Summer Kids

When Lucas Tweedle, leader of Left Hand Private Investigators, receives a box containing a film he hasn't seen in years, he is prompted on a road trip across miles and years. He has to save Eva Grey, the only girl that ever loved his teenage self.
She may be in the clutches of the Nemesis Crime Ring but the memories of the summer after college graduation haunt the both of them.







First, she made her way to a shop to get a map, she didn’t want to ask where the nearest police station was because it would raise suspicions more than she wanted or needed. This was what freedom looked like, and she hadn’t had that in a whole year. Sometimes she didn’t even recognise the city, having been gone for so long. On the cold streets of Edinburgh, she consulted her map and made her way to the nearest police station, no money in her pockets to get a bus or tram.

She arrived in a police station with the maps held to her chest and a nervous look pinpointed in her eyes.

“Hello miss, can I help you?” The receptionist called to her as her head swept the entire building.

“I have some information about the Nemesis Crime Ring?” she asked hesitantly and the woman put her phone to her ear.




They were looking for more information on Frederick Able, his life was laid out in front of them and yet certain aspects were lacking. Fred had a wife, who had moved to the Isle of Skye in the time since his passing and a son who had denied the position at I&A Chemicals and still resided in the old family home. “We may have to go to the home and question Victor Able,” Lucas rubbed his forehead, “We’re going to have to have a reason beyond the chemical batch since his father is already dead.”

“A follow up maybe?” Kayleigh mentioned from the doorway, her hip popped towards the males seated around the table in Edinburgh’s police station. James rose and hugged her, and Edward waved a hand in a greeting from his close proximity to his laptop. The fact that Edward needed glasses was not a surprise with all of the straining his eyes were doing, more so than Lucas ever did.

Lucas smiled at her, “How’s Shawna doing?” he asked.

“Groggy and grumpy but healing well, she’ll be able to come back home with us when we leave.” Kayleigh shook her head at the memory of the other girl, “But that’s not what I came here for, there’s a woman claiming to have information about the NCR because she was held captive there. She’s in interrogation room two.”

A woman sat there with a tapping foot and her hands folded over the top of the table, her blonde hair was hiding her eyes but she was the very definition of anxiousness. Edward knew who she was straight away, having scrutinised the case files often enough.

“You’re Kate Monroe,” he said as Lucas sat down on the other side of the table and his team hovered by him. Kate looked up.

“Yes I am, I believe the police told me you were Left Hand Investigators?” her voice was timid, and she coughed in an attempt to put more strength into her tone.

“I’m Lucas Tweedle the leader of Left Hand and I used to be best friends with Eva,” Lucas mentioned and Kate perked up at that, placing a strand of hair behind her ear to show her eyes clearly. “How did you escape the Nemesis Crime Ring?”

She scrunched her brow, “To us, it was only known as the Compound, the NCR was the official name that Victor liked to call it. He took Eva to a hotel, the Radisson Blue Hotel here in the city I saw the name when I was getting out of the car, oh I stowed away in the back of his Chevrolet and…” She trailed off into explanations about how Victor had four wives, his real wife, and three others. Naomi and Melanie were back at Compound planning to get the women out of the Warehouses and with each sentence, the team was sickened.

“Well now we know that Victor Able has a big role in the NCR,” James muttered as Kayleigh slapped him on the arm and held out the map that Kate had brought in herself.

“Could you point on the map where the Compound is?” she asked and it took Kate only a small while to locate a group of warehouses that she had saw circled on the map in Victor’s rooms, next to what looked like a small farm and chapel. She didn’t know it in relation to their actual location but she could locate it. Naomi would have known it better but Naomi was still plotting rebellion.

“Everybody suit up,” Lucas grunted and the interrogation room was transformed into a flurry of movement and urgency.

“We don’t want to all crowd the Compound,” Lucas began as he watched Kayleigh take Kate to a more comfy room, where she would be surrounded by police officers and away from Lloyd’s holding cell. He even doubted the woman knew that Lloyd was there and it would be better if she never knew. “I and Edward, along with a police escort will go to the Radisson Blue Hotel to hunt out Eva, and Kayleigh, James and a police escort will go the location Kate identified."

The location was a group of warehouses on the outskirts of Edinburgh, away from civilisation and surrounded by fields and an abandoned church. Kate had mentioned that the church had been redone and the warehouses surrounded by a guarded fence. Victor Able was the head of the NCR, their searches had halfway led to that at least.

