Summer Kids

When Lucas Tweedle, leader of Left Hand Private Investigators, receives a box containing a film he hasn't seen in years, he is prompted on a road trip across miles and years. He has to save Eva Grey, the only girl that ever loved his teenage self.
She may be in the clutches of the Nemesis Crime Ring but the memories of the summer after college graduation haunt the both of them.







He didn’t even look at the hotel as he exited the car and stormed up to the desk to ask for the room of Victor Able. He didn’t even listen to Edward when he tore up the lift and drummed his fingers nervously on the wall. She had to be there and he was so close to saving her, to having her in his arms again. They were in front of room number three thirteen and they were kicking the door in and he wasn’t taking into account the ruffled sheets and the open bags of clothes because they weren’t there. Eva wasn’t there. Disappointment flooded him, ran through his veins with the force of an army and Edward had to steady him as he swayed in place.

His ears rang, the buzzing keeping him sane as he swept back to the check-in desk, pulling the tie from the man’s throat as he pulled him over the desk, “Victor Able isn’t in his room, where is he?” he growled and he registered the warning voice of Edward behind him but he didn’t pay attention to it, not now.

At first, the man squeaked, floundering as he proposed that he didn’t know where they were but then another employee was running out from behind the desk, trying to get away from them. Edward kicked a foot out at the man stumbled over the extended foot, waving his arms in the air before slapping forwards and onto the floor. Lucas had let go of the hotel clerk and moved onto this man, keeping his hands behind his back as he growled in his ear, “Where are they?”

It didn’t take much for the man beneath Lucas’s hands to confess, “I gave him the keys to the basement?” he said it as a question as though he didn’t trust his own judgement.

“Why would you do that?” Edward asked, cocking his head to the side in question.

“He paid me extra, said his wife liked basements, he winked at me and I didn’t have any room to judge.” Lucas knew that Eva would have been known as Victor’s wife and so he let the hotel clerk go, ushering the police to cuff the man before they would follow him to the basement.

“Where’s the basement?” he asked the other clerk and he directed them out of the building and around the side. Edward was quick at his heels when Lucas rushed towards the place the clerk had indicated, the door was stuck so he kicked it down, putting his rage into the kick. He clambered into the darkness and down the stairs and he didn’t want anything besides getting to Eva and saving her, holding her and hoping that she was safe.

What he saw was a man holding a chunk of brown hair. This man was kneeling on the steps of a water tank, the lid open as hands slapped at the walls of the container. Rage was painted on the man’s face and Lucas knew this was Victor Able and Eva would be in the water. He didn’t feel the gun in his hand, didn’t register as he placed it back in his holster. Shooting Victor wasn’t his objective, although the monster inside of him wanted to go up and claw the man to pieces. The man looked up when the police came in and slammed the clump of hair and Eva’s head into the side of the container, blood spurting briefly upwards before it sunk and mixed with the water. Then he ran.

Edward followed after him, bullets ripping through the air in his wake but Lucas was only focussed on Eva. He clambered into the water, feet slipping from the stairs into the water and he dragged Eva upwards, breaking the surface seconds after she had been plunged fully into it.

Her eyes were closed and blood dripped down her forehead from the wound on her head. His hands were around her waist and he was pulling her out of the water container and back onto the ground, pounding his hands against her chest when they met the ground and hoping that she would wake up, that she would survive.

The seconds where she didn’t wake up, where she lay deathly pale and wet, were the worst in his entire life. But the moments where she opened her eyes and coughed and sputtered were among the best. She shook as she realised that the water still clung to her skin, “it’s alright Eva, it’s alright,” he murmured and pulled her into his chest, “I’m here, it’s Lucas, you’re alright.” The mantra replayed itself again and again and he watched Edward drag Victor across the floor back into sight, his hands twisted behind his back and wrapped in police handcuffs.

The man was spouting lies from his mouth, pleading about god and inciting the devil on Lucas and Edward. “She needed the test, the lying whore, she needed the test to get to Heaven, and you have condemned her from it!”

Lucas didn’t listen to the ramblings, he frankly did not care because he had Eva in his arms and she was alive. Briefly he heard Victor being hauled away and police swarmed the basement, eventually he had to let Eva go but for now, for this one breath, he was there with her and he had saved her.




She remembered the fear. The being submerged in water and them emerging back into the oxygen-filled air even though she shook and hated being in the water. Then Victor had grabbed her and pushed her head back down into the water, her hands tried to stop him but time moved slowly and her efforts were feeble and worthless. She tried to push back against his hand but that didn’t work. Then there was a shout from outside of the water, made muffled by her ears being underwater and Victor was slamming her head down, pain blossoming and darkness enveloping her.

Reality came back to her in drips and drops, fragments rearranging like a mirror being fixed. She remembered the feeling of water and bile in her throat, shouts around her and being held. Words of assurance were murmured in her ear but she couldn’t make them out exactly.

She came fully to in the back of a police car, a hand holding hers from where she was poised over someone’s lap. Her eyes blinked to see roaring lights and a roof and someone talking over a radio. “What?” She asked the bleary-eyed question because she didn’t know what was going on and reality didn’t seem real. Hadn’t she been in the water the last time she was conscious? Where was Victor?

