Summer Kids

When Lucas Tweedle, leader of Left Hand Private Investigators, receives a box containing a film he hasn't seen in years, he is prompted on a road trip across miles and years. He has to save Eva Grey, the only girl that ever loved his teenage self.
She may be in the clutches of the Nemesis Crime Ring but the memories of the summer after college graduation haunt the both of them.






Victor left Naomi sated but with fire in his veins.

That damn girl, having a damn conscience for another wife. That was not why he had four wives, he had four wives because he could and he would reward God’s decision while reaping the rewards himself. He married Naomi because he loved her. He married Melanie because he saw strength. He married Kate because he sensed greatness under shyness. He married Eva because she reminded him of himself before all of this happened, headstrong and ambitious and burning bright.

But if a particular wife meant bringing God’s words down to fiery depths then he would deal with that wife with his own kind of hell.

He had trusted Melanie with being a Scouter because she was good at training and persuading others, having been a yoga instructor with a kid in her previous life. She was good at what she did but this time she had too much empathy and she disobeyed him.

No one disobeyed him. Not even one of his wives.

She and Lloyd went to deal with this ransom with Eva’s parents, a job that was simple enough Victor thought, three people got out leaving Melanie and one other in the car and when she saw Eva’s parents she freaked and knocked the other person out. When the ransom went downhill and the police got the upper hand, she drove the getaway car away from the scene and tried to escape.

Luckily two guys out of the three that had exited the car caught up and stopped Melanie before she could go far. One of the men knocked Melanie out, even when she was shouting obscenities about a lack of morals and going against God.

What was it with his wives and trying to disobey him?

Kate had tried to kill herself.

Melanie tried to escape.

He remembered the undulated rage he felt when they came back with her in the backseat and one seat left empty. Lloyd had been taken by the police; it had been Melanie’s fault.

He had been waiting at the garage part of the warehouses, they should have been back by now, but they weren’t. Then the car was screeching into the garage, not caring about the noise they were making and the attention they were probably attracting, and Victor could see that Lloyd was not in the front seat like he should have been.

“Where is Lloyd?” He gritted out as soon as Henry and William exited from the two front seats.

“Gone,” Henry muttered, rubbing his chin in worry.

“Gone? What do you mean by ‘gone’?!”

“The police have him sir,” William inputted looking anywhere but Victor’s face.

“And what absolute buffoon allowed that to happen?” Every nerve ending in Victor’s body registered rage. Lloyd had been there from the start, coming into the Family from when Victor’s father ran it behind everyone’s back.

Henry nodded towards the car and Carson exited with a limp Melanie in his arms. Her head lolled towards Victor and he could see a red mark on her forehead.

“We had to whack her head off the steering wheel sir,” Carson mentioned before elaborating, “She eh – bolted, knocked me out and drove away, trying to escape sir I swear.”

Victor rubbed his forehead, suddenly disappointed in his wife. Why was it that it was only Naomi that could follow the goddamn rules? And well, Eva now he supposed.

“Tell me everything.”

The command was gritted out and by the time they had set Melanie down onto the ground and told the whole story Victor was even angrier.

“Sir we can’t risk Melanie doing that again can we?”

“No we can fucking not Carson thank you for pointing out the obvious,” Victor could always count on his people for saying what he already knew, what God already knew. “Take her to my room, I will handle her.”

They took the unconscious girl to his room, and she looked ironically angelic there on the white sheets. “Get out of my sight and William you will take over training in Lloyd’s absence, I will think of a plan for Lloyd’s extraction and call a meeting later on.”

The other men nodded without complaint and left.

Victor sighed in rare defeat. He sat on the bed for a moment and stroked her hair. His other fingers was pressed against her throat, feeling as she swallowed in her unconsciousness. It wouldn't take much to get the life out of her but no, he couldn't do that. There would be too many bodies, too wives to deal with afterwards.

“How could you do this to me Mel-bel? How could you betray me like this?”

He allowed himself a moment before he took out his keys and unlocked the drawer that he had promised himself would always be shut.

Now he unlocked it and took out the clear vials that stayed there, drawing a needle into one of the five vials and measuring out an amount.

His father had once called this a Dopamine Agonist, back when his father was a Chemist at a factory. But this batch had severe side effects and all of the patients that had been administered it had had severe short term amnesia. They simply couldn’t remember the last twenty four hours.

They would be okay afterwards, besides a few symptoms of nausea and euphoria.

His father had labelled it a Dopamine Amnesiac right after it, and even when that batch had been discontinued and changed to perform its job properly his father still made it. It proved useful when his father set up the Warehouses for the first time.

Victor didn’t hesitate when he coated a damp towel with witch hazel so that Melanie wouldn’t see or feel the swelling on her forehead in the morning and he didn’t hesitate when he inserted the needle just behind her ear. He made sure that she wouldn’t remember ever disobeying him and trying to escape.

Then he locked the drawer and with anger still in his veins he carried her back to the chapel, feeling like she wasn’t worth being in his arms.

Now that he didn’t have Naomi to distract him he allowed himself to remember how all of this had started. His father had had a vision one night that told him that God wanted people to rid others of their fear, for it was only those who went without fear that would be accepted into Heaven to meet God. His father then bought a series of warehouses on the outskirts of Edinburgh and he used the money from the inheritance he earned from a dead uncle to build a chapel and keep everything under wraps.

He employed some people from the factory, deeply religious people, and together they took Dopamine Amnesiac’s to women and began to test them on their fears. They housed them in the warehouses and chose women because they were easily to catch. His father needed more people on his team and so he started to manufacture a drug that made people more persuasive, in his word men were superior and so only men had the chance to become part of the Family.

That was where Lloyd came in.

Then his father found out that he had cancer, a cancer they couldn’t cure, and so he became more desperate, desperate enough to add his son to the fold. He didn’t give Victor much of a choice because he turned up with an unconscious girl and when Victor refused to kill her, his father snapped her neck with his bare hands and told Victor to bury her in the very same back garden they stood in.

“Being weak like that won’t get you into Heaven boy.”

Victor believed in religion, he believed that God sent Naomi to cure all of his own ills and so he was doing it for Naomi when his father told him that to preserve both of their virtues he had to take over the business.

The first time Victor killed a girl he didn’t even know her name.

Stacy or Helen or June or Moira. It could have been anything. But the girl was in the box and suffocating through her fear of snakes and his father was out earning them more money while he was still alive.

His father’s work at the factory making chemicals made them enough money to live by and when he died the settlement sum was enough to last them years upon years even with the cut Victor gave his mother.

The girl had went unconscious through her fear.

Victor’s father had come back in.

“She’s not worthy enough of Heaven my boy,” he crooned as he realised.

Victor knew what to do then, he knew what his father wanted him to do, and so without even being told he injected the girl with snake poison that his father had bought.

He held his fingers to the woman’s pulse and waited until the poison got to her heart. Then when the pulse stopped he turned to see his father smiling.

“You’ll get to Heaven my boy.”

Nearly a month after that his father died and Victor was still testing the females he had, running out and realising that he would have to catch more, maybe adding males into the mix if he felt daring. He didn’t think of the half a dozen females he had tied up in the warehouse, or the grave in the back garden of his house, or the girl he had dumped in a forest in a makeshift grave.

He took over the business and he willed God to let him into Heaven.

He worked to make both of his Father’s proud and it was from then on that he created his Family through blood and fear. 




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