Life as Young Assassins

This is about friends who have been chosen to become assassins and their adventures they take.

credit to my good friend for helping make the story.


5. Kill That Man

Evanna POV:

   “Evanna, wake up,” Samuel said. I woke up immediately and look at him with a sleepy face. “It’s not time to wake up but you have to go to Mr. P’s office.” I pushed him off my bed.

   “Get out of my room,” I said to him calmly. “I have to change.” Sam nodded and left.

After doing my routine, I went to Mr. P’s office. I knocked and the door opened.

“Hello, Evanna,” Mr. P said. I walked on and sat down on his couch. He sat in front of me and explained what will happen. “What do you think we should do, since there are at least 30 people going be with us?”

“I think we should split into two people in one group,” I said to him confidently. “Every group would be assigned one house and will teach the person or people who live there a signed so we know when to attack.”

“I see your idea,” He said while walking to the door. “We will talk to the neighborhood about that. Right now you should wake up everyone and bring them to the training center. Keep this quietly because I might figure something out differently.” I nodded and stood up. Mr. P opened the door and walked away from his office. I look at my watch to see where is everyone was. Everyone but Avery seems to be in the training center. I teleported to Avery’s room. I saw Avery doing makeup and trying on high heels. I sighed. Avery turned towards me.

“Why are you here?” Avery yelled.

“To watch you suffer,” I replied coldly. “Look, Avery, this is the last time I’m warning you. You shouldn’t wear high heels during our mission because you’ll never know you’ll have to chase someone and hurry up.” I teleported to the training center’s ceiling and sat there. I watched how everyone talked to each other.

“Did you talk to her?” Lele asked Samuel. Samuel nodded. “What did she say?”

“She said that she wasn’t planning to kill anyone for a dumb reason,” Samuel replied. I wanted to get down but it was interesting to watch.

“I feel really bad now,” Roxy said. “I should’ve listened to her longer, so this wouldn’t happen.”

“Did you tell her that Roxy overheard her?” Kegan asked.

“No, I was pretending that I was asleep, so she won’t question me a lot,” Sam said.

“Okay, good because she is going to yell at me like crazy,” Roxy said. I laughed.

Avery walked in and said, “Where’s Evanna, I’ve been looking for her.” I was surprised because she will never want to talk to me or get near me. Everyone looked at her for a bit.

“Why do you need Evanna,” Samuel asked.

“I kind of ruin her bathroom,” Avery said while showing everyone her lipstick that looks like it was used. I teleported to the bench and clear my throat. Everyone looked towards me.

“I’ve been here for a long time and you guys haven’t noticed me,” I said in a sad tone. “And Avery. What do you mean you ruin my bathroom.”

“Umm. I went in and wrote stuff on your mirror,” Avery said while bowing down at me. “I didn’t mean to, it was for Samuel.” She hugged my legs.

“My mirror?” Samuel squealed. “I love my mirror. Did you ruin it?”

“No.” Avery looked at me. “I promised I’ll clean it up.”

“You can clean it up later,” I patted her head. “Right now, we have business to do. Like all of you guys,” I said while pointing to everyone.” Everyone looked at me with a surprised face. “Yeah, I heard everything. Don’t worry I’m not mad but this is a lesson about eavesdropping me. I want you guys not to that again.” Everyone but Roxy and Kegan ran towards me and grabbed my legs. “Come one guy. We have to be serious about this.” Everyone let go. Roxy and Kegan looked at me confused but I just pretend I didn’t see it since I don’t know how to explain it.

Roxy POV:

Everyone but Kegan and I ran towards Evanna and hugged Evanna’s leg. I gave her a confused look. She sends back with a face palm. Everyone let go of her after she yelled at them to let go. I walked up to her.

“What about our nickname?” I asked her.

“I don’t know but I will tell everyone their positions?” she said. She took out a paper is it has our name and our positions. She sat down and it in the middle.

“Why are we distractors?” Acacia said.

“Because you two are good looking and you guys can distract people?” Evanna replied while looking at Samuel. Samuel nodded and walked away to the bench.

“Why am I annoying of the group,” Avery asked.

“Because you are!” Everyone yelled at the same time. We all but Avery looked at each other and laughed.

“Anyways, why am I the planner and what will I do?” Lele asked.

“Easy, we’ll have a mission meeting three days before our missions and you have two days to plan out who’s doing what,” Evanna said passionately. “You see, you are good as planning thing and we’re only who could examine people's actions but I’m always so busy that I can’t plan things out.” Lele nodded.

“Why am I in charge of the training center?” Barrett asked and he tried to pretend like he doesn’t like the training center.

