Life as Young Assassins

This is about friends who have been chosen to become assassins and their adventures they take.

credit to my good friend for helping make the story.


7. New Assassin!?

Evanna POV:

I woke up to a sound of a woman’s voice but it doesn’t sound familiar. “Who could that be?” I whispered to myself while walking down the hallway. I tried waking up everyone but it’s only 4 in the morning.

“Well, well, well,” said the same female voice that I awoke to. “You must be Evanna Thao, the leader.” She walked closer to me. I stared at her for a minute. “Why so silent?” Again, I stared at her like she was invisible. “Talk!” she said. I teleported towards Mr. P’s office.

“Oh Evanna,” he said in surprise. “I was about to wake you up.”

“Who’s that new lady in the building,” I said while pointing that the camera screen.

“A new member,” he answered. “Her name is Paris Angels. We need a female assassin to be here and teach things that I wouldn’t teach.”

“Okay, but why is she here early in the morning and waking me up.” The lady walked in.

“Sorry about that,” She said. “I didn’t mean to.” I ignored her.

“Are you sure she is an assassin?” I asked. “She’s a bit noisy to be an assassin.” Mr. P started to laugh while the lady gave me an angry look.

“Anyway,” He clears his throat. “Today, you won’t be going to school because we have another mission and she’s going with you.”

“Sure, whatever,” I told him while walking out. I went the training room and sat in there thinking about my new chapters in my story with Roxy. I daydreamed for long of time that I didn’t realize that everyone was looking at me. They called my name but I was still daydreaming.

“Evanna?” Roxy walked towards me and shook my body. I woke up and took a deep breath. “What? What happened?” I sat back up and patted her shoulder.

“I was on a deep daydream, that’s all,” I explained. “I was thinking about out new chapters that we could do.” We smiled and walked back towards everyone. “We have a new member in our group. Her name is Paris Angels.” The door opened.

“Hello, fellow students,” Paris said. “My name is Paris Angels and I’m here to show you wonderful tricks up your sleeves at all time. Itself for Evanna, she already has many tricks up in her sleeves.” Paris glanced that me seriously. Everyone stared at both of us. I walked up to her.

“We might have things in the wrong way in the beginning,” I said while putting my hand out. “Let’s shake on it and finish this hatred that is blurring us.” Paris looked at me with a surprised look. She looked at my hand for a moment.

“How should I know that you’re telling a lie or not?” She asked me. Mr. P walked in.

“That’s because Evanna is not a liar like you thought she is,” he said while pushing me away from her. “If you’re not going to trust the leader of this group than I highly suggest you give our money back and leave. And you wouldn’t want that because we paid you lots of money for you.” Everyone looked at him with a surprised face.

“No,” she whispered to herself. “I wouldn’t.”

“Then I suggest you to trust in Evanna,” he said while petting my head. “She is a straightforward girl and she doesn’t lie when things that are getting serious.” Paris looked down at me and apologized, while Mr. P asked me to go to his office. Mr. P. walked away.

“Excuse me,” I said softly. “I must attend Mr. P’s orders, I’ll be back shortly.”


Roxy POV:

After Evanna left, Paris’ legs were shaking, “Why are you shaking?” I asked her.

“Doesn’t Evanna scare you guys?” She asked.

“Not necessary,” Daran replied. “She’s like an older sister to us, even though she’s the youngest. She’s mature, responsible, and unpredictable to many adults.”

“But because that she’s the youngest member, she’s a little childish,” I added. Kegan patted my head when I mention Evanna as a childish person.

“I see,” she said while we all sat on the bleachers. “Was Mr. P like this when he met Evanna?” We looked at each other in a confused way.

“I don’t think so,” Acacia replied. “He was pretty chilled about Evanna.” Paris looked at us in a curious way. “What other question are you going to ask? Might as well asked us.”

“How did you guys met Evanna and did you guys have the same reaction as me?” Paris asked while looking at Bill. “Let’s start with you first.” She pointed at Bill.

“I met her in a Sunday school, just like Samuel,” He replied while pointing at Samuel.

“Yes, and she was always alone and sad all the time, due to people rejecting and not talking to her,” Samuel added. Paris nodded.

“What about you,” she asked Lele.

“We all went the same elementary school,” Lele replied while looking at Daran.

“We all were popular except for Evanna at first,” He said while pointed at Acacia, Lele, and Barrett. “After we noticed that she was trying to make some friends, we hanged out with her more. She became the leader of the group because without her. We feel lonely and incapable to do anything without her.” Paris awed and looked at Avery, who looked at Daran in a mad face.

“I was in their school too,” She replied meanly. “Evanna wasn’t lonely, plus she beat me up which means, she so rude.” Everyone but Paris sighed.

