Life as Young Assassins

This is about friends who have been chosen to become assassins and their adventures they take.

credit to my good friend for helping make the story.


10. Princess Evanna!?!?

Evanna POV:

    I woke up and looked around. The TV was still on and Roxy is asleep. I crawl my way towards Roxy. “Roxy,” I said while trying to wake her up. She woke up and I laughed. “Told you that you’re going to fall asleep.” She stood there for a second and laughed.

    “You’re right,” she said as she laughed. “Hurry up, we have a new day to waste.”

    “Look at you,” I replied playfully. “You’re in my room.” She laughed and stood up. “I’m going to beat you to it.” I challenge her. “First, one to go downstairs will have extra breakfast.” Roxy ran towards the door and I rushed to do my morning routine. After I was done, I walked out and saw Roxy running down the stairs. I teleported and sat out on a chair and pretended I was waiting for her for a long time. She jumped down the stairs and looked at me with a surprised face. “What? I beat you to it.” She walked closer to me.

    “How?” She asked.

    “It’s a secret,” I smirked and we walked to the dinner room. Mr. P stomped his feet.

    “Where were you two?” Roxy looked at me for answers.

    “I made Roxy stayed at night to help me with the relationship with the prince,” I replied confidently. Roxy looked at Mr. P and nodded her head a little. Mr. P sighed and left.

    “Hurry up okay,” He said before disappearing. We both ran to the diner table and I ate breakfast but I gave Roxy some of my food. She looked at me with a concern face. I looked away.

    “I’m just full, okay,” I said while leaving the table and took some brownies from the table.

    “Mhmm,” She hummed before eating the food. After she was done with both went to the training center and Mr. P looked at us. “Let’s turned to an animal when fighting each other.”

    “Roxy and Evanna,” He said while we stood in the fighting ground. “Fight.” We transformed to a wolf and growled at each other at first. She began attacking me and I move to the side. We both stopped and turned to each other. We smirked and ran towards each other. Then all of sudden, Mr. P. whistled. Both of our body stopped but our legs didn’t. We crashed to each other. We yelped and transform back to human right after few minute after the crash. We both groaned in pain and looked over at Mr. P and Paris. I was right at the bottom of her. Paris tried, laughed anyway. Mr. P looked her angrily. “Really guys?” He said angrily.

    “If you didn’t blow the whistle,” I yelled. “We could’ve been fine.” Roxy got off of me.

    “If you guys kept going you guys would’ve gotten hurt,” He explained. I sighed and got up to my feet. “Don’t give me that attitude, you two could’ve gotten seriously hurt.”

    “That’s why we have healing powers,” I told him. “It’s not my fault that I’m aggressive. Don’t even put Roxy in this.” He sighed and Roxy got on her feet and walked towards everyone in the bleachers. “I want to challenge Paris. Let’s see who’s good at strength fighting.”

    “Oh no,” Paris said while hiding behind Mr. P. “I’m not good with strength, I’m only a master mind.” Mr. P laughed at her as if she was joking. “What? I really am.”

    “You use your looks to get pass easily,” Mr. P said. Everyone burst laughed.

    “Oh my g-,” Lele and Acacia screamed while laughing. Paris blushed and looked at me for help. I felt bad so I stomped my foot really hard. Everyone stopped laughing and look at me.

    “Let’s not joke around here please!,” I yelled to them. “Every assassin has there own unique ways to attack, like so, Mr. P. has the patience when it comes to the mission that we had earlier, but when it’s practice he’s not. Does everyone not see that?” Mr. Pusher nodded.

    “That is true, indeed,” He replied. “I’m surprised that you noticed it, I made it clear not to show it to anyone but you were able to sense it. That is also why you are a great leader.”

    “Paris is unique with many talents like playing a piano, having big conversation, and speak many different languages fluently,” I explained. I crossed my arm and cocked my head. “It’s that right, Mrs. Paris Angels.” She smiled and clapped her hands.

    “That is correct,” Paris said while everyone looked confused.

    “What are you talking about?” Avery asked.

