Life as Young Assassins

This is about friends who have been chosen to become assassins and their adventures they take.

credit to my good friend for helping make the story.


12. Royal Civil War

Evanna POV:

    “Evanna?” Roxy asked after we ran the mile. I blanked out. Roxy hit my back playfully. “Just breath, you did great.” I took a deep breath and looked at her.

    “Are you kidding me?” I asked her in an angry tone. “I lost to the prince by one second.”

“You really want to win that bad,” Roxy said while laughing me. “How much points?”

“By 1 point off,” I replied while walking around the track with Roxy. Roxy sighed. “What?”

“Oh nothing,” She said while looking at the gym teacher. “We’re about to leave so let’s  hurry.” We both speed walked towards the teacher and he blew the whistle. “Told you.”

“Nice,” I said with a concerned tone. “Did you asked the animals?”

“Haha no,” She said while we went to the bus. We didn’t change today so the boys were all smelly in the car.

“It’s winter break, guys,” Avery cheered. Everyone groaned. “What’s wrong? No school!”

“But we’re stuck with you,” I said coldly.

“Ooo burn,” Everyone said. I laid down trying to sleep but it was uncomfortable. Bill passed me his small backpack to lay on.

“Thanks,” I said while I felt little drums from my heart. He nodded and I looked away and closed my eyes. “What is wrong with me? I know for sure I like Samuel but I never felt my heart pounding like this towards him.” I ignored it and took a nap.

After a little nap, I woke up in my room. “How did I get here?” I looked around for notes. I found one on my computer. It was from Bill. “Bill, did he carried me here?” I read the note and walked out of my room to catch up with training. “Sorry that I’m late,” I said while walking in. “I guess I was too tired from running in gym class.”

“Evanna, can you show how you usually do when there's an opponent with a weapon?” Mr. P asked. He got out his gun and was ready to pull the trigger. I ran towards him and duck down once he pulls the trigger. I swing my leg right on his kneecap and push the gun off his hand as he fell down. “Care to explain how you do it?”

“All I did was try to get the weapon out first,” I explained in a tired tone.

“That’s correct,” He said while getting up. “Always make sure that your opponent does not have any item them. I make it a little easier to worry about in the process. Take your seat.” Bill patted the seat next to him. I walked over to him and sat down as we watch Paris and Mr. P. some moves that could be useful. I was getting bored and Bill started playing with my foot. “You really have big feet for a small person,” He whispered as he measures our feet together.

“These feet are used to stomp people like you,” I said coldly. He laughed a little. I looked away from him while trying my best not to look at him. After the lesson, We all pretty much just do our night routine. I walked into my room and noticed that I should probably give Bill an ID for my room. “Hey Roxy, should we trust Bill? He seems to behave well.” Roxy walked closer to me.

“I’m not sure,” Roxy said. “He pretty much does lots of bad things but also he’s honest and stuff.” I sighed. “Just give him a little more time and we could give him an ID, but what computer will he use though?”

“He has his own laptop,” I replied. “He could bring it here and work.”

“That could work,” Roxy added. “Then we should give it to him within 2 weeks.”

“Exactly,” I said before turning on my laptop. “The prince told me to meet him today. We’re going to go ice skating. He asked if you want to come with Kegan.”

“Really?” She screamed in excitement. “Prove it.” I laughed and gave her my phone while she read our conversation. “Yes, of course, but I know what about Kegan?”

“Let’s ask him right now,” I said while closing my laptop and we both ran out of the door. We ran towards Kegan’s room and knock. He opened the door with a bored face.

“How about we all go to the ice skating later with the prince?” Roxy said with a soft tone. I could tell that she was nervous about asking him. I looked at her with a smirk. “It’s not like a date or anything,” She said nervously while playfully punching me. I laughed and Kegan replied.


“Really,” Roxy said in excitement.

“Do you guys even know how to ice skate?” I asked them.

“Yes,” they both replied at the same time. We all stared at each other and laughed.

“I don't know how to ice skate, guys,” They looked at me with a concerned look.

“It’s just like roller skating but you have to be careful because it could be sharp on the bottom,” Kegan explained. “I know for sure you know how roller skate.” My phone rang.

“Hello,” I replied on the phone.

“Hey, It’s Ace,” Prince Ace said. I turned off the speaker for Roxy and Kegan to hear.

“How are you?” I replied innocently.

“Are your friends coming?” He asked me.

“Yes,” I replied. I started to feel like someone staring at us.

“Okay,” He said with a happy tone. “See you guys at my place, I’ll drive you guys there.”

“Thank-,” I said before the prince hung up. I looked at my phone. “How rude?”

“Now I see why you hate him,” Roxy said. “He kept you on read all this time and hung up before you were trying to be nice.” I sighed. “When are we going?”

“Right now,” He always calls an hour before we leave. “Go change.” We all went to go change to out winter clothes and when I got out of my room, Samuel was standing next to the stairs. I texted Mr. P that I was leaving and ignored Samuel.

“Where you think you’re going?” Samuel said with an angry tone.

“With the prince, why?” I asked him while he grabbed my hand.

“Stay home,” He replied angrily. I forced Samuel to let me go and walked downstairs.

