying, and he tortured women for a living, living off the life insurance that his father left him with, using it to kidnap and torture more women in the sad excuse of following God.

He was a caricature of a man and she wished with definite finality that she had never fell in love with him at all. Maybe if she never had then women would still be alive and she wouldn’t be spending each day hating the man and hating herself for loving him.

Her definition of him changed once more when he physically carried Melanie into the room in the still dark and early hours of morning. She couldn’t sleep, ever since Rachel had been killed by Victor her dreams were haunted by the faces of dead women and cruel men.

She was sitting up in bed, staring into the darkness when the door opened and Victor entered, dirt on his shoes and Melanie in his grip. Naomi was quick to get off the bed and make her way over to the pair even though Victor was swift to get away from her and drop Melanie onto her bed rather ungraciously.

He didn’t care about her.

Maybe he didn’t care about any of them anymore.

“What happened?” Naomi whispered, not wanting to wake any of the others up.

Victor came so close to her that their noses touched. She could just see the whites of his eyes in the darkness.

“Melanie was a bad girl,” he gruffly whispered back, pushing Naomi onto her bed. She bounced onto the mattress and furrowed her brows with a question.

“How was she bad? Melanie has always obeyed you like we all have,” Naomi knew better than to stand up again and make her way over to Victor. He would only push her back down and she didn’t want his hands on her.

“She jeopardised this whole family,” he snarled, finding it difficult to keep his voice down. He stalked towards her, leaning over her as he pushed her down to a lying position. “She decided to play traitor and knock out my men and drive off and leave Lloyd to be captured by fucking fools.”

Victor only swore when he was angry, desperately angry, and when he knew that God would love him still.

“Lloyd is your right hand man, is he going to be okay?” Naomi whispered, more concerned about Melanie. What had happened? What had influenced her decision? What had happened to her afterwards?

The questions swirled around her head.

“Lloyd knows what to do,” Victor was calming himself down, drenching himself in the perfume of his wife because Naomi knew that her womanly wiles still affected him like any other man.  “But I’m putting an extraction plan in place as we speak.”

He bore more weight on her and she knew where this was going even if she didn’t want it to go there.

“What did you do to Melanie?” she asked and Victor’s face hardened, “I mean as punishment?”

Victor smiled, “I made her obedient again.”

That was vague as hell.

But Victor didn’t give her a chance to question, if she questioned him she would be punished in the way only Victor knew how. Instead his lips came on hers and she didn’t want them there, knowing they would be more fuel for her nightmares, but she didn’t stop him either.

And in the dark hours of morning they acted like husband and wife even though they weren’t truly husband and wife. She let him do what he had to do, being quiet in the early hours and when he was done and he had left the room she made her way over to Melanie.

The girl hadn’t stirred and she appeared limp and pale. She was still breathing which was the main thing but there was a puncture mark just behind her ear like a needle had found purchase in the veins near her brain.

Naomi begged that Melanie would wake when light signaled true morning, otherwise she would have another worry to add fuel to the dark flames of her crimes. 


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