“Why did you guys sighed?” Paris asked.

“Evanna and Avery are rivals and everything that comes out of her mouth about Evanna is in a mean way, so you shouldn’t worry about her being rude to you,” Samuel said while Avery tried hugging him. He tried pushing her away.

“Avery’s obsessed with Samuel,” Lele added.

“What about you two,” Paris asked Kegan and me.

“We both went to the same middle and high school as Evanna,” Kegan said while looking at me for help. “She was a childish person but a great friend. We all usually like to do art classes together.” I nodded and Paris looked at us curiously.

“Anything else?” She asked me.

“Not really,” I replied slowly.

“So, All of you guys is saying is that Evanna is a good person and that I should trust her?” We all but Avery nodded our heads. “Why didn’t you nodded your head?”

“Because I think that she shouldn’t be trustworthy,” Avery replied. “She may have bad history but she’s still not trustworthy, due to her fighting everyone in the street before, including me and lying about her feelings.”

“She only fought you though,” Acacia exposed her. “I’m always with her when we were little, she only fought you because you planned to make her in big trouble but it didn’t work out.” All of a sudden and big slam occurred. Evanna walked in the training center and we all stood up.

Evanna POV:

After I walked in, everyone was standing up. “Why are you guys just sitting there? Shouldn’t you guys start on training a long time ago? Paris looked at me and walked towards me with a smile. “Why aren’t you doing your job? We don’t have time to waste time.”

“I understand that but we were just talking about how are we able to do the training,” Paris said to me. I read her eyes, she’s totally lying to me. “Don’t be such a hard head?”

“You’re lying, aren’t you?” I said to her. “You guys were actually talking about me.” She looked at me surprised. “I may be childish but I’m not the type of person you should mess with.”

“How did you know?” She asked. I smirked at her.

“The camera, duh,” I said to her while I pointed at the hidden cameras. Everyone sighed in relief. I walked past her and tell everyone about our training for the next mission. “We won’t go back to school until we get the mission done. I’m probably going to say that we should be homeschooled since we going to miss a lot of days in school.”

“I didn’t go to a homeschool before when I became an assassin.” Paris disturbed me.

“That’s because you finished your junior year already,” I said coldly. “We’re the only freshman.” She gave me an angry face. “Look, don’t be angry at me about my attitude but something about you brings me chills and I’m not going to trust you that easily.” I jerked my head towards the door. “Time to eat, let’s go,” I said at my team. Roxy looked at me worried.

“Relax,” She replied back to me. “I’m a professional.” Everyone walked past her and she touched my shoulders. I growled at her and walked away. Mr. Pusher walked past me and talked to Paris. I met up with everyone and they all looked at me.

“What was that about?” Barrett asked.

“I don’t know, but something about her is bad,” I told everyone.

“That’s true,” Samuel added. “Something about her is nothing but trouble.

“This isn’t the Asian thing right?” Kegan asked. Roxy hit him in his arm.

“No, we just focus more on her aura,” Bill said.

“Could you feel it, Avery?” Daran asked.

“Of course not,” Samuel replied. “She’s doesn’t got the brains to focus on little things.”

“Okay,” Kegan said. “What makes you say that she has a bad feeling?”

“Like we said,” I said. “We just have the feeling, I’m not sure if it’s true.” We sat down and ate breakfast. Everyone but Bill and Avery went in my room. It was filled with computers. That have different colors, which are cool. “Whoa, they finished already?” We looked around and there was a table set up and a machine for the maids. “That was quick, It’s only 3 hours since I left my room.”

“Look the computers has our name on it,” Daran pointed at the card of our name. Everyone looked around to find their names. I was right next to Roxy and we both had the computers that could be used for drawing.

“I might need the drawing computers though, due to me being the planner,” Lele said.

“But you’re not good at drawing in the technology, so might as well draw it out on paper and give to Roxy, I explained. “I promise you, she’s really good at drawing than I am.”

“Definitely,” Roxy said. “Trust Evanna on this one. Just give it to me and I’ll draw it out. I love art classes and really good at drawing. So please trust me on this.” Lele agreed and sat down next to her computer.

Roxy POV:

I’m so happy that I was able to have a computer that was also used as to draw. Now, I could draw anything and don't have to waste a lot of paper and eraser. I looked at the card. It looked like a USB but a small ID card too. Mr. Pusher walked in and said that the small ID in your card is used to go to all of the computers.

“So what you’re saying is that with this small ID card we’ll be able to go to anyone’s devices,” Barrett asked.

“Maybe, I never test that theory, but I know it works on ours,” Daran added. “It also fits in our watch so after you’re done with it, put in the small space under the screen.

“Cool,” Barrett while he moves his ID in the camera of his screen. The computer read it and Barrett was able to log in to the computer. We all followed what he did and we were able to login in.