“Eva,” a voice was asking and she looked up. She knew the face that she looked at, the years hardening it, removing the final roundness of his face, the sweeping hair, the glasses framing the still young eyes. That was the face of the boy who broke her heart, her best friend and the boy she hadn’t seen since that fatal night. Lucas Tweedle hadn’t changed much, he had just grown up. “You’re okay, we got you out of the water tank and we’re on route to the hospital.” He smiled at her, rubbing her shoulder without a conscious thought. She was laid over his lap, a police officer at the wheel and another man in the passenger seat at the front.

She tried to find the words but she couldn’t search for them hard enough, her head felt funny. When she looked at him her head scrunched, pain pulled at her forehead and she hissed through her teeth.

“Victor hit your head on the water tank, you’ve got a head injury but it's fine, the bleeding is slowing a little. Victor’s in another car being escorted to the police station as we speak. The Compound got liberated and the other wives are being taken to the police station for their safety as well.”

“Thank you for coming to get me Applehead,” she warbled out from between her teeth, sinking into her friend’s warmth. She didn’t know what they were now, but frankly, she didn’t care, she was safe and warm and she would work all of that out another time.

“I would always come and get you, I would always save you, Eva,” Lucas murmured, his head close to hers but not touching. She smiled back at him and allowed the darkness to meet her again.




She felt alone at the police station. Victor wasn’t there even though it had come through the radio that he and Eva had been found at the Radisson Blue Hotel. It was over, all over and here she was sitting with the other women and waiting for their families to come to meet their lost daughters.

She was sat particularly with her other wives, although official wives they weren’t, and Kate was saying how well she had been treated since she had arrived there, Melanie intercepting to tell the youngest wife about the battle back at the Compound.

Naomi didn’t know if her own family had been contacted since she hadn’t seen them in years, she had sent letters but more often than not she got nothing back and she didn’t know if that was Victor’s doing or her mothers. Victor was hauled in then, struggling against the grip of two police officers and the women around her froze in their storytelling. His eyes met hers and then her name was on his lips, his efforts at pulling away doubled. She didn’t hesitate as she flung herself at him, knocking into the police officers to hug him. The officers allowed it, although she could tell that they didn’t like it.

“I love you, God I love you,” he was murmuring into his hair, unable to hug her back due to his incapacitated hands.

“But you’re not sorry are you?” she asked and Victor frowned at the question as though he didn’t know what it meant. She sighed, kissing his lips once and with a short press of lips against lips. She didn’t lose herself in him anymore and she hadn’t in a while, not since she knew that he had other women to entertain him in the way only she should have. “I loved you,” she whispered into his hair and withdrew, turning away as the officers hauled him forwards again. She cringed, folding inwards when he shouted her name, her heart shattering as the single word cracked halfway through. But she didn’t look back because she had only spoken the truth, the absolute truth.

The wives were beside her and they watched as her hand found each of their hands and pulled their wedding rings off. She held the rings in her hands for a moment, looking at them and then she added her own ring to the small pile.

It was over.




They brought her sister in first, the arms around her unfreezing the wall around her heart. Then they brought in her little boy, the cry of “Mummy,” on his lips making her sink to her knees.

“I’m here baby, mummy’s here,” she whispered, holding onto him with all of the strength she possessed. She didn’t want to let go and she wouldn’t for a long time. He had grown, his eyes a little darker than what she knew, his hair longer as though he hadn’t wanted it cut unless she was there. But this was her boy, her child she had raised all of her own, her carbon copy although some aspects of his father crept in and she couldn’t have been happier to have him in her arms again. Leon was in her arms again and she was in Heaven.




Her brother walked in with bloodshot eyes and a stuffy overcoat, trudging in with mud on his boots and worry in his eyes like he almost didn’t believe that the possibility of her freedom was real. Her father trailed in after him, looking put together in a suit but his hands were clenched at his sides. She stood and called her brother’s name. “John,” and he was running towards her, laces trailing and sticking to the ground as he came towards her. For a moment he stopped in front of her, studying her, fighting for the possibility that this was real. She repeated his name again and then his arms were around her. He was younger than she was but they had put up with the world ever since they had met each other, including their mother’s divorce from their father and then the car crash that stole her life. She clung to him and her father clung to her other side, hugging both of his children to him because he couldn’t believe that they were there. With his chest against her back, she knew that her father had lost some weight and her brother looked like a shadow of himself but together they could deal with their trauma and finally live their lives.




She watched families being reunited and she was shocked when Melanie introduced her to her son, Naomi kneeling down to shake the little man’s hand. She met Kate’s brother and her father and she told them to go home and that she would be fine. She watched families around her come together, Rowan kissing her girlfriend in the middle of the police station. All of these girls that she couldn’t name and she still thought back to the girl in the freezer and the girls who hadn’t made it to meet their families again. She sighed and heard Kayleigh mutter to her companion that they finally had done it.

She only looked up when she heard her name being called. She knew the voice it came from; her mother. She only stood when her family was in front of her, her mother and father and her two younger sisters, twins who were now teenagers. God she hadn’t seen them in years and how they had grown. She found that a sob tortured her and her family was around her.

“I thought you didn’t love me anymore, after everything I've done,” she found herself choking out, the sadness replacing the anger that had overcome her back at the Compound. Her emotions swung like a pendulum, her mentality unstable as she tried to deal with everything.

“We sent you letters, we called you, we tried to find you but you were lost to us like every other girl was,” her mother whispered and she clung to her family that little bit tighter, happiness finally edging up on her, finally taking place in her chaotic set of emotions.


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