Life as Young Assassins

This is about friends who have been chosen to become assassins and their adventures they take.

credit to my good friend for helping make the story.


4. Training

Evanna POV:

“What time is it?” I rubbed my face. I turned to look at my alarm clock. It’s 5:35 am. “Oh crap, I’m late.” I tried getting up but my arm was stuck. I looked over at my arm and saw Samuel. I blushed and tried slowly removed my arm from his face. I let him sleep for awhile, while I do my morning routine. After I was done, I looked over at my bed. Samuel was peacefully asleep. I walked towards him and sat next to him. I leaned on him and whispered, “Samuel, it’s time to wake up.” He woke up and looked at me.

“Morning, Evanna,” He said in a sleepy voice and smiled. I blushed and smiled back at him.

“Morning, Samuel,” I replied to him. “How are you feeling?”

“I think I’m fine,” he said while he sat up. “Sorry that I made you worry last night.”

“It’s okay,” I nodded. “Get ready, we meet in the training center. See you there.” I opened a portal to his room and he got up. He hugged me and walked towards the portal, then the portal closed. I ran out to my room and woke up everyone else. After a long run, I ran towards the training center. I sat on a chair and waited for everyone. After everyone, but Avery, was in the training center, I begin explaining to everyone about the schedule for today. “We will train at 6 am, breakfast will be at 7 am, 8 am we will leave for school, 5 pm we leave school, training is after dinner, and then you guys can do whatever you want. I’m sorry about us not having a lot of time to have free time.”

“It’s fine,” said Jorge. “We are assassins for a reason, we all know we’ll have enough time to have fun.” I nodded and turned to Daran.

“Sorry, Daran,” I said softly. “I knew that you need as much free time but Mr. P says no.”

“It’s okay, leader,” He said with a wink. Avery walked in and I turned away from Daran to looked at her. “I see that you’re late,” I said while walking towards her. She was taller than before. I looked down at her shoes and she was wearing high heels. “I want you to change your shoes, high heels would be very difficult to use during a fight.”

“Fine,” she said with an attitude. I looked at my watch.

“Better change your shoes before 7 am,” I said to her while I lead everyone out of the training center.”

“What time is it?” She replied to me.

“Time for you to get a watch,” I laughed before walking away. I caught up with everyone and we all laughed.

“I can’t believe you change like this, Evanna,” Roxy asked.

“What do you mean?” I replied to her with a confused tone. “I'm always like this, maybe I never show this side of me in front of you.”

“Yeah, Evanna acts like this all the time towards us because we were raised in a bad neighborhood, so she kinda grew up like this,” Lele said to Roxy.

“Oh, that makes sense,” Roxy said.

“Roxy,” Daran said. “I made a controller for you while you hypnotize people or animals. It’s similar to video game controllers.” Roxy took the controller from Daran and we all sat down at the dinner table.

After we waited a little bit, Mr. P and Avery walked in and we all started eating. Mr. P sat next to me and explain how we both would be prepared for the training lessons.

Roxy POV:

I watched how Mr. P and Evanna whispered to each other. “I wonder what they are talking about?” I asked Kegan.

“Don’t worry,” He said. “She's got everything control, or she just being too Asian.” Evanna and Kegan always make Asian jokes because Evanna agrees to some of the stereotypes. It’s funny how they are still friends. “Roxy?”

“Yes?” I answered.

“Are you okay?” asked Kegan.

“Yeah. Why?” I asked.

“Nothing.” Evanna got up and walked away for a little bit. She came back with her backpack on.

“The bus is ready,” she said. Everyone went to the closet and grab our bags. Evanna starts to explain the schedule to Avery, while everyone started to walk out to the bus. After 2 minutes, Evanna walked out with an angry face. She sat next to me and tried to hide her face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

She replied, “Avery ignored everything I said again. I swear she doesn’t understand how hard it is to be me!”

“Umm, Yes I do!” Avery yelled. “All you do is have attention to yourself!” Evanna got up.

“Do you have any idea what I’ve been through!?” She yelled back. Avery goes up and walked towards Evanna. “I don’t get enough attention like you. Your parents gave you some attention but you returned them with nothing, unlike me, I’ll return them something that no young aged person would do!”

“Oh yeah!?” Avery yelled while grabbing Evanna in the collar. Evanna stood calmly.

“Okay now,” said Samuel. “We shouldn’t fight like this.” Evanna and Avery gave each other an evil stare.

“Okay then, I’ll fight with you later,” Evanna said. “At the training center.” Evanna pushed Avery away from her.

“Fine!” yelled Avery. “I will win, Evanna!” Evanna wanted to punch Avery but I stopped her. I grabbed her fist and dragged her towards me.

“Ignore her for now,” I told Evanna. “She’s just bluffing.” Evanna nodded and the bus stopped. Evanna got up and ignored Avery while talking to the bus driver. After Evanna stopped talking to the bus driver, she nodded her head to signal us. After we got off the bus and head to class, Evanna walked up to me.