    “If you to observe people on what they do a little,” I explained. “You could noticed their habits.” Avery gave me a little glance of anger and walked towards me. “What are you doing now? We made it clear not to argue.” She stood in front of me and we stared at each other before she started to attack me by swinging her legs at my knee cap. I jumped up really high and kicked her in head lightly. When I landed, her hands was on her face and gave me a face like she was about to cry. “I told that I’m aggressive but I only gave you a light kick, so stop being a cry baby, and get stronger.” Everyone clapped but two. Definitely, it was Avery who’s not clapping but I sense Sam not clapping for me. I sighed and looked over at Sam.

    “I’ll go next,” he raised. “But with weapons.” Everyone gasped as he walked his way towards me. Avery walked back in the bleachers and Sam got out his twin katanas. I nodded and I got out my staff and turned into a huge scythe. “With twin katanas please.”

    “I can’t,” I explained with a frown. “I only have one staff.”

    “Take the staff apart in half,” Daran yelled out. I turned my scythe into a staff and split it in half. I turned it to twin katanas. Samuel began to attack while I was distracted but I was able to blocked him and hit his head with my head. We both jumped back and took a breath while staring at each other. He ran towards me first then I ran towards him. He strike me first with both of his katanas and I blocked it with one of my katana. I pushed my way towards him and he had an opening right at his neck. I strike there but stopped in few inches away from his neck. We stopped and stared at each other. Sam took a deep breath and looked at me with anger and upsetting too. He looked at me like he was saying, “You wouldn’t dare.” I let go.

    “You lost, Samuel,” Mr. Pusher said coldly. “Nice try but it wasn’t enough to beat her.”

    “Don’t be so hard on him,” Paris and I said to Mr. P.  He ignored us and Samuel walked back to the bleachers. I got angrier and angrier. I dropped down to my knees and bowed down and stood that position. I clenched my fist trying to not make myself angrier. “Why is this happening to me? Control that your anger, Evanna,” I said to myself. Samuel stopped half way towards the bleacher. He saw me dropped down in the floor. He quickly ran towards me.

“Evanna,” he said while sliding towards me. He laid down on the floor and face me. I looked at me and got up. I catch my breath from holding my breath to stop my anger. “Evanna, you shouldn’t keep doing that. You can’t breath when you try to control yourself,” he got up, kneeling towards me and hugged me tightly. I gave him a blank stare.

“Sorry, I can’t control my anger,” I said while he stopped hugging me. We got up and I began to get a light headache. I ignored it and we were excuse to leave for a break. I walked out last and the light heachache began to grew. I growled in pain. “Grrrr.” Sam looked back and me and I leaned on the wall. I slid down against the wall. Samuel noticed my pain. My head turned sweaty. I hold my head to force it to stop but it got worse. I laid down and I felt like I was dying.

“Mr. Pusher,” Samuel yelled out so loud, it was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.

Roxy POV:

    “Mr. Pusher,” Samuel yelled out. I ran quickly to him and saw Samuel sitting down with Evanna in a sitting position leaning on Samuel. I looked over at Evanna and I felt something hurting her in her head. I sat down without thinking and hold Evanna’s head. I looked in her head and saw Evanna with red firing eyes punching her brain. I gasped and ran to her and tackle her down immediately. She began to growl even more and pushing out of her way.

    “What’s do you think you’re doing?” I yelled but she returned me her eyes in the color of red with anger in her face. All she could do was to growl at me. My head said to slap her but my body said no. “I’m sorry, Evanna. I have to.” I said before I slapped her face. She suddenly stopped moving and a glow come towards us. It was Evanna’s great grandpa that acts like her and died before she was born. “W-who are you and why are you here?” I spoke in fear.

    “Evanna will wake up in 3 hours.” He said while looking over at Evanna. “I’m sorry that my granddaughter gave you troubles but she picked up from me and her dad. Please forgive me for her anger but it’s pass to us and she is the chosen one to have it. It’s not a curse but it felt like it. Please don’t judge her and help her calm down as much as possible. I’m so sorry for asking thing so much. This is her 5th level of anger.” I nodded at him and he weeped. “Don’t worry about her too much, she usually on her 3rd level when she gets mad. Please take care of her, Roxy Anma.” He faded away. I began to cry in pain and I faded back to my body. I woke up and looked at Evanna. Her eyes are wet a little from pain. I got up and cleaned my tears up. Everyone looked at me and I explained everything to them.

