Summer Kids

When Lucas Tweedle, leader of Left Hand Private Investigators, receives a box containing a film he hasn't seen in years, he is prompted on a road trip across miles and years. He has to save Eva Grey, the only girl that ever loved his teenage self.
She may be in the clutches of the Nemesis Crime Ring but the memories of the summer after college graduation haunt the both of them.







She was a naturally reserved person, preferring to keep to herself even before she was at the Compound. She used to be a librarian, home with the books and the quiet of people. She had took over from an old couple and she didn’t want to think about what was happening now that she wasn’t there. She had been missing for nearly a year, Melanie closer to two and sometimes she envied Eva for how short her time there had been. If their rebellion was successful then she would have been there for no time at all. But she could give the girl some credit, it had been her presence that had kickstarted their move for rebellion.

She sighed through her nose as she made her way through the storage room. Kate was there under the pretence of making more soaps and herbal remedies for the Compound, waving a basket on her arm as she trailed her fingers down the shelves. Half of the basket was full of soaps that she was ready to hand out but they were truly her last batch and so her reason for being there was not a false one.

Spanners and metal works, three trays full, car parts and mechanics, two trays full, seeds and herbal substances, four small baskets, plants and seeds, seven small baskets, clothes, sixteen big tubs, homesteading trays, two tubs for the livestock, cooking materials and dehydrated food packets. Matches, knives, handmade spears, baseball bats. Weapons were at the back and from the locked case hidden beneath a blanket she wondered about how many guns and bullets they had. The women would have to sneak out the less obvious weapons, and she thanked God that Victor didn’t check their room. Underneath the soaps and herbal things she needed she packed away four small knives, enough for the wives to defend themselves if need be. She hummed her way back out, asking the guard on the door if he wanted a peppermint spray for his sore throat. He replied and she shifted carefully in her basket to give it to him.

Most of the men tolerated her and she probably conversed with them more than she would have liked. She didn’t get in their business and knew when to back off due to her own nervousness. She followed the rules, played the Good Wife and made sure to be religious when she needed to be.

She had been Christian before the Compound, the cross around her neck no doubt attracting the Scouters. But she wavered between the lines knowing that if God was out there would she be truly deserving of her treatment in the Compound?

She sighed and made her way round to the farms, knowing that the farmers would want some soaps for their calloused hands. Threats against their masculinity were in the past as the men had learned for themselves what poor hygiene had caused. The Council, who were mainly trained in first aid, got tired of dealing with them and told them that aptly.

Kate wanted rebellion because she wanted out of there, more than ever as she had felt several emotional breakdowns that her life would only amount to torture and humiliation. The scars on her back were enough to tamper her hope down and then bring it back up like a furnace.




They were lucky that they weren’t caught when a man called into Will’s office to collect them. They were sitting over empty mugs of tea and Will was reading one of his philosophy books over Eva’s suggestion that it would calm him down.

A man cleared his throat in the doorway and Will paused, “Ah Geoffrey, what do you need?”

Geoffrey stared at them both for a heartbeat before speaking again, “Victor wants a word,” he waited and then nodded towards Eva, “Then the wives can join us in an hour, in the main meeting hall, Naomi knows where that is.”

He hovered in the doorway as Will placed his book back on the shelves and stood, “I’ll see you in an hour then Miss. Able.” He had changed since they had sat down, still in his black jeans but discarding his blood soaked shirt, moving around the bandages on his shoulder. He had thanked her for what she had done and they had not talked about the kisses they had shared. Eva didn’t think they would. The men disappeared and Eva went upstairs to inform her fellow wives. She hurried, lifting the front of her dress to prevent herself from tripping and she forced herself into the room, Kate pausing in her rendition of what was in the storage room when she arrived.

“Okay, I have two things to tell you,” she panted, apologising for interrupting Kate, "One we are being collected for a meeting with Victor in the main meeting hall in an hour and second, they have seventy guns.”

“Seventy guns?” Melanie whispered from her position at hugging her knees on her bed. Naomi didn’t look surprised.

“The Priest was hurt, and he had to shoot someone today but he didn’t kill them,” Eva continued, moving to her own bed, “Seventy guns, most of them distributed to those who patrol and survey the Warehouses. The other thirty are spread out between Victor’s main circle, the Council and the Scouters.”

“I never got a gun but I knew that Lloyd and the rest of them had some.” Melanie uttered, and Kate continued with regaling what she had saw in the storage room.

“The compound was always built to be self-sufficient that’s why there’s so much stuff,” Naomi said and handed Eva the knife that Kate had smuggled out, she placed it in the pinafore pocket of her dress and kept it hidden.

“If we all escaped at once then we have more hope of being hurt,” Kate interrupted into the quietness and then when the wives looked offended at her reasoning began to explain, “What if someone escaped first, alerted the police of the Compound's location and then they could come and help us, while another rebellion attempt happened here?”

“But who would escape?” Melanie mentioned, looking in between them.

“Well, I’m the only one that’s been out of the Compound with Victor before, surely I have a chance of recognising surroundings and getting out again?” Kate offered and Eva had to trust that she wouldn’t just leave them there and escape herself.

“The last time you did that you got the scars on your back,” Naomi muttered sadly, rubbing Kate’s back in memory.

“But we have to try,” Kate said into her knees, and Eva sighed. They had scraps of plans floating about in the air and the incoming meeting with Victor hanging over their heads.

Finally the hour rolled around and Naomi escorted them to the main meeting hall, a room in the Warehouses, and she rapped on the door three times before Geoffrey opened the door and let them in. A large table took up the majority of the room with Victor, Will and Geoffrey now sitting beside people who Melanie knew to be the Scouters sans Carson.

“Welcome my dear wives,” Naomi sat next to her husband and the other three were left with the farthest chairs closest to the door. “I’ve invited you today because I think you deserve to know the plans of this Compound.” Victor took a breath, looked at them in turn and folded his hands. “Lloyd was taken by the police nearly two days ago, in return we sent out the Scouters to retrieve him. We sadly lost Carson in the battle.”

Melanie placed her hands over her lips, a gasp taking up the room.

“I have declared this as an act of war and therefore the Compound will be on lockdown from here on out. I however, feel that I and Eva need a honeymoon and so from tomorrow we will depart the Compound and return the following day. I trust that everyone in this room will look after the Compound while we are gone and when we return full lockdown will commence.”

Eva was shocked at the proposed trip, especially since it was meant to be the honeymoon that she and Victor never had. The thought of spending a day alone with him sickened her but she couldn’t voice her opinion. Her eyes wavered to Will’s recounting their kiss earlier on in the day. His eyes met hers for a single moment and then returned to Victor, scared to be caught by her husband.

“Would you enjoy that Evie-girl? Victor asked her, smiling slightly.

“Yes husband, time away will do us both some good,” she tried to smile but a pang of terror struck her. Alone with Victor for twenty four hours if not more, where he could do anything and she couldn’t help organise the rebellion back here.

Oh, if only she could time travel and the twenty four hours would be already up.


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