Life as Young Assassins

This is about friends who have been chosen to become assassins and their adventures they take.

credit to my good friend for helping make the story.


2. Tour

Evanna POV:

“Wake up,” my maid said. I got up and yawned.

“Good morning,” I said. “What’s your name again?”

“I’m Terry,” my maid said.

“What time is it Terry?,” I asked politely.

“It’s 6 am, my dear,” Terry said. “You must wear the uniforms that you are assigned to.”

“Okay,” I said while getting up and went to the bathroom in my room. I did my morning routine and dressed up to my uniform that Mr. Pusher assigned. After looking myself in the mirror I noticed my scar was fully healed but my eyes are different colors. I have navy blue and a red eye.

“Hurry up my dear,” Terry said. I ran outside my room and meet everyone at the bottom of the staircase.

“Good morning,” I said to them.

“Good morning, Evanna,” everyone but Avery said. Everyone glared at Avery.

“What?” Avery asked while looking at her nails.

“Aren't you going to say good morning to the leader?”

“Since when she was the leader?” She looked at me and circled around me. “She doesn't even look that tough to me and why is she wearing different outfits than us.”

“Because she’s the leader and she must wear outfit different from us,” Daran said while fixing his glasses. “She was chosen to be the leader, remember?”

“That's enough children,” Mr. Pusher yelled from the top staircase. “We're here to work together on thousands of mission. Choose to fail you will be out of here and we’ll make sure of it.”

“What does that mean?” Avery asked. I sighed.

“It means he'll kill you for good,” I said coldly. She shut her mouth.

“Evanna is the leader,” Mr. Pusher said while coming down towards us. He looked at me. “You are the leader, you are supposed to tell them what to do.” He gave me the planner. I read through it. “I only wrote today’s schedule which means tonight me must have a meeting about what are we going to do tomorrow and the day after.” I sighed. Everyone but Avery looked at me with a smile.

“Okay, everyone,” I said loudly. “Follow me and please follow what I'm about to say.” Everyone followed me outside and I pointed at the bus. “Everyone in and let's not waste time since we need to the there by 8.” Everyone hurried in the bus and I went on the bus. Mr. Pusher closed the door and put on his seatbelt. Mr. Pusher started to drive and he was driving really fast. The school is really far from us, but the good thing is starts at 9 am instead of 6 am. Mr. Pusher took 10 minutes to get to the school.

“Okay, everyone out,” He said. Everybody got out of the bus and check out the school.

“Whoa,” everyone said. The school was huge. It's like a hotel.

“Yes, I know what all of you kiddos are thinking. Is this a hotel?” Mr. Pusher said.  “No, this is a college.”

“Why are we in college? We’re barely in high school,” I said with a worried face.

“No need to worry, kiddos,” he said.

“Why do you always call us kiddos?” Barrett asked. “Why can't you call us by our names?” Mr. Pusher stared at Barrett for a bit. “Then call us, KIDDOS, by name for once,” Barrett yelled.

“Calm down, Barrett,” I said to him. “First of all, he does call some of us by name, so don't blame him for calling all of us kiddos. I bet he just doesn’t know how to say all of our names yet.”

“That’s right, Evanna,” Mr. Pusher said. “I don't know most of your names because we never introduced each other properly.”

“Okay, Let’s introduced ourself,” Barrett said while looking at Mr. Pusher right in his eye. “The name is Barrett.”

“Acacia,” Acacia said while crossing her arms. She pointed at Lele and Daran. “That's Lele and Daran.”

“My name is Samuel,” Samuel said with a bored face. Avery was fanning her face with her hands. Samuel rolled his eyes. “This girl is Avery.”

“You do notice me,” She said while bear hugging him.

“Roxy and Kegan,” I said while Roxy and Kegan were holding hands. Roxy and Kegan let go and blushed. Everyone looked at them with an “aww” face.

“Everyone knew my name,” I said while my voice faded. “If not, the name is Evanna.”

“Anyway, My name is Bill,” Bill said while clearing his throat. Everyone ignored him.

“All right,” Mr. Pusher said. “Let’s start our tour.” Everyone but I cheered. Everyone looked at me like I was a stranger. Gosh, why can't I be cheerful person? I’m so serious about this. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay,” I said in a serious tone.

“Miss Serious,” Samuel joked. Everyone laughed and I blushed in embarrassment. Mr. Pusher opened the door and everyone walked in with a surprised face.

“The inside is way bigger than it looked outside,” Roxy said. “Look at the stairs, the stairs are like in a spiral.” Everyone walked towards the stairs and looked up.

