Summer Kids

When Lucas Tweedle, leader of Left Hand Private Investigators, receives a box containing a film he hasn't seen in years, he is prompted on a road trip across miles and years. He has to save Eva Grey, the only girl that ever loved his teenage self.
She may be in the clutches of the Nemesis Crime Ring but the memories of the summer after college graduation haunt the both of them.







She packed and planned, in that order. The meeting had been adjourned with Victor kissing Naomi on the lips and Eva on the cheek before they all left. She had shivered when they left and hurried to the chapel, her eyes not looking in Will’s direction as they shut the door behind them. Instead she let out a sigh of relief as they all climbed the rickety steps and collapsed onto their beds.

“I have to spend a day with him,” Eva whispered into the rafters, worry about the different possibilities overcoming her. What if Kate’s situation happened to her as well? Kate patted her knee in sympathy.

“Just be on your best behaviour,” she whispered into her ear leaning up and going to her own bed. Eva dragged herself up and began packing a small bag, folding clothes and taking suggestions from the other wives. One outfit to wow Victor, even though that made her want to vomit, nightclothes and another outfit to change into. She didn’t know where they were going or what was going to happen once she got there but she had to endure it.

“We still need a plan,” Melanie offered, “Kate you said you wanted to be a stowaway?” she was willing to do anything to move the plan along and when the other wives looked at her she smiled. “Victor’s going to be away for a day, we stowaway Kate in the boot of the car, and me and Naomi plan the rebellion here. Everything is made simpler.”

They all nodded over Eva’s packed bag and she kicked it underneath her bed as she grinned.

“What car will Victor most likely use?” Eva mentioned, twirling a strand of hair around a finger. It was a nervous habit, one picked up from the children she used to teach. Saying the word ‘used’ made her cringe.

“He took me in a red car the last time,” Kate twisted her brow, thinking back on the awful day that Victor took her to the beach. “I think he mentioned it was a Chevrolet?”

Naomi was nodding, “His 1989 red Chevrolet Caprice, his father bought it for him when he turned twenty one. He’s had it ever since and he always drives it.” Then her lips were etched into a wide smile, “And lucky for us, I’ve been pick locking that car ever since I and Victor started dating.” She didn’t say anything more about her and Victor’s history since that was something private to her but after a short bout of sleep, which Eva hadn’t accomplished well at all, they crept out to the parking bays.

Using a hair pin Naomi flicked the lock on the boot and soon Kate was crawling into it, “Now make sure that Victor doesn’t open this and I’ll get out whenever you stop and bang on the hood okay?” she was saying, curled up like a baby in the back of Victor’s car.

“And when we stop you escape and go straight to a police station, quick as you can and you tell them where we are.” Melanie was assuring her, they had glimpsed at maps in Victor’s room. They knew too well where they were, but they knew that escaping was a harder feat to accomplish.

“Good luck to you two as well, we’re counting on things going well back here just as much as everything else.” Eva assured the other wives and they were hugging and saying their goodbyes, hoping that they would all see each other again in the not so distant future.

Then at six in the morning Eva met Victor with her packed bag slung over a shoulder. He picked his way to the Chevy, Eva inwardly praising her fellow wives. He kissed her on the lips, savouring them for a moment. She wished for mouth wash but was pushed back against the door of the car as he melted into the kiss. Then she was let go and he was unlocking the door, opening the passenger door for her and moving round to his side of the car.

“Shall we go on our honeymoon then Evie-girl?” He said rejoicing in the feeling that his lips had when the words left his mouth.

“We shall and we will enjoy it,” she stroked his hand over the gear shift and tried not to shiver over the way it felt different to Lucas’s familiar gesture.

The car roared and they were driving out of the Compound, a stretch away from freedom if only Victor wasn’t in the driver’s seat. As the scenery changed, Edinburgh coming back to life around her as they drove away from Eva’s captivity, she allowed her mind to drift.

Edinburgh was where she and Lucas fell in love. After finally admitting their feelings to one another, a feat that was fully explained just sitting in Betty overlooking a park, Eva had felt like she was made of feathers and not bones and tendons.

They travelled to Hermitage of Braid in Edinburgh, holding hands as they walked amongst the old trees. The estate lay behind them and they disappeared into the green. In one of the trees, far away from civilisation Lucas took out a pocket knife and wielded it in front of Eva.

“What are you going to do with that?” she playfully enquired, watching as he tried to flip it in his hand.

“I’m going to…” he paused, pretending to draw the knife across her neck, laughter flew into the treetops and then he carried on, “carve our initials into a tree of course.”

The next hour was spent carefully and dutifully carving their initials, Lucas trying to draw a heart around them and then settling for an x underneath. Lucas kissed her when it was finished and she felt the engravings press into her back as she leaned up against the old sycamore tree. They then lay down on the grassy floor, recounting the history of the place they visited from websites on their phones and trying to bird watch. But every time Eva thought she saw one of note, Lucas would distract her either with a spontaneous touch to her forearm, a puff of warm air against her ear, or a wondering on what that cloud up there looked like. She didn’t mind though because she was having fun and she felt as light as a bird.

Everything was right with the world and they sang their love to the leaves.

“Where are we going husband?” she asked as they entered the city centre, her arm leaning against the window. She looked briefly back at where Victor had put their bags in the back seat, blessing any saint that he hadn’t tried to put them in the boot of the car. So far the plan had worked.

“To a hotel my dear, to have a bit of peace and quiet, a place to ourselves,” Lucas grinned at her through the mirror, and as they hit traffic, one hand dangled over the fallen strap of her dress, pressing into her shoulder and lingering there just to feel the layout of her skin.

They pulled up to a building that looked more like an old castle instead of a hotel, Victor laughed at the awed look Eva had in her eye and stopped the car, moving to get their bags. Eva exited, taking a deep inhale before rapping her knuckles against the boot of the car, it opened subtly and Eva didn’t see Kate even though she knew she was there.

“Say hello to our freedom my dear Evie-girl,” Victor laughed and locked the car, not noticing that the boot was left ajar despite his efforts. She didn’t look back even when she knew Kate would be climbing out of the car and running to her absolute freedom. Meanwhile Eva had to gather her spirits and go into the hotel with her husband.

At the desk he checked them in as Mr. and Mrs. Able, honeymooners that earned the highest level of suit and spa treatment. Victor must have paid a lot because their room was spacious, a bed that looked a mile long despite being of regular size, and the wall had an abstract mural of Edinburgh stylishly painted on it. Victor’s devilish grin towards the bed told her all she had to know about his plans for this day trip.

Instead of dwelling on it, she remembered when she had first met Lucas. It had been in Primary School, year three to be exact, and Lucas knocked a kid down while trying to play basketball with the small hoops. She had marched up to him, her hands on her hips and demanded that Lucas (or Tweedle as she referred him as) stop playing so rough. Lucas challenged her to a game and they played four rounds before Lucas realised that Eva was just as much of a challenge as anyone else. It was from that day that Lucas’s sportsmanship was born and their friendship came into fruition alongside it. It was from that day that Eva recognised that Lucas’s anger brought unwelcomed words. Back then however she cared little for it, knowing the insults were childish and rude and incredibly meaningless. They had been friends from that day since and Eva knew Lucas’s faults just as much as Lucas came to learn hers.


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