“Dude you like the training center and plus you are doo at training,” Evanna said while walking towards him and grabbed his arm to flex. Evanna pointed at Barrett's muscle. No going to lie but those are really huge muscles for our age. “Look at this huge babies.” Barrett laughed and playfully pushed Evanna. “Any question before Mr. P comes with our plan.” No one said a word. Mr. P walked in and starts making our plan. Lele said while raising her hand. “I also think that we should have at least 1 or 2 professional assassins with us to make sure. Since we are new at this.” Mr. P nodded.

“What about training?” Barrett asked.

“We’ll probably just watch them and analyze them,” Bill said.

“About time you speak up,” Daran yelled. Bill raised his fist and Daran glared at him.

“Hey, No hating in here!,” Evanna yelled. Bill dropped his hand down and walked away from Daran. “Roxy and I would be the only one who is going to participate.” I ran to her.


Evanna POV:

“What?” Roxy squealed. “I don’t even know how to fight yet.” Daran past out weapons to the others.

“What do you guys think?” He asked.

“Why do I have a rose on me?” Samuel asked.

“To hypnotize like Evanna and Roxy but only works on girls, maybe not smart people.”

“Why do we have a staff?” Avery asked. Daran, Lele, and I sighed.

“Avery uses her staff to only control lighting while you can use it for multiple things,” Daran explained to me. “At least yours more specialized than Avery’s.”

“That’s not even fair,” Avery said while pouting. She drops her staff and the lightning shoot at her. “Ow.” She looked like she was about to cry. Samuel backed off and hid behind me.

“She’s going to blow,” Samuel said while he pointed at Avery. We all laughed but Avery.

“Anyways,” Daran cleared his throat. “You have to think what weapon or magic you are going to use. Don’t worry there’s no limit.” I walked away from the circle and looked about at them. I took a deep breath and focus on turning my staff as the scythe. My staff began to grow.

“Whatever do, don’t let go the staff,” Daran yelled across the room. I grabbed my staff tighter and a scythe started to appear right in front of my eyes. Everyone clapped. I began to do some tricks with my scythe until Avery ran closer to me. I hold my scythe tighter again and it turned back to a staff. Avery tried to grabbed my staff.

“I think that’s my staff that Daran mistaken,” She took my staff and my staff shock her. “Ow. What the heck?” I walked towards her and grabbed my staff back.

“If it was yours, then it wouldn’t hurt you,” I said while walking away from her. “Thanks, Daran.” Daran nodded. Daran turned to Bill and explained about his weapons while Avery tried to sneak behind me. I turned my staff to a miniature scythe, and it was right next to her neck. “You need to stop sneaking up on me.” She backed off with an angry face and ran towards Samuel, but Samuel walked towards me and grabbed my hand.

“That was great,” He said with a handsome smile. “You should help me train with my twin katanas.” I look at him and saw Acacia, Lele, and Roxy winking at me. I blushed a little.

“Sure,” I said while hesitating. We both hold hands and look over at Barrett and Daran. They winked at Samuel and he blushed harder. Bill walked towards me and lifted me up like a baby. “What are you doing?” Bill didn’t say anything. Once he put me down, I pushed him away, but he was still holding me. “Hey, let me go,” I yelled. Mr. P looked at everyone.

“This is one big love triangle,” He said while looking away. “So much drama.” We looked at him with an angry face. “What?” I teleported towards Mr. P’s and slapped him. I sat on my magic disc and looked at him in a serious face with my arms crossed. “Okay,” He laughed. “I deserved that. I’m just gonna leave since we have everything controlled. I’ll call you guys later to leave for the airport.” After Mr. P left, we all look at each other for a while.

“Well, that went well…” Kegan said.

Yeah…” I said while looking at Bill.

“Why were you carrying me, Bill?” Bill didn’t say a word. Samuel clenched his fist. I look over at Lele and Acacia and they were laughing a little bit. I sighed while cold sweat flows down on my face.

Roxy POV:

I want to laugh so hard because Bill was carrying Evanna like a baby. Kegan was behind me trying not to laugh. Evanna walked towards Kegan and me.

“Who are you laughing at?” She said in a serious tone.

“It’s just that you’re too short that you look like a baby when Bill carried you,” Kegan said truthfully. Evanna and Samuel made a frowned face. I playfully pushed him but in a serious face. Samuel walked towards Evanna and dragged her out of her training center.

“Should we listen?” Lele asked.

“No,” I said in a cautious tone.

“Why not?” Acacia said jokily. “It would be cute.” Evanna and Samuel walked in but Evanna head was down. I ran towards her. “Well, that went fast.”

“What happened?” I asked her quietly.