“How long is it up there?” Kegan asked while looking away

“Well there are 6 floors and we are way up there,” He said while trying to make a smile but we all knew it was a fake smile.

“Where’s the lunch room then,” Avery asked.

“Do you always ask for food or where’s the food is?” I asked her. She ignored me.

“Definitely, she always asked about food,” Samuel said. We both laughed.

“The lunch room is on the 3rh floor but you guys have to go to the private lunch room, not the public one because we need you separated from the college students,” Mr. Pusher said.

“Why are we separated?” I asked.

“Well college students can see you and talk to you but they can't know anything about you because they are not the important assassins in this school. It would be you guys who are important in this assassin school,” he replied. He walked up the stairs and everyone followed.

“I see,” I said. “But why are we important? What will we do that makes us important to this school.”

“You guys will be able to have missions while being in class which means you guys can miss classes,” He replied back. “You guys will have to go to classes with college students but during lunch, you will not because that's where we have our meeting altogether.”

“So, I have to take 2 meetings a day?” I asked while I sighed.

“Yes, that’s correct,” He said while patting my head. “Don’t worry I believe that you can

make it through the meeting.  I nodded and we finally made it to the 6 floor. I looked over my shoulders and see everyone behind our back was tired after the walk. Mr. Pusher turned around and face towards us.  “Oh, did I mention that the stairs are long and it’ll tire you out.”

“No!” Everyone but I yelled. Mr. Pusher jumped really high and I caught him.

“Seriously, you’re afraid of people yelling at you at the same time?” I said while joking around. He wiggled off out of my arms and fixed his suit.

“No, it’s nothing like that,” He said while whistling to play it off cool.

“Sure... okay,” I said while smirking. He should all our classes and the lunch room.

“Well kids I think we are done with our tours but when you guys leave, just know that you can slide down the stairs right?”

“No,” Roxy said. “Can we actually slide down?”

“Yes, watch,” He said. He jumped and catch the pole. He slides down and he laughed at the end. “It’s really fun, guys.” Everyone takes turn sliding down the pole but then I realized we were like a firefighter.

“Are we firefighters?” I asked.

“No, but it’s like it,” Mr. Pusher said with a smile.

“Okay, that’s scary,” Barrett said. “Why are you smiling like a creepy person?”

“What! My smiles are scary?” He yelled. “No wonder when I smile to a lady, she runs off.” Everyone laughed.

“You tried to get a girl?!?!” Acacia squealed.

“Uhhh, not really,” Mr. Pusher said while blushing in embarrassment. We all smirked.

“Do you want a girlfriend?” Lele said.

“No, I mean yes,” Mr. Pusher hesitated. He cleared his throat. “No. I don't need a lady to accompany me.”

“Okay suit yourself because we’re not going to help you,” Acacia and Lele said while looking at each other. Mr. Pusher groaned and walked towards the bus. Everyone laughed. Everyone walked in the bus and settle in the bus while waiting for Mr. P to come. I think we should have a nickname for him because I’m tired of said Mr. Pusher.

“Hey guys,” I said while Mr. Pusher started to drive. “Let’s give Mr. Pusher a nickname and us too. I heard that Assassin use nicknames so their person doesn't know our names. Oh and maybe Daran can make another machine to change us into human natural looking and make us have different personality maybe. Oh and a watch to transform our own.” I crossed my legs and look at Darren's to say if he would make another machine.

“I already did,” Daran replied. Everyone looked at Daran. Lele grabbed Daran’s tie.

“Why didn’t you tell us that you had another machine in the first place,” Lele yelled right in front of his face. Daran grabbed Lele’s hand and she let’s go.

“I made it last night,” Daran said while Lele jumped in surprised.

“How are you able to make a machine that fasts?” I asked.

“Well I asked for materials before dinner and the materials were in my room,” Daran explained. “I went straight to work and my whole room was like in my garage, a lab. My butler came and he was very mad at me so he made a secret room as my lab since my room is very small to use for a lab.”

“Seriously, your room is small,” I said with a bored tone. “My room is way too large for one person. I bet I could fit all of you guys in my room and I’ll still have some spaces to invite maybe 10 more people.

“What!” Avery yelled. Everyone looked at Avery. “That’s totally unfair. I totally need that space.”

“For what?” I asked Avery. “Makeup?”

“Yes,” She replied immediately. Everyone groaned. “What? All girls use them to look pretty.”