    “Let’s take her to her bed,” I told Samuel. “She need some rest but she’ll be okay, don’t worry. I fixed her problem.” He nodded and carried Evanna in a bridal way. Everyone cheered softly and Samuel blushed. “Shhhh. Evanna has to sleep.” Kegan and I ran towards Samuel, who is having trouble opening the door due to the ID lock thing. “I got you.” I said while showing my ID at the padlock camera. We walked in and Samuel laid Evanna down in her bed and Kegan passed me her sheet to go over her. We walked out quietly and closed the door. “She’s very light than before?” He whispered “Have she been starving herself in lunch?”

    “Yes,” I said sadly. “She doesn’t eat breakfast and lunch and she still gained weight.”

    “But then she all of suddenly turned very serious about gym class,” Kegan explained. As we walked down, all Samuel does was to sigh every minute. “Dude, you good?” Samuel shook his head and we went to the training room. After 2 hour got passed by, “You should probably go check out Evanna,” Kegan whispered as we took a deep breath from practicing. I walked out of the training room and went to Evanna’s room. I took out my ID cards out and the lock opened. I closed the door and walked softly towards her. I sat down and I looked at her face. Her face was calm but her eyes are squinting. All I could do is to watch her. After a while, she woke up trying to scream. She looked down as I looked at her in considered. I hold her hands.

    “What happened?” I asked her. She didn’t answer. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.”

    “It’s nothing,” she explained. “It was some kind of nightmare. Could I be alone?” I nodded and walked down the stairs. The doorbell rang. I looked in my watch to see who it is. “Princess?”

Samuel ran to the door and wipe of his sweat with his towel over his neck. I went back up to hide in the nearest table and watch them talk.

    “Oh hi Samuel,” The princess response. She looked around him.

    “Hi,” He said formally. “What brings you here?”

    “I was just taking a nice walk outside and I found this house, which is unusual in here,” She explained. “Is anyone inside? It’s so quiet in here.”

    “Yes, only my parents,” He explained while thinking up a plan.

    “What are they doing right now?” She asked concernedly.

    “They’re working at their office right now,” Samuel hesitated. “Wait here, I’ll get change and we could walk together.” He let the princess in and he ran upstairs and change to a T-shirt and jean. “Shall we?” He said while giving out his hand. The princess gently place her hand and his hand and they walked out of the house. After Samuel closed the door, I ran to Evanna.

    “Evanna,” I called out while opening the door. She looked out of her window. “Samuel-.”

    “Went off with the princess,” she said as she finished my sentence. “I know.”

    “Are you mad?” I asked her softly. She turned around and shook her head.

    “His distracting her that’s all,” Evanna sat down in the table and look at her phone. “Did the princess see everyone else?” I walked closer to her and sat down.

    “I don’t think so,” I answered as we stared at each other. “What’s on your mind?”

    “It’s the prince and princess,” She answered. “What if they find out all of us are assassins? We can’t just go in all at the same time. We have to go two by two for this.” Mr. Pusher barged in. “Oh, Mr. P. How are you?” He walked down towards us and sat down.

    “Are you okay right now?” He asked Evanna. She nodded her head proudly. “As I came here, I heard you. The principal already split classes from the guys and girls, so I don’t think that the prince and princess will know, and the king would be there.” Evanna sighed.

    “I really don’t want this mission to go this long,” she said while looking at me.

    “Don’t worry you could do it,” I said to her while patting her in the back. “You are a skilled assassin. If you could fight like a true warrior, you are about to have enough patient like a warrior.” She nodded and got up. I got up with her her and she ran away. I followed her.

    “Where’s everyone?”Evanna asked me. I looked in my watch and look at the location where everyone is at. Evanna and I stopped. “Still in the training room?”

    “While you were in your room,” I explained to her. “We’ve already started some training to get better like you.” She nodded and we handed towards the training room. We opened the door. “Hey guys,” I yelled to get their attention. “Look who just woke up.” Everyone looked at us.

    “Evanna,” Lele and Acia said while running towards us. The boys came closer to us.

    “How are you feeling?” Daran asked. “Do you need medicine?”  Evanna shook her head.

    “I’m fine,” Evanna said. “Thanks to Roxy.” I nodded proudly and looked at Kegan, who is looking at me with a thumbs up. Evanna looked around. “Where’s Avery?” Everyone turned around and looked for her. “Weren’t you guys with her?” They all nodded.

