Life as Young Assassins

This is about friends who have been chosen to become assassins and their adventures they take.

credit to my good friend for helping make the story.


13. Valentine’s Day

Evanna POV:

    Beep! Beep! As my phone rang, I got up and looked at my phone. My eyes were a little blurry, so I rubbed my eyes and saw that it was the prince who is texting me. I didn’t open my text message app since I really don’t what to respond to him right now, but also if he sees that I’ve read it, he is going to think that I’m cheating on him and going to yell at me like what just happened a couple days ago.

    “See you at school,” he texted with an emoji with heart-shaped eyes. I groaned and ignored him for now. I got up out of my bed and did my morning routine and I was so tired today for some reason. I went downstairs in the living room, and laid on the sofa and closed my eyes a little. After 5 minutes, I think, I woke up from Bill moving my legs and putting it on him as he sat down. I started to freak out and sat up.

    “What are you doing?” I asked him. He got out three boxes of Pocky sticks with balloons, that says Happy Valentine’s Day, behind his back. “Oh,” I said as I blushed a little.

    “Happy Valentine’s Day, Evanna,” Bill said as he gave me he pocky sticks and the balloon. I hugged him immediately. I didn't know that he knew what I like.

    “Thanks,” I said as I let go. His face was a little red and I took the gift from him. “I’m going to hide it right now, so Samuel won’t destroy it.” I opened my portal and put the gifts in the portal. After I put my hand out of the portal, the portal closed. “Go wake up everyone but Roxy,” I explained to him as I got up. I walked to the staircase until I looked around to see that Bill wasn’t around. I giggled and ran upstairs to Roxy’s room straight away. I opened the door and she was fixing her hair. “Guess what, Roxy,” I said as I squealed like I was fangirling. Roxy finished fixing her hair and turned to me with a laugh.

    “What is it?” She said as we stand face to face.

    “Bill got me a valentine gift,” I said really soft. Roxy leaned closer to me.

    “What was that?” she said while she was teasing me. I ignored her smile.

    “Bill got me a valentine gift,” I whispered in her ear.

    “What was that again?” She said as she smirked. I gave her a disdain face and walked towards to door.

    “You heard me the first time,” I replied to her loudly. I opened the door and left. Bill was about to walk down the stairs until he saw me. I walked up towards him. “Did you wake everyone up?” I said as we both walked down the stair. He nodded and put his head down. I opened to front door and Bill stood there. I was worried about him but I have to go. I closed the door in front of him and walked towards Paris’s car. As I opened the car door, Paris has a bunch of roses on her. She tried to hide it as I sat down in her car. “Did Mr. P. gave that to you?” She blushed as she starts the car. I got on my phone and waited for her to answer. “Well?” I asked as she drove. “Did he?” Paris likes Mr. P and Mr. P does too, but he denies it all the time. She began to squeal.

    “He gave it to me in person,” She said as she stopped in the school’s parking lot. “He never does that before.”

“Awwww,” I said. “That’s cute.” I got out of the car and waved bye to Paris. “Tell me all about it later.” As I walked in school, Prince Ace was waiting for me at the door while girls try to give him Valentine gifts. I walked up to him and order the girls to get away from him.

    “Why didn’t you answer me?” He said as he leaned on the wall. I gave him a confused look.

    “You texted me?” I took out my phone. I hit my head. “I’m sorry, I was in a hurry to class.” The prince put his arm around me.

    “Don’t worry,” He said with a smile. “You must be in a hurry to look cute for me for Valentine’s Day, aren’t you?” He said as he looked at my red skirt with heart shapes.

    “Yep,” I said as we walked to class. I sat down in my seat and waited until Roxy comes in. It was pretty much a normal day until the girl, that pulled my hair, throws Valentine chocolate in the prince’s face. My jaw dropped as she turned around and sat in front of him. He refused it. She looked back and told him to accept it but he still refused. She was desperate to give it to him so that he took it and threw it away after class. He actually took it and after class, he threw it in the trash like seriously, he could have given it to me or something. I looked at Roxy. “He could have given it to me.” Roxy nodded as she agreed. After a few hours of school, I started to think that he has forgotten to give me a gift for Valentine’s Day.


    “Hey Evanna,” every girl asked him in the girl’s locker room after gym class. I put my jacket on and looked behind me. All the girls giggled, “Did he give you anything?” I put my head down and walked away.

“That’s a no, I think,” one of the girls said as she laughed like she was going to win the prince’s heart. “I’m sure he’ll think of something for you, Evanna.” I kicked the door opened and Roxy was right in front of me. She gave me a smile as she handed my backpack to me.

“Did he give you anything yet?” Roxy asked. I shook my head no.

“Did Kegan give anything yet?” I asked as she opened the door really hard. “Geez, are you okay?” She looked at me like she was about to scream. “He did give you something?”

“He got me chocolates and a wolf plushie,” She explained with a grin on her face. We both laughed and everyone started to cheer about something. We both looked around the corners and the prince tried to keep everyone down. “I think that prince got you a surprise,” She said as she walked out first. She grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the prince.

“This was your plan, right?” I whispered to her as I got dragged by her.