“Why don’t you try the controllers on Avery?” She smirked. “It would be funny to see.” I opened my bag and took out my small teddy bear, I walked towards Avery and put the teddy bear in front of her. She was hypnotized. I got out my controllers and direct her in my command. “Make her bow to me,” Evanna said while she walks closer to me. Samuel and Daran watched. I controlled Avery to bow. Avery bowed to Evanna.

“Oh my gosh,” I squealed. “It worked.” Evanna cheered and laughed. We gave each other a high five.

“How did you know about your teddy bear powers?” She asked.

“I don’t know. It just came up to me.” I answered. I looked at Daran and he smiled.

Evanna POV:

After a while, the teacher walked in. We all went back to our seats. The teacher pointed to me and told me to come closer to me. I got up and walked towards the teacher. Everyone in the room started to whisper to each other. They were making bad rumors about me. When I finally got to the front of the room, I slammed my hand on the teacher’s desk. “You know, I could hear you guys gossiping, right!?” Everyone looked at me surprised. “Exactly! Don’t make rumors if you don’t know me well.” I turned to the teacher. “Is there anything wrong?” I whispered to him.

“That was brave of you but don’t you think you went a little too harsh on them,” he asked.

“It’s fine. They are college students,  they can handle it,” I answered him. “What seems to be the problems.”

“Well, this rich man, named Mark, came to my original house and threatened my wife. It seems to be a problem every weekend. Is there anything you can do to get rid of him for good because my wife says that everyone around the neighborhood is a victim too.” He begged.

“Mr. P would be here at lunch, you’ll have to talk to him, since I don’t have full power yet,” I said to him while writing down everything he said.

“I have a class by that time,” He said with a worried face.

“I’ll be there and teach while you talk to Mr. P for a while,” I suggested.

“That would be okay,” He said while grabbing my hand and shaking it. I nodded and he sent me back to my seat. Again, people whispered to each other and gossiped. I just ignored them. After class, Everyone walked out of class and gossiped more about me.

“Um, they are gossiping again,” said Acacia.

“I don’t know who started,” I asked Acacia since she can guess who started a rumor.

“It’s her. The blonde girl,” She pointed at her. I walked up to her while she was talking to her friends.

“Excuse me,” I said to her.

“Ew. What do you want?” She said in a girly way. I smirked and pushed her to the wall.

“Ew, why do you keep making rumors about me,” I said like I was mocking her.

“Ah,” she said with a surprised tone. “How dare you mock me?”

“You made fake rumors about me,” I said to her. “How old are you to do that?”

“I’m 32,” she answered back.

“Ha, 32,” I laughed. “I’m only 15 and I’m in college, unlike you, you started at a late age.” Everyone laughed. I tilted my head a little and gave her a death glare. “Make rumors again and I’ll ruin your reputation. Bye-Bye.” I turned and walked away from her. I went to catch up with my friends and went to class.

During lunch, I went to my first-period classroom and teach there, while my first period’s teacher talks to Mr. P out of the classroom about what he told me earlier. When the teacher went back to class, the class started to make weird noises. I wonder why they didn't act up when I was here alone. I tried reading people's mind, but I'll have to take off my eye patch. I can't expose my red animal eye and my scar. What if people question me? Now that would be annoying. I looked at Mr. P and he nodded. I walked towards him while he explains that tomorrow would be our first mission. We went to the lunch room and told the team what’s going to happen tomorrow. The team was scared at first but when Mr. P said he was going with us, they were relief.

“Why?” asked Avery.

“It’s a problem and we have to fix it!” Mr. P yelled. “It’s your job anyway, so stop asking questions. I would finish you when I got the chance but I can’t because you were chosen.”

Roxy POV:

After Mr. P snapped in front of Avery, Everyone stared at Avery and Mr. P. Evanna, who is leaning on the wall close to the door, clear her throat and pointed at the door. Mr. P turned to Evanna and walked out the door. Evanna followed after him and closed the door. I ran towards the door and eavesdropped them.

“I understand that you hate Avery as much as all of us but I wouldn’t tell her about you can’t kill her because the government, when she hears that you can’t do anything about her attitude, she’ll annoy you while you can’t do anything about it,” Evanna said.

“I know but I couldn’t help it,” Mr. P answered.

“I’ll make sure she doesn’t use you for advantaged,” Evanna said with a serious tone.

“You don’t mean…eliminating her right?” Mr. P hesitated. I stopped listening to her and ran towards everyone.

“Guys,” I said quietly. “I heard that if Avery wouldn’t listen to Evanna and Mr. P, she will eliminate her.” Everyone gasped.

“Wait, that can’t be her,” Samuel said. “She would never kill anyone for that reason.”

“I don’t know,” I said softly. “That’s what I heard.” Evanna harshly opened the door. Everyone jumped.

“What?” Evanna said while walking in. Mr. P looked at everyone before leaving.