    “She was here before but after Samuel left she disappeared,” Bill replied. Bill looked at his watched. “In the watch, it said that she’s with Samuel…”

    “Then that means,” I said while looking surprised at Evanna. “She going to ruin the fake date that Samuel is doing right now.” Evanna nodded. “We should follow them and get Avery back here or else it’s too late.” I ordered Daran and Barrett to find Avery while Evanna made a portal to get back here. “Do in the ice cream place where Samuel and the princess is going.” I pointed in my watch where the ice cream place is to Evanna. She nodded and do as I said. After Barrett and Daran went to go get Avery. Evanna took out two drone and two ipad to control it.

“Do you want to do it, Roxy and Kegan?” She asked us while passing to us.

“Yes,” Kegan and I said with a big smile. Evanna laughed a little.

“Just don’t crash the drone,” She said while we all sat down and look over the Ipad. I race Kegan’s drone to avery and I found her. “Kegan, follow the guys.” He did what Evanna just told hi and was able to find the boys. She touched her ear. “Split up,” she said. We looked at Barrett and Darana s the split up to catch Avery. “Go in front of her to make sure stop, Roxy.” I went forwards and turned back right in front of Avery. Evanna touched her ear again. “There’s your chance.” Barrett grabbed Avery and covered her mouth. Daran got his gun to make a portal and Evanna made her portal. Three of them walked in the portal and Evanna stood up. “Don’t run off like that Avery.” Kegan and I got up and bring the drones back. The portal disappeared and Kegan and I high five each other.  Avery gave Evanna and angry face. “I don’t care,” Evanna said coldly. “You shouldn’t disturb or stalk them like that. Anyways, everyone is release.” She looked at her watch. “It dinner time anyways, don’t you want food Avery.” Avery gave her a glance before she left us alone. “You guy could do to.” Everyone left but Kegan and I. After a few minute, Evanna spoke up. “We should eat too.”

“That was fun, right?” Kegan hit me with her elbows playfully. “The drone thing.”

“Oh yeah,” I said like I forgotten about the drones. “It was totally fun, let’s do that again.”

“After you guys train about using drones,” Evanna said softly. “You guys in know all the hidden things you could do in the drones.” We all agreed and we went to get dinner. After we ate and went to my room to talk for awhile , Samuel came back. Samuel sighed while walking  in the Evanna’s room. “What’s up with you?” He inground Evanna for a minute.

“Nothing exciting,” He said in a bored tone. “She made me paid for everything.”

“I mean, isn’t that what guys supposed to do?” Evanna said coldly. Samuel gave her a mean look. “Hey, I never dated, so I was just guessing.” She said while she was surrounding.

“Sorry, I should have gave you that look,” Samuel said while bowing at her for respect.

“Why does he have to bow to you?” Avery asked. “He didn’t do anything wrong.”

“She’s older than me by parents,” Samuel explained. “I have to respect her.”

“But you’re older than her by age,” Avery replied. “Should she be bowing to you?”

“No,” Evanna explained. “My dad is older than his dad, so you have respect me.”

“Asians are so confusing,” Avery stated and walked out of the room.

“I wouldn’t say that if I were you, Avery,” Daran said. “You are asian too.” She groaned and left the room. “So, what’s the princess like?” Lele gave him a angry look. “Don’t worry, I’m still will be with you, Lele.” He said while hugging her.

“The princess is so quiet and strict,” Samuel said. “I waved at the lady who sells ice cream and she got so jealous about it.” He said as he sat down next to Evanna.

“You can’t blame her though,” Daran explained. “Ladies are very strict on men waving to other girls.” Every girl but Evanna nodded. “Why didn’t you nod, Evanna?”

“Like I said, I never dated so I’m learning from this,” She replied. “Anyways, why are you complaining? She just being like other girls.” Samuel looked at her with a bored face.”

“Let me guess, You never dated quiet girls,” Barrett said while crossing his arms.

“Yep,” Samuel replied. “Usually loud girls would asked me out and pay for everything for me, but the princess was different.” Barrett and Daran got up loudly.

“Don’t tell me you like her?” Bill yelled. A long silence began until Mr. P walked in. It was 9 pm. Everyone put their head down and slept in Evanna’s room, due to us being tired and lazy.

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