“No,” She replied quietly. “It was his idea.” The prince asked everyone throw rose petals everywhere as I walked down the hallway. He opened the front door of the school and there was a car with Valentine balloons everywhere tied to the car. Just to remind you, I’m only a freshman (15). I can’t even drive yet.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Evanna,” I stood in the front door shocked. Roxy was right next to me and was also as shocked as I was. The prince hugged me and kissed my forehead. “All yours. Sorry if I didn’t get what you wanted.”

“Are you kidding this is the best Valentines gift ever,” I said in an excited tone. “Thank you.” The prince tossed me the keys. Before I could say anything.

“Have to go, bye,” the prince said as he ran towards his car and drove off.

“Definitely was not my plan.”

“Wait what?” I asked her softly. “You in this too?”

“I only gave him an idea but he took it overboard,” Roxy explained. “How the heck did he even pay for all of this and bring it here when he was in class the whole time. I look at my phone and called Paris.

“What is it!?” She yelled at me on the phone. “I’m picking you guys up.”

“Bring Mr. P. with you,” I replied on the phone. “The prince got me a car. A SPORTS CAR.”

“Geez,” Paris said as I heard her yelled for Mr. Pusher to come with her. I hung up on her and Roxy was observing the car. I walked out of the of the school and opened the car door. I looked at it and the gas was already full.

“He has to be crazy rich for this,” Roxy said as everyone went home. “Does he know that you’re a freshman?”

“Apparently not,” I replied to her. “I made it clear that I’m a freshman but he still thinks I’m sophomore.” Roxy faced palm herself. “Hey, It’s not my fault that I act too mature.”

“It’s not that,” she said as we got out of the car. “The ball invitation, that you went to see the prince, was only for sophomores to go not freshman.”

“Oh,” I said. “I didn’t know that because I was the only single one in the group.”

“You did have Avery but no one will like her if she’s going to be obsessed with Samuel,” Roxy explained before Paris and Mr. P. drove by. Mr. Pusher got out of the car and I handed him the keys to the car.

“Took you guys long enough,” I said to them as Mr. P. got in my car. Roxy went in Paris car as I walked towards the passenger of my car and hopped in. Mr. Pusher looked at the car in a confused look. “What is it?”

“How in the world does he get all this money to by a sports car?” Mr. P. said as he drove off. “We got to give it back. What if he stole this money from the king?”

“That what I was thinking?” I said to him.

“We’ll just call the king to let him know for now,” he said as he called the king. After he hung up on the king, he made a big sighed.

“What?” I asked him in curiosity. We both stopped in front of the mansion and opened the car door as we got out.

“The king said that he brought the car for you,” Mr. Pusher said as we walked in the mansion. I gave him an angry look. “What?”

“Nevermind,” I said as I ran into my room. Roxy was there working on her drawings.

“What is it now? She said as she stopped drawing and looked at me, jumped in bed.

“The car was from the king not the prince,” I explained to her. “I knew it. There was something sketchy about it.”

“Upset because you got a car from the king?” She said as she raised an eyebrow.

“No,” I replied back to her. “He lied right in my face that’s what I’m upset about.” I growled. “I really want to kill this prince.”

“Oh, now you’re ready to kill him,” Roxy said. Let’s go call everyone, but Avery, to have a meeting tomorrow.”

“I’m not doing it right now?” I replied as I sat up and gave her a serious look. “He will suspect me to kill him since it’s not his present, he might know that I knew about this so his bodyguards are on top about guarding the prince.”

“True,” Roxy said. “What do you think, will you want to kill him?”

“I need to make the bodyguards sick first but he has so many of them,” I explained to her. "Hundreds of them. “

“Geez,” Roxy said as she went back to her drawing and says with a smirk. “He must’ve dated so many gold diggers.” I took off my jacket and laid on my bed. I stared at the ceiling for a bit and yawned. “Already tired? This is your 10th time skipping lunch and dinner. How are you alive?”

“I don’t know,” I replied to her. “Do we have homework?”

“Yes, but we already finished,” Roxy said as she turned her computer to me. “What do you think?” I looked up and she drew a wolf with so much detail. It was like real fur.

“Whoa,” I said as I jumped out of my bed. “That’s so detailed. How did you make your wolf like that?” Someone knocked as Roxy explained how. “Who is it?”

“Bill,” he said as he stopped knocking on the door. “Mr. Pusher want us to wait in the training room.” Roxy and I looked at each other for a minute with a confused look. “Hurry.” Roxy and I got up and rushed out of my room. “Come on, you two are slow.” He said as he ran down the stair. Roxy and I smirked and we both teleported in front of the training center. Bill finally ran towards us and asked, “How did you guys get here so fast?”  

“Magic,” Roxy said as she looked towards the door. Mr. Pusher walked out of the door and everyone was looking at him with confusion on our faces. Two maids opened the door and the whole training room was filled with new equipment that we could use to climb on.

“Whoa,” Barrett said in excitement. “Dude, you really brought all of this?”

“For you guys only,” Mr. Pusher said as he took out cards from his pocket. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” We all thanked him and walked in and checked it out. “Don’t break it, Barrett and Evanna.”

“Since when did I break things?” I said to him.

“Ummm I don’t know,” Kegan replied jokily. “The punching bag and the wall.”

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