Lies On Death

18 and already branded. Shela tries to make it in a world where death could become her truth. it could tell her everyting she needs to know about who she was and is now. she is dangerous to everyone, but her boyfriend Ryan.


3. 3


“Come on we are literally almost there. What’s your problem?”

“My problem is that we should of been here 5 hours ago.”

"Well, not my problem. You know I was still trying to get what happened last week out of my head."

"And you do realize that I don't care. You shouldn't of tried to kill Ray then you wouldn't have to deal with it."

I wish that sometimes that my life were more easier than this they all argue and fight all the time and I am in the middle of it. It doesn't matter it always has me in the middle of it. I am going to break it up one day.

"Shut the hell up! We are here and you guys don't want to make a fool of yourselves."

walking out into pure daylight was like a vampire in the sun. I couldn't see one bit. The only thing I could see was soldiers and a random guy standing in front of them.

"welcome to the apartments that nobody ever leaves. I am Batpig and I am boss here"

"so this ain't a haunted house is it? So you just are going to kill us all and now I am leaving."

"you ain't going nowhere sweetheart. look at my men they ain't killed anybody in three years. come on don't you wanna play?"

"I ain't getting caught up in this bullshit," I said as I ripped off the patch on my arm and leg, "bitch try me. double branded."

he looked worried," Ray is she lying?"

looking into Ray's eyes he was just like me except his were on his back, "No sir she isn't."

"Well guess what I don't care how powerful you might be over me, but you are not standing in my way you got me? I don't care."

"Alright, but no one is killing anyone."

"Fine, but I can't keep that a promise. Hey it is my nature. I might leave you to be the last one alive."

We walked all the way inside the gigantic gates surrounded by the demons. I could feel the evil as if there was a gun to the back of my head. It took a lot of my strength to keep myself from running out of the gates and risk getting killed. Then again if I died I won't be able to save my friends. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I should have took the risk and kill myself while trying to chance to escape. I never knew of how much blood would have been spilled.

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