Lies On Death

18 and already branded. Shela tries to make it in a world where death could become her truth. it could tell her everyting she needs to know about who she was and is now. she is dangerous to everyone, but her boyfriend Ryan.


1. 1


There is always a lie that someone has told you a lie. As of life everyone has told you a lie about it. Listen to my story as you follow me into a world that has no mercy, no faith, no trust. Everyone has a mark. You just can’t see it. Everyone has a character that proves them as dark or light, but not me. I am scared as a person. I am dangerous as a person. I need help in this world before they find me.


    “Hey guys who wants to go to this haunted place called, The Haunted town?”

Everyone said they wanted to go, so I set it up. I had everything planned out for our graduation vacation. I had my boyfriend with me at everything especially my volleyball games, and world speeches. I was the one in a million as he says. If anything happens to me on this trip he would kill himself. Of course I told him not to because I always find a way to make it back to him.

Ray and I live together. To be exact we have been living together since 8th grade. My dad left when I was only 5, and my mom was abusive. In the middle of the night I packed up my stuff and moved. I was happy to get out of there because that was the end to my horror life.

“Hey babe are you sure we should go through with this?”

“Yeah because we have been planning to do this for years.”

Yeah, but I don’t want you to be disappointed, babe”

`“When am I ever disappointed. You do realize you have held me back from everything that would ever hurt me. Right?”

“Yeah, but if you get disappointed do not come running back to me for comfort.”

I was really ticked off now. He wouldn’t ever let me do anything, and in plus I can take care of myself. It’s not like I am a baby anymore. I never was when I met him. When I was little my dad wanted me to go with him, but mama wouldn’t let him take me away. I actually wanted to go with him, but okay let's just look into my past.


    “I wanna go with daddy!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

    I swear if you take Shela with you, I’m calling the cops!” I heard mama yelling.

    “You are not going to grow up this way I promise,” daddy whispered to me, “I will be back to take you with me one of these days.”

    Daddy left that night and I never saw him since. I miss him so much right now that it ain’t funny. Mama grabs me by the arm and yanks me away from the door everytime I tell her I have a date. It is no use but to start telling her that I have to go show a new student around the school. Well, I mean I do sometimes. She’ll watch me leave every day making sure that nobody is around. One day I’ll take her to court for child abuse. I have all the evidence I need. Only piece I’m missing is daddy.

    “Ms. Shela, come to my office right now.”

“Yes, sir.” Have no idea what I did, but I’m fixing to find out.

He closed the door and put his hand in his hair. I can’t believe that the youngest(23) and hottest teacher was about to speak to me. “Are you okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“At home. Are you okay?”

“No. why? Did something happened?”

“Your mom she isn’t supposed to be where she is right now.”

“What do you mean?”

“You may not believe me, but listen.. She is supposed to be in prison right now, so when you get home. Scratch that don’t even go home. Just go some”

    I didn’t go home, but I went to my bestfriend's house. Threw my phone in the lake 300 mi. from the school.


That’s what I mean. Dad never came back mom was abusive. This world is not cupcakes and rainbows. This crap is the real deal no ifs ands buts about it.



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