“Well that’s true, but Evanna don’t wear makeup and she looks twice as prettier than you,” Roxy said. Everyone looked at Roxy and made a comment about her roasting Avery. Avery got really angry about that.

“Do you want to go,” She said while getting up and tried to grab Roxy. I transform my boots without knowing and it turned into a boot with a knife at the bottom and I put my boot right next to Avery’s neck. Avery stopped with cold sweat flowing down her cheek and looked at me. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“No,” I said. “I’ll actually do it.” Avery sat back down. “Good girl.” I transform my boots back to normal and looked at everyone.

“How did you do that?” Daran said. “I didn’t activate that system yet.”

“Maybe I can control it because I can make my clothes or body as a weapon,” I said while the bus stopped. “I guess we don’t have time to have a tour of the mansion since it’s 5:40 pm now.” Everyone walked out of the bus and we all ran inside of the mansion. Everyone but I ran right to the dinner table and waited. I walked in the diner room and everyone was settled.

“Sorry if we didn’t have enough time for the tour in the mansion but we have a meeting later so hurry up with dinner, okay,” Mr. P said. I nodded. Samuel waved at me and I walked towards him but Avery ran towards Samuel and sat on the spot that Samuel saved.

“Avery, I save this spot for Evanna,” He said to Avery. Avery refused to move.

“I’ll move,” Roxy said. Samuel gave Roxy a smile. They both switched spots and I get to sit with Sam. We started to talk about why he left Sunday school without saying bye.

Roxy POV:

I looked at Evanna and Samuel, who is talking to each other. Samuel slowly wrapped his arm around Evanna’s back. Wait, is he flirting with her? Does he like her too? I grinned without knowing.

“Why are you grinning, Roxy? Evanna asked while Samuel looked behind her.

I nervously laughed, “Nothing.”

“Okay?”  Dinner was served it was same as yesterday. I guess we eat the same dish for a week. I looked at Samuel and Evanna, who are looking at each other like they are about to throw up. I ignored them for now since they look like they lovey dovey over there and eat since we didn’t eat lunch today.

After we were done, Evanna and Mr. P walked away from the table and I follow them for a while. Evanna put her arms behind and she did a sign language that I didn’t know what it means. Samuel was behind me and he understood what was the sign language was saying.

“She’s saying that you should probably go back or else you get hurt,” Samuel whispered.

“I see,” I looked at Evanna before I went to my room. I did my night routine but it was still early. Even if it was late, I can’t sleep. Why can’t I sleep? Is it because I miss my family? Why am I worrying? Suddenly, my door knocked. I walked to see who it was but it was nobody but mail on the ground. I picked up and closed my door slowly. I ran and jumped towards my bed and opened the letters. One was from my parents and another letter was from Evanna. I looked at Evanna’s note first. It says:

Hey Roxy,

I noticed there was some mail right in front of your door so I wrote this note to let you know to meet me at the front @6am in the morning when school starts. I groaned in tiredness because I don't like waking up so early. I looked at my parents’ letter and opened it:


Dear Roxy,

   I hope you having fun in the group. We wish you luck on your first training and first mission. We missed you so much. We’ll pray for you. Please don’t forget us and your brother’s promised that he keeps saying. Make sure you eat well and drink enough water! And don’t talk to boys!


                                        Your loving family


I laughed a little. “I promised, bro,” I whispered to myself while happy tears flow down my face. I missed them so much. I have never been by myself before until now. I shook my head a little and wiped off my tears. “I got to get stronger like Evanna would say,” I said to myself. I walked towards my mirror. I checked myself out. “Hmmm, should I call out to the animals around her for evidence.” I shook my head. “No, I don’t need them now. I should use my powers only for training and missions.”

   Evanna POV:

   I finally finished doing my night routine, I jumped in bed and thinking about what Mr. P said in the meeting. I looked around my room and saw someone standing at my door. I looked up. “Yes?” I asked. He walked closer to me. It was Bill. He laid down with me.

   “Aren’t you going to tell us the plan?” He asked.

   “Tomorrow, Bill” I groaned and laid down on my bed. “Tomorrow is Sunday, which means we are not doing anything, so I’ll tell you guys tomorrow.”

   ‘Okay,” He said in a flirty way. He sat on my bed. “So, what now?” I looked at him with a serious face.

“Go to bed,” I said while pointing at the door. He got up and walked out of my door and closed it. I tucked myself into bed and pray. After praying, I stared at my ceiling. “I’m getting so lonely all of the sudden,” I said to myself. I took a deep breath. I turned to my left and I fell deeply asleep.

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