“Can’t,” I said while Roxy and Kegan walked down the stairs.

“You should’ve invited me then,” He yelled at me from upstairs.

“The mission Samuel,”I yelled back and looked away. “You have the princess. Take her with you. I bet she’ll call you in 5 seconds.” While putting my boots on, Sam’s phone rang. It was the princess. She wanted Samuel to come. After she hung up with him, I yelled at Samuel. “Told you.” He growled and I walked outside and Mr. P was in the car with Roxy and Kegan. I sat in the passenger seat and Mr. P. drove off. When we were in front of Prince Ace’s place, he was walking out of his door with a pair of ice skates with gold in it.

“Hi, Evanna,” He said as I got out of the car.

“Hi, Ace,” I said while Roxy and Kegan walked out. Mr. P. drove off and we all follow the prince to his car. It was Cadillac. Roxy grabbed my hand and pointed at the car with a surprised car. “Cadillac, right?” The prince nodded and opened the door for us. “Thanks.”

“Thank you so much for having us,” Roxy said. The prince nodded and drove off.

“I hope my sister won’t interfere us when we get there,” the prince said while he stopped at a ice skating rink. When we all got out and a girl screaming, making other girls screaming too. “Don’t worry, we have this whole place to ourselves.” We walked in and it was so big than what we expected. Roxy and Kegan looked at me with a surprised face. I didn’t say anything until we walked over to the skates and put on our skates. As I stood up, Roxy helped me up and took me to the ice skating rink. We skate for a little bit and she left. As she left, the prince came closer to me and he asked me lots of things that I would never tell anyone about it. As the prince waited for my answer, I skate away and he skates even closer to me. “What’s the answer?”

“Why are you asking me this?” I asked him in a bored tone.

“Curious,” Ace replied.

“Yeah no,” I said with an attitude. “That’s a secret.” After a while, someone barged in the ice skating rink. “What was that about?” I looked over towards the door and the princess was here and also Samuel. What the heck? I've already struggled with the prince and now I have to struggle the princess and Samuel too? Now that's just messed up in one day.

“Really, Jessica,” Ace yelled at her.

“What?” she said as she walked closer. “I was just coming for fun because Dad said to keep an eye on you?” She put her skates on and Samuel leads her in the rink. “Who are you?” She pointed at me and skate towards me. I gave her a fake smile.

“You don’t remember me from the ball?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t know that my brother would actually like someone like this?” I looked down at my clothes and then looked at her with a confused look. “Yeah, all of that is ugly.” I felt like a knife just stabbed my back. “Let’s go shopping sometime and buy you better clothes.” I looked at the prince and he looks like he agreed with the princess. I looked at Roxy and Kegan who is covering their mouths so their jaws won’t open to what the princess had to say. I skate away and sat down while looking in my phone and called in. “Could you please pick me up?”

“Evanna?” Roxy said as she skates towards me. She sat down me and we sign language each other so that no one could understand us. “30 more minutes okay.”  I nodded and went back to the skating rink. No one skated due to the prince and princess kept fighting. “You should probably stop him.” Roxy pushed me towards him and I tried talking to them.

“Let’s not fight in here,” I explained. “If the public see us like this, you won’t be able to come out ever again.”

“Fine,” the princess said with some sass. She really doesn’t like me due to her thinking that I’m going to be the next queen since the prince is next in line for the king. I pulled the prince away from her and we both ignored the princess and Samuel as we skate around.


After I went home, Roxy and I sat down in my room while staring at the ceiling for a long time. “I’m so bored,” I said as I turned to my stomach. Roxy did the same and looked at me.

“I know right,” She said. “If it wasn’t for Samuel and the princess ruining it, we would have been there for a long time.” I sighed as I nodded my head. “What are we going to do now?”

“Kill time, of course,” I replied to her angrily. “Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way.” Roxy nodded and forgave me. “Training or help me designs some inventions that we might need.

“Should we give him some time to get a break?” Roxy asked.

“He’s not the type to stop for a break when it comes to making something,” I replied as I turned on my computer. “He loves working really hard, it makes him think that about how much he really loves making things. Don’t worry he's done this kind of stuff since first grade.”

“No way,” Roxy said doubtedly. “That’s way too young.” Someone knocks the door. “I’ll get it.” I looked back to my drawings and Roxy shouted. “It’s Bill.” I turned my chair and face the door. I made eye contact with him and my heart beats faster.

“What brings you here?” I said coldly. He sat down next to me while Roxy closed the door. As she walked back I turned to him as he is behind me. “Well,” I said coldly.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with the prince by now?” He asked as he looked deeply into my eyes. I became silent and looked back towards my computer. “Let me guess, Samuel and the princess messed up your plan. I swear Samuel needs to stop ruining the plans for the mission to work.” I sighed and turned to him.

“You are half correct but it wasn’t Samuel who messed up my plan,” I said to him as he holds my hand knowing that I’m in a sad mood. “The princess did because she was bored and she hates me.” Bill stared at me with a surprised look.

“It’s true,” Roxy said in the background. “She really hates Evanna because she thinks that she’s going to be the next queen.”