He wished Kayleigh and James luck, his mind wavering between saving multiple women and saving Eva. Her name punctuated his every thought and as they raced over to the named hotel he couldn’t help but anticipate meeting her for the first time in years.

When he was done trashing the summer house in Penrith his frustrations ran out and he began the cleaning process. The silence was stifling and he couldn’t bear to be in the bedroom they used to share and the back garden which housed the pool. He cleaned, he sat at the breakfast table drinking a lonely cup of tea and then he started packing, stuffing away the memories of the summer into his suitcase. He didn’t approach the note that Eva had left until the very end when he couldn’t escape it any longer. Next to the note was a CD, his copy of the twin summer film that she had made. Her copy was gone along with her box and it was eerie that Lucas had only been handed it the night before. It felt like a whole lifetime away, a lifetime past where they were in love and not in two separate, angry places.

He locked up the summer house and sulked back to his car. The note and CD were shoved in the glovebox of Betty and then he began the long drive back to Newcastle. It felt even longer without Eva by his side, fiddling with the radio channels and remarking on the scenery.

The first stop he made was Eva’s house and he knocked incessantly on the door before her mother answered. “Please, Mrs. Grey I just need to see Eva for–“

She didn’t let him finish as she held a finger up to the air between them. “My daughter turned up last night in tears after what you said to her. She’s made her point very clear and she doesn’t want to see you, the least you can do is give her that space.”


“Mr. Tweedle, she is home safe,” she sighed, “Just go home and stay there.”

With no room for manoeuvre, he made his way forlornly back to his car and made plans to hide in his bed until the end of summer. The CD and note remained in the glovebox of his car until he moved away from home to a university. Even then he didn’t look at it again until a long while after that.




First Victor took her to the spa, treating her with a massage and watching as she paraded in nothing but a towel. He didn’t mention water or a hot tub which she was grateful for, but he did beckon her back up to the bedroom after her treatments.

“Did you enjoy that my dear Evie-girl?” he asked, watching as she hid her form with a halter neck dress, purple silk just touching her thighs. Her hair was coiled in an updo to avoid any of the brown strands from getting in her face.

“Yes dear husband thank you,” she smiled and watched as he returned her gaze but with a calculated edge to it. “What’s a matter?”

Victor sighed and patted the edge of the bed, beckoning her to sit beside him. “Some thing’s are worrying me, like your persistence of hanging around our Priest.”

“He’s helping me on my spiritual journey, he’s helped me understand what my role is in the Compound, replanting the Garden of Eden and has answered my questions when my faith towards God has wavered ever so slightly.” The lies sprouted from her mouth like the flowers she planted and she patted Victor’s knee in reassurance. The last thing they needed was Victor working out what their plan was. Eva would do anything to distract him and keep him distracted for as long as possible, and that was her role in the rebellion.

“There’s nothing else going on between you?” he asked and Eva shook her head and swore on her life that she and the Priest did not have a relationship. She didn’t call him Will because that would have turned the situation into a disaster. “Good,” and he paused for several heartbeats as he stroked her cheek, then undid the bindings on her hair, letting the strands touch her shoulders, “You remind me of my mother you know?”

“How so?” she was conflicted with the question, why would Victor want a wife that reminded him of his mother?

He grinned, “She was a firecracker just like you, willing to do anything to stay in love with my father. Even despite his cancer diagnosis. We watched him go downhill, losing his memory and vomiting his life away and yet she still loved him, right until we placed him in a grave. I want a love like that, something strong like that.”

His eyes went downcast and he exhaled again, “You know his company offered me the CEO position when my father got the diagnosis?” Eva hummed in response, just to alert him that she was still listening, “I couldn’t believe them after all their trials started his cancer in the first place, and here they were offering me his place. I told them to go to hell and my reward was not telling the police about it.

“But I can’t blame them, their fear toxin was what opened my father up to God. He had a dream, a hallucination of a message from God and that was when this all started, eradicating fear was his mission and that was what the Able men were going to do.”

Victor looked sad and it was not an expression that Eva had ever seen on his face before. Before he could right his expressions Eva leaned over and kissed him, thinking of anyone else but him while she did it. Somewhere in her mind, she knew that this had to happen and if she refused him on their honeymoon it would only look suspicious. So she let him kiss her and didn’t stop him as his hands went for the tie around her dress, and his hands moved to her hips when it came undone.

She sold herself to Hell for her freedom because she knew it had to be done.


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