“He got jealous real quick,” Evanna replied. Bill ran towards Evanna but Evanna ran away from him. Bill has really long legs so he was able to catch up with her. Bill grabbed Evanna. Evanna looked like she was about to scream. “Why do you keep carrying me, I’m not a baby and I’m definitely not your baby.” Sam teleported towards Bill and recused Evanna. He teleported back towards me. “Help me, Roxy.” I laughed and helped Evanna by doing nothing.

“Wow, this is one interesting storyline,” Barrett said to Daran.

“Totally dude,” they fist bump each other. Bill crossed his arms.

“Samuel, you left Evanna,” Bill said. “Why do you want her back if you left her? I bet she doesn’t trust you anymore.” Evanna stared at Bill while Samuel stared at Evanna to ask if it was true. “I remember that you told me that you left Evanna because she was annoying. Is that true?” Evanna jerked her head towards Samuel. She gave an angry face to Samuel and she teleported.

“What the heck was that for?” Samuel yelled. Avery was jumping in joy and laughter.

“He loves me~,” Avery sang. “He loves me~.”

“Don’t deny it, pretty boy,” Bill said. Lele and Acacia were about to attack Samuel.

“Come on Roxy,” Acacia said while dragging me to go with them. I looked at Keagan for help but he just blanks stared at Barrett and Daran. After a while, we all stopped.

“What was that for?” I asked them.

“We have to find Evanna making sure she doesn’t do anything stupid,” Lele said.

“What do you mean?"

“We can’t describe it nor we could tell you,” Acacia said while looking down at her watch. “She’s on the roof, we have to get there.” We all ran towards Mr. P’s office, but he wasn’t there. I looked around and saw birds flying around Mr. P’s window.

“Lele, do you think you know how to fly?” I asked her while opening the door.

“I think so,” she tried to concentrate on flying. I called out to the birds in my head and they followed me. Lele began to flew and she grabbed Acacia.

“Help me get to Evanna,” I whispered while the birds hooked on to me and carried towards Evanna. After flying to the roof, I saw Evanna and the birds let go of me. I ran towards her. “What are you doing?” I said while sitting next to her. Lele and Acacia joined in.

“Nothing,” she sadly whispered. She turned off her watch and teleport somewhere else.

“Again?” Lele said while we looked around. We saw a door and we looked at each other.

“Wow, we could’ve just go through the door,” Acacia said while running towards the door. We follow her and ran back to the training room. The boys and Avery looked at us.

“What happened?” Daran asked. Lele put her head down. Daran frowned.


Evanna POV:

“What happened?” Daran asked. Lele put her head down. Daran frowned. I looked down and I looked at Samuel. My eyes started to water but it wasn’t overflowing. I turned around and Mr. P was in front of me.

“Since when you were here,” I asked him softly.

“I was about to ask you the same thing,” Mr. P. asked. “Are you this sensitive? You act tough but yet you’re sensitive. Why are you lying the fact that you’re sensitive?”

“It’s none of your concerns,” I snapped quietly. “Yes, I am sensitive but I’m not hiding it.”

“It seems like you are,” Mr. Pusher said while walking towards me. “It’s okay to be sensitive. I used to be one too but now I’m not.” I put my head down. He patted my head then left. I looked down towards Everyone and Mr. P walked in like he doesn’t teleport. I watched him explain everything to everyone. I teleported to the bus and sat in the front bus. I hid while waiting for them. When I heard footsteps, I cover my mouth so no one could hear me. Everyone walked into the bus normally but didn’t realize that I was there. I wanted to cry because no one noticed me but I also didn’t want them to know I was here.


After the flight to my teacher’s hometown, it was quite richer than what I imaged. We were all split with two people in each house. I walked outside and went to hide in a bush. I turned myself invisible and waited. It was getting dark soon and everyone but I made a break. I got so tired of being invisible so I turned back. No one still didn’t notice until Mr. P walked towards me.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” He asked

“Not interested,” I said in a serious tone. He lent me a brownie.

“Are you sure?” he said while putting the brownie in my face. “It is the last one.” I looked at the brownie and tried to not feel hungry but my body couldn’t resist it. The smell was so chocolatey fills around us; it makes me want to drool. Mr. P put the brownie in my mouth. I grabbed the brownie so it won’t fall and he let go. “Couldn’t resist huh?”

“Shouldn’t we be working?” I asked him while nibbling off the brownie.

“Yes, but since he only comes at night, we have some time to slack off,” he said while patting my head. “Why are you here alone? Don’t you want to talk to your friends?” I shooked my head, and he showed me a picture of Mark

“Is this Mark?” I asked. Mr. P nodded. We sat down for a while and talked about our past. “Why are you telling me this?”

“Why are you telling this too,” He playfully asked. We laughed until… BANG!!!

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