“Seriously?” Bill asked as he let go of me and sat up straight.

“Seriously, dude,” I replied with a serious face. “I feel like she’s the villain in here.”

“No,” Roxy laughed. “Have you seen the prince act towards Evanna? Rude.”

“Geez,” He said as I looked back and finished drawing the invention the I sketch in a paper. “How bad?” I growled at him. “Sorry... I was just curious.” He said as he bowed his head for forgiveness. “Wait,” He whispered to himself. “I’m older than you, I shouldn’t be bowing to you.” I felt my veins popped out of my right side of my head as I growled.

“I think you should, Bill,” Roxy laughed. Bill bowed in hesitation.

“Sorry for being too curious,” He said before putting his head up.

“I accept your apologies,”  I replied as I looked at Roxy for some advice. “What do you think? Should we add some calling stuff in this earrings.”

“Definitely,” Roxy replied to me. “You should so that when we have a mission and one of us get captures. The enemy would think it’s the earring but really we have it on our watch or we can mind link.” I looked at the picture for a second and used my pencil and repeatedly point at it.

“Yeah,” I whispered to myself. “That could definitely work. Bill!”

“Yes ma’am,” Bill said as he salutes to me.

“Quit that,” I said softly. “Do you agree with Roxy?”

“Definitely,” Bill started to explain. “Also, it would be easier to use than the wa-.” Bill got interrupted and someone opened the door. It was Samuel. “Well, I’ll get going. See ya.” He looked down at Samuel, who looks angry. He got up and  I suddenly I grabbed his hand.

“Wait,” I yelled for Bill. My heart beat faster. “I still need help with the designs. You’re good at blacksmith stuff.” Bill’s face turned red and he rubbed on the back of the head.

“What is the meaning of this?” Samuel yelled at me. I turned to him.

“I needed his help,” I asked him softly. “Could I have some help from someone?” Samuel growled until his phone rang. “It’s the princess isn’t it?” He nodded and walked out of the door.

“What’s his deal?” Bill said. He sat down and helped design the earrings a little more.

Roxy POV:

    I watched Evanna and Bill as they talked together about the earrings. I want to record them because it seems like they don’t even notice that I was here. Evanna stood up and dragged Bill out the door. She closed the door on him and she squealed as she ran and jumped in her bed. “Am I missing anything?” Evanna looked up towards me.

    “How long were you there?” She asked me. I pretended to cry.

    “I’m so hurt right now,” I replied as I turned around away from here.

    “I’m sorry,” Evanna said as she ran to me and bear hug me from behind. “I was too busy freaking out, but I don’t know why I was freaking out.” She said in a cute voice I couldn't help laughing at her. “Don’t laugh at me, I’m really sorry.” She let go of me and walked out of the room. I followed her and she went to the training center and started punching the punching bags with Barrett. Barrett looked confused and walked towards me and asked me about her.

    “I have no idea what’s up with her but I guess we should leave her be for right now.” Barrett nodded and we both left the training room. I sat on the sofa in the living room and stared at the door until it began to open. I rushed to the nearest bush and watch Samuel and the princess say their goodbyes and… kiss… I wanted to call Evanna but Samuel will know that I would be here and that I was stalking him. I’ll tell her after he’s gone in her room.

    After Samuel was surely in his room, I ran towards the training room, making a sound bang as I walked in. “Evanna,” I yelled for her. Her head jerked up and she quickly speed walks towards me. She looked around me at first.

“You’re not hurt,” she whispered as she looked me in the eye. “What is it?”

“Ummm,” I really don’t want to tell her this, but I know that she really trust me to tell her everything. “Promise me, you won’t get mad?” I said as I lead out my pinky. Evanna looked at me for a second and looked at my pinky. “Promised?”

“Promised,” She locked her pinky on my pinky and we count to 3. “Now, what is it?

“I saw Samuel kissed the princess when he came home?” I said really fast. Evanna’s jaw dropped. “I was sitting and waiting for him to come home but I heard the princess and watch them.” Evanna closed her mouth and turned away from me. “What are you going to do now?” Evanna walked to the punching bag and punch it. She punched it so hard that it made a hole. A HOLE. Only Barrett can do that “Barrett’s power for sure,” I whispered to myself. I walked over to her and patted her on the head. “Calm down,” I said to her as she stood up and looked at me with sadness in her eyes. “Look, you deserve better if you want him you got to make him regret his decisions.” Evanna nodded and we walked out of the training center while the maids clean.

“Sorry,” Evanna yelled as we walked out of the door. While eating, Evanna was ignoring Samuel, he was pretty upset about it, but it was okay because Avery distracted him. After finishing dinner, Evanna and I ran to her room and we went straight to the earrings that Evanna designed with Bill. “Everyone should have different unique designs in them.”

“I call wolves,” I raised my hand in excitement. “Panda for you?”

“Si,” She said in Spanish. Evanna showed her earrings that she already made and mines too. “I already know that you were going to ask for wolves in your earings.”

“I love how you put the wolves in the yin and yang,” I added. “But how wo-”

“Bill said he was fine with it,” she replied like she knew that I was going to ask her about it.

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