“Nothing,” Samuel said with cold sweat on his face. Evanna looked at the clock.

“We should be going,” Evanna said while walking away. Everyone followed her to class.

After school was over, Everyone was very quiet. No one didn’t even want to speak until Evanna started to yell after training. “Why are you guys so quiet today,” Evanna yelled like she was about to cry. Everyone looked at each other with a guilty face. “Fine. Ignore me.” Evanna stormed out of the training center. After she made a big slam on the door, we all started to speak again.

“Why did she sound like she was going to cry?” Avery asked.

“I think she feels like we’re ignoring her like her childhood,” Samuel replied.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, when I was still in church school with her, I noticed that she didn’t have any friends and everyone hated her,” Samuel said. “She tried talking to other people but they rejected her.”

“Evanna was always alone that she had no one to talk to her,” Bill added. “I think when no one talked to her and stay away from her. like we did now, she might of think about her past.”

“Why is that a problem?” Avery asked in a mean tone. “She deserved it.”

“No, she doesn’t,” Acacia yelled. “You’re nothing but a brat and Evanna is a nice person. She doesn’t deserve to be alone, unlike you, you find your annoying way to have friends.” Everyone turned quiet.

“Why are you guys hating each other right now?” Mr. P said while walking in. Everyone looked at him with a shocked stare. “Hurry up and eat.” He said while pointing at the door.”

“What about Evanna?” Samuel asked. Mr. P ignored him and walked away. “I’ll meet you guys later. I’m getting Evanna.”

“No, you will not Samuel,” Mr. P said. Everyone went to go eat but with a sad face.

Evanna POV:

Tears flowing down my cheeks. “Why is this happening to me?” Someone knocked. “Who is it?”

“It’s Mr. P,” Mr. P said. I got up and opened the door. I put my head down, hiding my tears. “If you want to be alone, it's fine,” he said while handing me a paper. “It’s tomorrow schedule.” I nodded and bowed my head as a thank you. Mr. P walked away but then he stopped. “I’ll send a maid to bring food here too.” He walked away and I close the door. I ran and jump towards my bed and laid down. Someone knocked my door again and I got up.

“Hello Miss, I have your dinner ready for you,” a maid said. “I’ll be back in 20 minutes.”

“Thank you,” I said to her. I looked at the food and she passes me my food. I grabbed the tray of her hand and she closed my door.  After eating, the maid came back. I took the tray with me and gave it to her. She walked away. I closed the door and do my nightly routine. Hours later, a glow spread through my room. “What?” I sat up and saw Samuel. I laid down and looked away from him.

“I’m sorry,” Samuel said. He walked in and sat next to me in my bed. I pretend I didn’t listen to him. “Evanna, I’m sorry,” he said while trying to be in my face. I turned away from him and cover my face. I wanted to cry but I keep remembering my dad’s motto. ~Crying doesn’t do you any good~ “Please talk to me,” He begged while jumping on me. He grabbed my shoulders and move it to see my face. Once we were face to face, we stared at each other. “Why are you acting like this? We didn’t mean to hurt you.” Tears slowly grew in my eyes. “Please talk to me. Don’t ignore me. We lost our friends already and now we doing it again.”

“We’re just friends…” I whispered with a blank stare. Samuel looked at me with a blush. He sighed and laid next to me and hugged me. “Leave me alone.” I pushed him away but he hugged me harder. “Why are you here? You ignored me, you left me alone, and you lost our friendship. Why are you here?” A drop of water fell in my cheeks, but it wasn’t mine though.

“Evanna, I’m sorry,” Samuel said while tearing up. “The reason why I cried last night is that I felt regretful for hurting you way too much that you couldn’t handle.” I stopped trying to push him away and he scoots closer to me. I was right on his chest. “Please forgive me. I know I’m a horrible friend but I still miss you.” He let go of me and we both looked at each other. My tears stopped and my eyes weren’t blurred anymore. “I know how you felt, I felt the same way too.” Bill walked in. I grabbed his jacket and tucked my head down. I covered my face and Sam looked at Bill. Bill sat next to us. “Do you mind? Why did you barge in without her permission?”

“Did you tell her?” Bill said. Sam shook his head. “You have to tell why we did it,” Bill said with an attitude. After Bill left. Sam ignored him and looked at me.

“What does he mean by telling me?”I whispered him.

“The reason why I left is that I was too busy working on my business to get my dad’s attention but it didn't work,” he replied. “Now that we have each other, we both could accompany each other.” I felt so much guilt for some reason. Did I just get mad at him for no reason? Why did I do that to him? I'm such a bad person. Samuel hugged me. “The reason why we were quiet because we eavesdropped you and we heard you are going to eliminate Avery for being annoying, we were scared to mess with you.”

“I never said that!” I yelled. “You guys didn’t even hear me thoroughly. Why were you guys listening!?” I looked at Samuel but he was asleep. “Don’t ignore me.”

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