“This is better than typing in your password all the time since we gave you guys a long password,” Mr. Pusher explained. “It’s also used to get in and out of this room. Don’t worry, I have one too.” He walked away, leaving the door opened and Avery walked in.

“Why are you here, Avery?” Kegan asked while looking at her sitting in the table.

“To be part of the team,” She replied.

“Get out,” Everyone yelled. She walked out of the door and Evanna got up at the door.

“Stay out,” Evanna said while closing the door. “She totally needs to calm down.” I turned my chair towards her.

“What are we going to do now?” I asked her. Evanna sat down in a chair in the table in the middle of the work place.

“Well, we have a mission about going to a ball and kill a prince that was going to be the next secret ruler in the family but the parents doesn’t want him, due to him being so selfish and evil minded,” She replied. “I’ve already planned out, but it just that I can’t dance. Avery and I are the only single ladies in here which makes us be able to get closer to him.”

“Is there a princess?” I asked her.

“Yes, she’ll be the next ruler if we kill the evil prince but someone has to distract her.” Evanna answered. “That’s when Samuel or Bill comes in.”

“Sounds like a good plan but how are you planning to kill him?” Lele asked.

“Poison, I guess,” I said to her. “That’s the only thing that people can’t find out.”

“What the second plan?”

“Take him out for a date, drug him, and kill him,” Evanna said coldly. “Look I don't have any good ideas but that's all I have.”

“No, that’s a good way, but will the police investigate that?” Lele said while sitting close to Evanna and draw out to Evanna.

“Not when he is poison during the party,” Evanna explained.

“How long will be the coordination day?” She asked.

“Until the King and Queen dies,” Evanna replied. “The King is in his fifties while the queen is in her late thirties. Which that means we got plenty of time.” Mr. P. walked in and sat next towards Evanna. “This mission might take awhile since he is a smart person and he has lots of guards with him at all time.” Lele nodded and Evanna explain the plan to Mr. P.


Evanna POV:

    After I explained my plan to Mr. P., I was sad inside because I’m kind of force to date this evil prince. I wonder what is Samuel thinking right now. How is he feeling about this? I looked at Samuel and observed him. The feeling felt like he was really upset but I still denied it because I know he doesn’t like me at all. Paris walked in.

    “You gave her a pass?” I asked Mr. P.

    “Yes, because she’s going to be part of the group,” He replied. “She’ll teach you to act more like a girl since you are a tomboy.” I gave him an angry face. “I bet you don’t even remember how to be like a girl.” Welp. He got me there.

    “I know that this is not my plan but are you willing to do this?” Paris asked. “You might have to date him for a long time in order to get the job done.”

    “What are you saying?” I asked her.

    “If you dated him for only a little bit the police will suspect you,” she sighed. “I’ve done this before, so I know what it’s like.”

    “How old are we talking about?” Daran said. “He go to school?”

    “16 years old,” Mr. P replied. “Yes, we’re moving there, so Evanna or Avery are close to him.” Paris nodded and Everyone looked at her angrily. “She’s done this before, don’t be rude.”  

    “That’s makes the job a little easier,” Lele added.

    “Exactly,” Paris said as she sat down.

    “Do you guys disagree with this plan?” I asked coldly. No one said anything. “Then, it’s settled, I have to date him for a long time until we’re ready to kill him.” I wrote down in a piece of paper. Samuel murmured something. “I can’t hear you, Samuel, speak up please.” I looked at him while he shook his head. “It’s settled then.” I gave Mr. P. the paper. He took it off my hand and got a lighter. Paris took a jar out of her purse and he burned the paper in there.

    “Every assassins must burned the paper about the mission that they are doing or else the police could find it,” Paris explained.

“Then there’s no use for writing it down,” I said coldly.

“But it’s fun and professional,” Mr. P. said.

“That’s true,” Barrett added. “Do we get to take turn doing it?”

“If you guys want to,” Mr. Pusher replied.

After that long talk, we went the training center and Paris taught us how to waltz. It was pretty much boring dance skills. “Why do we have to learn about the walt? What if the party is to crazy and fun?” Everyone agreed.

“I’m just teaching you the basics, just in case it’s a classic dance party,” she replied. “Especially, you and Avery. You two would be the one to date him for a while.”

“Like that ever going to happened,” I said. “Avery is prettier than me, so she have 60 percent chance to win.”

“But there’s still 40 percent chances left for you,” she said like she was singing. She’s right, I do have some chances. Samuel held my hands and we both practice dancing while I dozed off on how should act in front of him.

“Dinner time,” said a maid. We all left the training center. While everyone walked towards the diner room, I ran towards my room and got out a notebook to write all of my ideas on how I should act for the prince.

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